Another teaser Chapter I’m still not sure if the Aori translation dropped it or not so if they uploaded the chapter 17 I will delete it…….

Without further ado Chapter 7


  • @NovelsJapan have you tried contacting Aori before you did this? ask Aori before you do anymore chapters to this series. its only been a month since his last translation so its better to be safe then sorry

  • thank you for the tl. this was a godsend

  • If aori lets you take over translating this 100% please do so

    • Even if aori doesn’t let you, translate it anyways.
      It’s not ok for a translator to go on hiatus while barring others capable of releasing faster translations. At least let other translate it. Either work together or separately.

  • i love this novel

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    Please; if you could;continue with this series please; i really enjoy this ^_^, and thanks for The hard work

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    • I wish I could do it too T-T

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        So, you can’t do it? Is Aori going to continue this novel?

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        no reply from Aori?

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        • I will start translating when my summer holiday starts

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      Press “Chapter 7”, it’s a link.