It was on a rainy day.

I was on my way back home after getting some old books from my granddad, I was struck by the lightning.


And lost my consciousness


Soon after, I heard a voice


Way elated voice


「First time login bonus! you are gifted with 2 presents!

-maximum explode, 30bullets and α (alpha)


let us enjoy the time in another world together:D」




When I opened by eyes, the unfamiliar roof was in sight.

A woman wearing maid costume was peeking at me.

I have never seen her.


While tilting my neck



“!!! Mi, mistress! Kouta-sama has regained consciousness!”


“Wha, what did you say!?”


She shouted to someone in the panic


And I heard a footstep of someone running toward this direction


“Ko, Kouta-sama! thank god you’ve awakened!”




Another stranger came screaming my name and hugged me


A beautiful person with blond hair. who is this?


“Wait, um, who are you…..?”


“Aa, forgetting the name of your own wet nurse is saddening, but your memory is unstable because of the lighting shock. aa, poor Kouta-sama. to be burned till your hair turned black…. its fine, I will stay with you till you get better. “]



wet nurse!


I have no idea who this beauty with blood hair is.

What’s happening here???

My name seems to be the same, Kouta.

“Well. today you’ve just woken up, so you should take a rest”

After women with blond hair said that she left the room.

As the things I don’t know increased but one thing I remembered

“I was struck by the lightning huh”


And then I heard some unique voice. It said something like login bonus.

As I was thinking about it,

「Good morning, my wielder」

“Ann?”(Sound effect)


My bosom was lustrous with pure light

As I was wondering what, I checked under my shirt. there was a book Which was shimmering with light.


“What’s this”

“This magic book is what allowed a contract with yours and my soul. soulas-gold. it was an item which brought you here after your death”




I died huh.


“To put it simply you took this youth’s body which, its soul was shattered by the lightning after you died in Japan”


Well, it seems like I was sent here thanks to the lightning huh….


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