[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The one who works hard・The one who does too much・The one who misunderstood

・・Inside a certain mountain
Ririanju who was a tamed monster of Evil god flew through tree desperately while still in her Bat form.

And behind her existed a person from the evil race in eagle form chasing her.

Ririanju somehow with her petite sized body able to maneuver her body better giving a little advantage of the eagle and was barely holding onto her lead but as time goes eagle with it’s superior speed kept nearing her.

…shit, if only I didn’t have the injury I would be this overwhelmed…

Riririanju felt irritated and continuously clicked her tongue as her injury she got from the dark king’s shop yesterday didn’t heal and she couldn’t fly properly.

And As she was about to make a curve between the branches she was finally caught by the eagle’s claw and was crushed onto the ground.

“You really have fallen, Ririanju”
The person from evil race continuously pecked onto Ririanju who was still in bat form whilst laughing in a maniac manner.

“I knew it all you know? Even though you were failing miserably in collecting the magic stone you got the audacity to help the inferior human race. Are you trying to paint Evil god sama’s face with a mud, oi”

This man from the evil race was also one of the envoys sent to this world and was searching for the magic stone in a different route stumbled upon Ririanju’s failure in collecting the magic stone and how she helped Blonde Haired Hero’s party.

“..If you were watching, you could’ve at least lend a hand…if so, I wouldn’t be this miserable….”

“Wont the reward be better if I didn’t share the credit for the work you know? Oh well, You can watch me as I get a great reward, in hell.”

Saying so the evil race with a eagle form readied its beak onto Ririanju’s head.

・・Hour before the dawn・Furio’s household stair・

Slape’s race Death horse clan takes around 2 months for a baby to be born.

And because of that Bily who wasn’t even a month being pregnant showed a distinct change in her stomach as it bulged in a visible manner.

Because of the sudden change, Bily who is skinny and petite suffered quite a lot of burden fro it.

But she wore a stamina recovery ring Furio made for her and so she wasn’t in that much pain or suffering compared to how she looked.


Slape who was watching it wasn’t fine at all.
It was a first time experience for the old Slape.

“Are, are you fine? Lady…no Bily if you have anything you want me to do just tell me alright?”

Slape continuously asked if she is fine and what not while looking anxious, and stayed by her side for a long period of time.

In front of such Slape, Bily tried to stand up slowly.

“No, no good no good! If you are going to do something, then I will do it for you, so just sit down and relax!”

Slape gently touched her shoulder and made her sit down.

“Umm, that, this is not something another person can do for you~ …..”

“No no no, for you I can do anything in place of you. so, what should I do?”

While staring at Slape’s face,

….no, your wrong desu~, Slape-sama~, I, I want to go to the toilet…..

Bily tried to very hard to think of a way for her to open it out but blushed feeling shameful.

・・Inside a certain mountain

Ririanju who was held onto the ground by the eagle’s claw looked around feeling confused at what just happened.

The evil one who was in the form of Eagle was about to peck her head to death but was suddenly pierced by a spear and died.

“Look, Allure! It was one hit kill”

“Amazing desu~! Blonde Haired Hero Sama~! You are also good at throwing spears!”

“Umu, that’s right”
Saying so Blonde haired hero and Allure showed themselves from the bushes.

“This is quite a big eagle, it will be a feast tonight”

“It’s exciting desu~…wait, the eagle is holding onto a bat”

“Bat can’t be eaten, so just let it return back to the wild”

“Haai, understood”

And with that, the two holding eagle -Evil one’s dead body- in their hand, left into the depths of the forest.

Ririanju who returned back to the human form from bat, as she stared at the back of the two disappearing into the wilderness

“…again…..Golden Haired Brave man saved….me…”

saying so had her face blushed.



  • FTxCerber

    Okey… She was first pierced by him, then saved by him twice through a crazy twist of fate and she suddenly falls in love with him? I pretty much detest most of the love in this story! Why are the girls depicted so weak?!

    • SomeGuy

      No no. The one who MC fought, and made exhausted to the point where she became no different from a normal person, and ended up being killed by running into Blondie’s spear was stronger than Ririanju (bat chick) and of a higher class. The dead chick was at least demon lord level, maybe higher, while Ririanju is a slave (still very top class in this world, but weak compared to Evil God’s executives and such) as well as that “eagle” who just died. See from her viewpoint, she is a slave who is trying her best to fulfill her duties by collecting the pilfered magic stones (ironically she is in this whole situation due to Blondie but this series of events may lead her to a happier and more fulfilling life in the long run than simply living and dying a slave) to eventually open the portal for invasion, but keeps running into misfortune with them keep being found and stolen, then sold to increasingly well guarded black markets. As she is a slave (slaves have their own circumstances of how/why they are slaves) she may not have a code of conduct that is of a mainstream or extremist of Evil God faction (she is more passive/just following orders kind). Since she has a certain moral code to not owe other people (whoever they may be) favors, she returns a debt (intended by the person or not) and repays it equally (life for life, etc) she helped Blondie from being assassinated. Then in a still wounded state, he saved her again from someone who is suppose to be a fellow slave/comrade (probably fairly common in a group dedicated to Evil). Imagine the life she has led up to this point, always struggling and doing her best by herself without the help of another, and in fact those who are suppose to be her comrades could turn on her due to selfish self interest. So it can almost be considered natural that such a person would be touched by someone who has saved her life (likely a first for her even if coincidental). So mind you, she is by no means weak, what with her power being top-class (normal top class, not broken people like MC) in this world and surviving a slave lifestyle in a cutthroat group like Evil God army for as long as she has. She, being a slave, has never really had much say in what she does, so she really can’t help feeling at least a bit infatuated with someone who is perhaps the first and only person who has saved her life. As for MC’s girl Lys, she is also a top-class demon race person, Uliminus (tsundere 1st wife of ex-demon lord) is also top-class but is more suited for stealth/surprise and intelligence gathering but is by no means weak, Brossam (swordswoman) Bily (archer chick who is pregnant), Varissa (knight chick who is 2nd wife of ex-demon lord), and Belano (mage chick we haven’t seen in awhile who doesn’t really have a love interest and seems to have become a good mage in her own right) have all improved alot since they were first introduced. So the woman are not that weak, just that MC has skewed the sense of “normal” in this world. And remember that devil, (was it Maya devil who has mastered light and dark?) that technically doesn’t even have a fixed gender (can be male, female, or both, or neither), is strong enough to destroy the world/commit mass genocide in an instant if wanted, but has since mellowed out and has continued gathering its own harem (who themselves are pretty strong: that mage chick who gave up her humanity to reach pinnacle of dark arts, that silver fox chick, and I think one of the subordinates/summons of that Evil God executive who died from running into Blondie’s spear, lol). Not even sure if you’ll read all this, but point is the ladies are reasonably strong by this world’s logic and their feelings can be justified too.

      • FTxCerber

        I read it all and im unable to refute anything. Why? Because i skimmed through a lot of the chapters, but i still feel like saying thismtho:

        My definition of weak isnt powerwise, but the power to act and think by themselves. I feel like they are being forced into situations that they were uncomfortable with and just bwcame used to it, instead of actually like it. But thats just my half baked opinion from skimming the many past chapters.

        Another thing – Use some damn pharagraphs! Split the text into parts, which corresponds to each other! (Do google it. Im just following my gu feeling, while using it anyway)

        • Moal

          A wall of text, you remind me of myself when I start writing about something I’m excited about. And I agree too

      • Cold Fox

        Essay-kun, is that you?

  • Robbini

    Furio didn’t want the harem powers, so the ‘mistake’ got them.

  • Guaky74

    wait what just happened???

  • SomeGuy

    Sigh. Hope Blondie becomes a better man worthy of the devotion he seems to attract from certain ladies… if I had to describe Blondie’s persona, it would probably be selfish, cowardly, prideful tsundere (he does show dere moments few and far between his hardcore tsun). As for the title, first and last likely refers to Ririanju, and the second is Slape. Bet Blondie’s level is definitely in the hundreds since that Evil God subordinate chick ran into his spear by accident and died before promptly being buried to hide the evidence. Now that he killed that “eagle” he probably leveled a few since even slaves of Evil God are strong.

  • Brainanda Talydeppa Alirahman

    hmm… is this story going to be a ‘misunderstanding’-like novel genre in the future?

  •    ∧_∧
     ( ´・ω・) ∫ Thanks!
     //\ ̄ ̄旦\  Nepu!!
    // ※…\___\
    \\  ※….  ※ ※ ヽ

  • Raphalice

    Elizabeth, the hero of a fuqin weird ash harem novel, as an idiot anti-hero.


  • KuRuuRuu

    Thank you for the chapter!
    I’ve never thought that the author would give that failed hero a harem member too (-_-|||)

  • Alfredo Cervantes

    So I guess what’s it called a slice of life genre since the novel is showing what’s happening to everyone and each of their own path of life or view on what’s going on, though in every single chapter I keep on thinking that not the whole story was translated from the last chapter, I wonder when Lys and the main character’s children will make their appearance? Hope Elizabeth becomes a decent character though at the moment is dealing with trying to make a living through illegal selling.

    • i missed some part for some reaseon….im translating it now

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