Chapter 9 To be independent

To be independent, I need money.
To eat food or buying house all requires money.

“Media-san, please introduce me to an easy job!”

For now, I went to the Sage’s house and bowed my head to hear her story.

She said it herself that she will teach me any knowledge I don’t know.
I shall bestow a wisdom on profiting.

“When I thought you came suddenly without a prior notice, you hit me with that. gosh, your greed is a way too direct.”

Media who seemed to just finish taking shower was wiping her hair with a town and sat in front of me.

“oh well, …it was I who told you to rely on me. I don’t mind telling you but if it’s you, can’t you easily earn money in Magician’s guild?”

I thought of it at first but a newbie suddenly taking Guild quests are bit too high for me to handle.

“I’m sure they will give quests like hunt Minotaurs?”
“you’re right and around this area that is a standard job.”

Last time I was successful but I’m not sure if it will be successful the second time.
It would really be great if you teach me a safe and lax way for earning money.

“You got a powerful soul but why at small things like this you become petty and cautious…”

“that’s how my character is, don’t worry about small things like that. so do you have it? an easy way to earn?”

“Stop acting all polite all of a sudden. oh well…let’s see. As a quest trial, how about you will gather the materials I need in my back garden? There are rarely any monsters there “

Ooh As expected from sage. Very service-minded.

“Aa but, one person won’t be enough”
“I should gather that many?”
“right, gathering three types of herbs. One person won’t be able to carry it all.”

I see, then 2 people will do.
perfect timing,

“Oi, Soulas. Come out”

“A, Hai”

Soulas came out in a human form after slightly knocking on the grimoire.
Seeing such scene Sage’s eyes opened wide and stood speechlessly for a while.

“…Hou, I’m surprised. That grimoire can turn into a human. quite rare ability I see.”

“It’s like that?”

the grimoire I know is this one so I don’t really know the difference.

“umu, it’s rare because there is little to no people who holds that much power to turn into a human….by the way, what can that girl do?”

even if you tell me what she can do.

“Soulas. have you ever don stuff like quest?”
“Nope, none. oh well, I’m a grimoire so I can use quite a bit of magic and fight with it”
Soulas denied it while shaking her head.
it seems like she has zero experience.

“…that’s what she said”

“fufu…then I think it will be good if you two form a party? As a beginner, you guys can learn from each other “

“Party, I see~”

I think it will be quite unbalanced with only human and grimoire in the party.
and it seems like both of us won’t be able to use magic

“It’s normal to do a quest for the magician guild with a party. It would be a good to prepare for it in advance”

Even so, If I don’t have the grimoire with me won’t I become a cripple without being able to utilized magic.

“e? That’s not true Kouta-san. You can use a magic as long as you remembered the name, even when you don’t have me in my real form. since your soul mastered it.”


I wish you could’ve said that earlier. I’m starting to feel embarrassed at me for always holding the grimoire in one hand and using magic.

“I’m sorry. it’s just that it was quite hard to tell you about it”

Oh, well I guess having grimoire in my hand is quite useful till I remember the magic’s names.

“Maa, whatever. it’s our first job. for now, let’s earn some money”

“O, O~”

I and Soulas together went to the Sage’s mansion’s back yard, to gather the herbs as instructed.

Basically, we are collecting herbs grown in the backyard forest. For now, I grab as many herbs I can see within my sight.

Soulas with her huge appetite went deeper into the forest and is not coming back.

Oh well, it should be fine since I’m collecting the required amount. While thinking like that,

“Ko, Kouta-sa~~~n”

Soulas came running toward me from the depths of the forest.

“what’s wrong Soulas. Can’t you at least collect herbs in silence….”

“that’s no it -desu~~~! There is a big slime in here desu~~”

Now that she said it, when I looked in her direction I saw a gray ball like thingy with over 2 meters high.
and it extended it’s tentacles and hit soulas’ body.

it seemed to be hostile to us.
then, I shouldn’t hold back anything.

“Dodge it Soulas. 《fire》!”

This can be counted as a practice, I chanted the magic without carrying my grimoire. Next moment,


and a bullet made of blue fire fired toward the slime.
It hit the slime’s center with a powerful heat, and it’s body scattered into 6 to 7 pieces.

“Aa, I can really use the magic by myself”

what’s the point of the grimoire?
whatever, when looked at the scattered slime, it seemed to be still moving.

Maybe the fire was ineffective against it. so,


I Hammered it with an ice floe without any mercy.

——It made a DOGOn sound and Slime was smashed by the ice but it is still moving.


and so I chanted another magic.
Slime stopped moving after being showered with a sharp wind in which can cut through the ground.

“Fuu….It wasn’t defeated after one hit from the powerful magic attack, this world’s monster are quite tough huh.”

When I think of it like this then it was a right choice to not go do the quest.
It’s like that huh, without the grimoire I won’t be able to see the remaining bullets.

“now that I think about it, I was the only one fighting, Soulas, can you really use magic and fight?”

“I, I can use desu~. it’s just…I haven’t memorized many magic names and I became too afraid to chant when I saw the Slime desu~”

Soulous is trembling even now.
Aa, This grimoire, may be useless even as a human being.

…Am I going to be fine partying with Soulas.

It’s fun being together and all but this and that is different.
While I was thinking that Media came running here from the mansion

“O~i! Sorry, Kouta-kun! I forgot that I was raising a quite powerful monster around here…the what? did you defeat , it? “

“Ou, if your talking about the slime then I just defeated it now”

“A~…You guys even can defeat this class of monster. Unn, even though it is quite high leveled monster”

saying so Media’s face darkened.
Perhaps was it something I shouldn’t have defeated.

“Did we do something bad?”
“No, It’s an ancient slime that I was raising for gathering materials and as an experiment subject, so I have one reserve. I have one but….I didn’t think you beginner party could defeat something even I have hard time defeating this easily….My heart might break from sadness…”

It’s not that we are strong rather the magics are way over the top.

Even if it is high leveled it was defeated after merely 3 hits from beginner tier magic.

“Umu, it’s that, somehow makes me feel sad….”

This Loli is feeling sad again.
How should I say it, I’m sorry?

“O, OI, for now, I should gather these materials”

“Umu, I will rely on you for that……”

So, I started collecting the material while comforting Media who was feeling down.

One way or another this is my first job in this world. I feel really motivated.

and as a result, Today’s pay became 10k gold.
worth around 3 days and night of stay in an inn without a meal.

My first Job taught me many things.

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  • SFcipher

    He needs to earn more money. Thanks for the chapter.

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    high class!!!

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    This MC not have a respect to Soulas >.<

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    okey she’s realy life saver and magic source but how could she dont remember to chant. thats look like you cant remember your name… this is so basic after all.

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