Chapter 29 Message and Introduction After defeating the Giant wolf, at the same place a magic formation floated up. It is the same magic formation used when teleporting from first floor to the second. After looking around for some time, I said a farewell to this vast forest. I’ve arrived at the third floor. ….it […]

Chapter 11 Magician’s job in Guild “Come, we’ve arrived” I came to the magician’s guild with Media. it’s located in front of the adventurer’s guild in the center of the town, a building like that of an auditorium. I saw a reception lady at the reception desk and few people with a magician’s clothing. I […]

Chapter 10 My new workplace and Login Bonus restart 『“First-day login bonus! Beginner tier Ice magic, 10 bullets acquired!』 When I woke up in the morning and checked my grimoire, this was written. “It’s been 8th days since I’ve been here but, I didn’t know it will be written as 1st day” This means that. […]

Chapter 9 To be independent To be independent, I need money. To eat food or buying house all requires money. “Media-san, please introduce me to an easy job!” For now, I went to the Sage’s house and bowed my head to hear her story. She said it herself that she will teach me any knowledge […]

Chapter 8 Bad luck in 7th day   It has been 7 days since I came to this world.   I was having a headache because of the written paragraph in the magic grimoire.   『First week login bonus! You are gifted with one of the three of your choice!!   Highest tier Storm type […]