Chapter 1 by Razzekiem

A new Translation work by all new translator

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[ps: i will start translating ex-hero from tmr]



A man without a name who was doing slaughter in Japan, accidentally died without permission one day. But when I awoke I was a dragon in a different world. The man thinks. “That, you do not have to work on this?”

Both the demon king and the brave became the strongest creatures at a toothless level, so it was a man who decided to live on leisurely as he liked

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  • Pablo AS

    wtf?… the MC was a salaryman that was killed in a car accident due to a couple that were kissing while driving and they didnt see him since they were busy kissing eachother at high speed, then the MC reincarnates as an OP dragon and starts doing whatever he wants and ends up with slimes as minions

  • puppy0cam

    these ads are obnoxious

    • Hikkimori

      I click anywhere on the screen and 3 thing open up.

  • Deathmorphe

    Not sure if it’s the same for everyone, and it took me a while to figure out, but to open up the chapter, press the “chapter 1” right before the “by Razzekiem”.

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