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Chapter 9

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  • Unfortunately your new site isn’t working, hopefully it’ll be up and fixed soon, Thanks for the chapter and can’t wait for the next chapter / new website to come up

  • Thanks 🙂

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  • The quality of this chapter seems to have dropped in comparison to the previous releases. Still good though, thanks for the hard work!

  • barbaricbob

    i hope he builds a small village for OP people he finds around the world 😛

    • Sounds like tate no yuusha

      • Shurukkah

        In Tate he creates op ppl

  • At the very least, stay with a naming sense from previous chapter.


    Lys -> Lees
    Saber -> Sabea

    Jeez. Its like you translated a chapter from another novel.

  • Thank you for the chapter… And I thought you liked the other names better because they sounded cooler, what happened? Lol

  • ミ /彡   
    ..ミ、|ミ //彡 Thanks!
    ミ.|.ミ/ ./.|  Nepu!!
    .|//|.  []. ∧_∧
    /.  []    (´・ω・`)
    (Perfectly viewed on mobile….. probably?)

  • Thx for the chapter! I kinda want to see more bashful Fenlys moments 😀 Also, i wonder when he will notice how OP he is? Or has he already?

  • thank you for the chapter

  • jasad

    thx alot for the new chapter

  • Thank you for the chapter and for your continuing hard work

  • ED

    Thx for the chapter…i thought you have drop this one but at last a new chapter….hahahah…

  • thanks for your hard work

  • Rjeik

    Thanks for the chapter…

  • Thanks for the chapter!

  • KuRuuRuu

    Thanks for the chapter!
    Wow it’s only chapter 9 and he’s already thinking about baby O_O

  • KuRuuRuu

    Thanks for the chapter!!
    Geez.. It’s only chapter 9 and he’s already thinking about baby?? O_O

  • Thanks for the chapter.

  • Terima kasih~

  • Add this chapter to the TOC.

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