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if you are curious as to why I suddenly disappeared there are many reasons and here are some: School{got terrible grades in Math literally D+} the web novel got boring/ man the whole plot doesn’t get me hyped not making enough money{for my college fund} not enough time with all things going on I will […]

I will start posting in this new website- Stay tuned for new chapters I can start translating from next Tuesday!!!! Website was designed by my friend who’s gonna fail his exam XD – Thanks Josh http://translatedjapan.com/ You can check out the website for fun XD, This, time it is hosted by BlueHost all thanks to […]

I will start translating in a regular schedule after my exam finishes, till June 9th. So stay tuned for upcoming chapters, Just be a little patient like only 3 or 4 weeks left till the regular starts! Took me quite some time because I was studying for the exam and translating both at the same […]