The Fierce Revolution ~ The Strongest Organism Which Can Kill the Devil and the Hero

Translator: Razzekiem


A man without a name who was doing slaughter in Japan, accidentally died without permission one day. But when I awoke I was a dragon in a different world. The man thinks. “That, you do not have to work on this?”

Both the demon king and the brave became the strongest creatures at a toothless level, so it was a man who decided to live on leisurely as he liked

  • SomeGuy

    Honestly, I have an extremely hard time deciphering the story what with the bad translation. Granted, I would probably do a worse job since other languages are complete gibberish to me. I would probably read the story if I can understand the translation better. So considering to TL to go back and edit the previous chapters to make it more understandable. That’s about it

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  • Naraseptya Nugraha

    … I think this is rude, but… the translation quality… it seems
    like MTL with the translator not knowing Japanese at all since pseudo
    Japanese words which jumbled up with machine translated english often
    appears even though it should be very easy to comprehend if the
    translator knows basic Japanese… and vice versa even sound effects are
    being translated into English words which completely not related with
    the sound effects…

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