It happened on a rainy day.
On my way back home after receiving the ancient book, I was struck by a lightning.

Soon after, I lost my consciousness.

That moment, I heard a voice.
A really bright voice, voice filled with the positive vibe.
[TL: Sorry I am leafy fan]

『First login Bonus! I present you with these 2 gifts

-Maximum Flare 30 hits + a
– Wife

I will be in your care, during our time in the other world.』

I opened my eyes and saw an unfamiliar roof.

then, women wearing a maid costume peeped at me.
I’ve never seen her before.


I tilted my head in confusion.

“Uh!? He, Head maid! Kouta sama has woken up!”

“Wha, what did you just say!?”

She shouted while panicking, toward someone.
And, I hear the dashing footstep come to my direction

“Kou, Kouta-sama! Thank god you have woken up!”


Again another woman I’ve never seen before appeared and hugged me really tightly.
She is a beautiful person with a blond hair. Who is she?

“stop, eeto, who are you…….?”

“Aa, you must’ve lost your memory due to the shock from the lightning, It’s really sad you forgot the face of your wet nurse. aa, such a pitiful Kouta-sama. You even got burned till your hair turned black….. It is fine, I will wait till you become healthy again. ”


Wet nurse?

I don’t recall any face resembling her, a really beautiful face with a blonde hair.
But she is right about my name being Kouta though.

“You’ve just woken up today so you must rest for the day”
she said so, and the blonde haired women left the room.

“I was actually showered by the lightning”

And after that, I heard some mysterious voice.
it said something about login bonus or something.

while comprehending about my situation right now.

『Good morning, my wielder』


My bosom was actually shining with light.
While thinking so I opened my clothes, I saw a lustrous shining book.

“What is this”

『I am a grimoire who made a contract with your soul. Soulas Gold. I was the one who brought your soul here after you were struck by a lightning 』


So it means I died.

『To rephrase it, you in Japan died. And you got the body of a person who also got struck by the lightning around the same time.』

It seems like I was transported to another world by the lightning.

“…………….Ma, there is no use complaining it now.”
『You really are quick to adapt.』

“Why is the one who brought me here saying that. And what are you?”

The ancient book I got from my grandfather was black and the cover was filled with dirt but now it is really clean and emits a celestial aura.

『I already said I was a Grimoire. I am part of your soul.』

『The root of all Magic and Skill. Think of me as a part of your power. My special characteristic is a login bonus』

“Aa, yes. I wanted to ask you about that.”

The mysterious part is not only the cover.
I don’t understand, what’s the thing that is written in the grimoire, like Login bonus and Highest tier magic and etc..

“What is this login bonus that is written……wha—-? ”
When I was asking it.

…I started to sleepy all of the sudden.

I am too sleepy I feel like I’m gonna lose control of the body.

『Your body is damaged with the lightning. So you should rest for today』

“Wait….I still have many things I need to ask…..”

It’s another world so there are many things I want to know.
I’m starting to feel excited and all but it is the not time to sleep.

“It’s fine. Time for us to talk, there will be much more chances……”


She whispered it to me really kindly, I lost my consciousness till the next morning.

『— second-day login bonus! Fire type beginner magic 20 shots』