This is sort of teaser, and I will translate several other novels around 1 or 2 chapters

and after all the prologues and chapters are translated

I will create a poll to see which one wins, and the most voted one will be translated…..

Without further ado,  Prologue for Skill Up With Login Bonus



  • wes174

    can we really judge a seris by its prologue? wouldnt the first chapter be more helpfull? often the prologue doesnt even have the MC depending on the novel.

  • You feel like someone with way too much free time….

    • Judge Bastiat

      God bless him for it.

  • Sorry but I don’t think I’ll start reading a new novel at this moment, I read way too many novel right now, hoping that at least few of them will be completly translated one day (that’s something rare nowadays :o/ )…

    But if you want to translate something else to bring a little diversity in your translation schedule do as you want as it is your website and your translations… I might read it someday and I’m sure a lot of people will enjoy those new novels ;o) .

  • AnimeLover

    Hmm looks amazing so far and no typical harem tag attract! I am fired up!