A person that became Hawawa!?

・・At certain room in certain building in certain town・・

“What!? You stopped the search and returned?”

“Ha, I’m very sorry Dark king sama. I’ve judged that it was necessary to do since a regular customer adventurer came.”

“What is that man’s name”

“Ha, Golden Haired Brave man as he said it himself”

“I’ve never heard of it…But just in case he might catch onto something go bring the assassin to him and kill him.”

“Ha, Understood”

“Just in case, is the adventurer male”

“Ha, Golden Haired Brave man is male, and he have 1 female companion”

“Kill the male. Female….you know it right? Gufufu”

“Ha, I undertand”

・・At certain place in a certain forest・・

Inside the dark forest before dawn.

Blonde haired hero and Allure was sleeping in the cave.

And there was around 10 presence grouped up observing the cave.

….Are they the ones who Dark King sama ordered for us to assassinate?

….Aa, definitely. But the one we should assassinate is only the male. I was told to give the female to the Dark Kings sama.

..Dark king sama is truly active…

…Stop the idle talk ad lets go

The ten people while omitting a cold killing intent started slowing encroaching the cave.

・・Furio’s house・Morning・・
Fortunately or unfortunately the one who noticed it first was Gozaru.

Gozaru who was looking at Lys・Uliminus・Varissa・Bily, extended his hand at Bily who was one of them.

Gozaru, after checking something mumbled it in a small voice,

“Slape got me good. I never thought he will take a step sooner than me”

Saying so laughed whole heartedly.

The party looked at him without understanding why he was laughing.

“Gozaru-san did something happen?”
Furio who came back after fixing the walls asked Gozaru who was laughing.

“Oo~, Furio-dono. It’s nothing just feeling great because of a celebratory stuff”

Saying so he started laughing again.

“Before you were extending your hand at Bily but did something happen nya?”
Uliminus while holding a vegetable asked Gozaru with a rather dubious look.

“What is it? You haven’t noticed it yet?”

Saying so Gozaru approached Bily and pointed at her stomach and said, “Congratulation. You’ve got Slape’s kid here ”

and then started laughing again.

“Hai? Gozaru-san what did you just say?”

Bily asked Gozaru while looking at Gozaru’s face with eyes that failed to pinpoint.

“Aa, I’m telling you that there is Slape’s child in your stomach. There is the demon horse’s undulation omitting from it”

Saying so Gozaru again started laughing.

Bily however, was in shaking head to toe from hearing his words and



“in…inside here?”




“In…Inside here?”

“You are quite slow”

Bily said it till there and the words stuck in her mouth.

“Hea!? Hawaa!? Do, Douou!?”

[tlnote: plz don’t take this seriously, they are onomatopoeia and doesn’t really make any sense]
Her eyes opened wide and her face turned bright red while spouting some nonsense.

Her though were too much in the ramble as normal words couldn’t come out of her mouth.

“Congratulation, Bily. Jeez, when did you two have it inserted.”
[tl note: yes, she literally said so]

Lys congratulated her as she patted Bily’s shoulders while showing a surprised look.

“in, inserteeeeednn, hawaa!?”

Bily was congratulated by everyone around her.

But she does have a bit of conscience that people were saying things to her but because her though were in too much ramble she couldn’t answer in a normal way and continuously spouted nonsense.

As a matter of fact,

Its only been around a month or so after Bily and Slape met each other.
And the two made a connection with each other is only once.

It was her first time so she fell unconscious due to the pain. Slape who cared about her safety stopped doing with her, but this was the result of such one time.

And of course Bily who could only think of one occasion could only become panicked and raised a shrill voice.

Slape who heard the news,


and shouted and showed happiness through his whole body.

Slape has taken several wives but there was not even once he bore a child.

He already gave up as he got older but because of that, the happiness he got from it were large.

“iI really have to start preparing, this must be done urgently…..”

“Eh? b, but Slape sama I though Horse’s pregnancy time is around a year so was it wrong for me to assume Slape sama’s child would be the same?”

Bily at that time finally calmed down asked, Slape.

“wrong wrong wrong, that’s for a normal horse. When my death horse species’s blood is mixed it takes only about 2 months for a baby to be born”

“Haha!? tw, two months!?”

Toward the sudden revelation, Bily who finally was able to regain calmness suddenly felt that her mind was once again going down the chaotic path…

Next day everyone started working in a hurry.

Furio started rebuilding Slape’s house.

He did calculate that Bily would be living together but he didn’t think a baby would be born so he added a baby room and a living wide enough for a kid to enjoy.

Brossam, while managing agricultural work also had to manage the ranch Bily used to manage.

Belano was reading all the books regarding the delivery of a child and was preparing herself for the time.
She as a very good friend of Bily from when they were a knight, already decided to take this job.

Varissa and Uliminus decided to take up the household chores Bily used to do and supplied her with a food good for Bily’s health

“Madam-sama….I’m really sorry for all the trouble ”
“You don’t have to worry about it. I will ask my husband to buy for my part later on”

Lys bought a lot of leemon just in case she became pregnant.
Bily after her pregnant were discovered started craving for a sour stuff, was getting leemon from the stock ate quite an amount of it everyday.

Every second she got Lys poured her time into helping Bily out.
This is kind of a training for her when she herself become pregnant and gaining knowledge regarding it, and liked to look at Bily who held her stomach filled with love.

“How does it feel? to have a baby there?”

“Otto…I don’t know how to word it but….It feels kind off warm”

Saying so Bily smiled.

Seeing such smile Lys couldn’t help but want to have a child with Furio.

・・At certain place in a certain forest・・

“Fuaaa, good morning Blonde haired hero sama”

“Umu, mornin’”

“I will go get some water for us, please wait a moment ”

“Make it quick. I feel sick when I don’t wash my face in the morning”

“Haiii, roger that”
At a place a bit further from the scene we saw before.

in there laid 10 dead bodies.

They were the assassins who came to kill Blonde haired hero the subordinates of the dark king.

Next to them laid, Ririanju, an evil god’s tamed monster was breathing raggedly.

Without caring for her injured body, as soon as she saw the assassins who were about to murder Blonde haired hero she pounced on them all alone and killed all.

“with this….my debt…is repaid….Golden Haired Brave man”

Ririanju with her wimpy body stood up and disappeared into the depths of the forest.


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