People who visited and the person who desperately worked hard.

・・At certain place in certain forest・・
Ririanju after regaining her consciousness realized that all her collected magic stones disappeared and,

“..such blunder….”

Smashed the ground in frustration.

The part till her beating the clerk of the shop where the magic stone probably were brought.

But she was hit with a continuous attack of high ranked magic from the magician party hidden beneath the curtain of darkness, which burnt one of Ririanju’s wing and could only escape miserably.

As a matter of fact, the magicians party were the same magicians who were kicked out of the castle with the former king, now Dark king, and are one of the top magicians in the country.

Even for a person of Evil race, she who was on the level of slave, failed to confront them. Even so, she was able to steal the magic stone and escape till the forest until she fell powerlessly.

“For now this appearance is bad, I will be caught by the pursuers if I stay like this”

Saying so she changed her body into that of a bat and hidden in the nearby tree.

A few moments later, magicians brought with them a people seemingly a soldier.

“…Around here that guy’s trace disappeared….it must be near, go search for it! ”

The mages seemingly using a trace magic looked back and forth between the crystal and area around the tree Ririanju hi herself.

…this is bad…

Ririanju who had her wings burnt couldn’t fly and could only wait while biting her lips in her mind.

・・Furio’s house back garden

“I see, first you must learn the feeling”

Varissa told Jaren, her step brother who was next to her.

It has been decided that Varissa would teach Jaren the ways of sword and today was their first day.

Standing next to him while showing him the proper way and pointing out his problems.

There was once a time her sword looked like that of a play but after training with Furio and Gozaru her sword skill went a rank or so higher.

Varissa was naturally good at teaching others and so Jaren who was a complete noob was able to have a sort of ok posture in just about hour of training.

“Ok,, lets end it here for today. After washing yourself lets eat the breakfast together with everyone”

“Understood, step sister”

Jaren answered with a smile as he received the towel handed to him by Varissa.

“Step sister’s sword is really beautiful. Even for a noob like me I might fall in love”

“I, I see. that is great”

Toward the super high class praise, Varissa blushed with no resistance.
“Aa, can I have a moment you two”
Gozaru called the two.

Gozaru is a husband of Varissa and Varissa is the second wife of Gozaru.
That is why Varissa’s step brother Jaren is also a step brother in law of Gozaru.

‘What is it? Gozaru dono’

“What is it? Step brother in law”

“No, its not that big of a deal but, my old comrade will be here to come and congratulate me of my marriage, so I thought how about you guys join us”

toward such words, Varissa,

“Old you say, meaning When you were the demon king?”

Saying so she smiled bitterly.

She already is aware of her status as a wife of former demon king, she won’t fret like before but she couldn’t hid a bit of anxiety,

But Jaren,

“Hai! To build a good relationship is important as I’ve learnt from Brossam san. So please introduce them to me”

Bowed with an enthusiastic smile.

Seeing her step brother act like that Varissa could only look at him with a hint of worry.

…Jaren doesn’t truly believe that Gozaru-dono is from demon race…..will it be fine

Few hours later,

It was as what Varissa expected.

Gozaru’s friends who came to Furio’s house numbered around 10 people.

Everyone had a human form but

one had a spider leg coming out of its back
one had a long tongue which came out time to time
one had a irrationally large leg seemingly made of a granite.

and it was obvious to anyone present that they were from a demon race.

“Everyone, were you all in good health? its been so long”

“Ou! The words are wasted to people like us”

Toward the former demon king Gozaru’s word everyone prostrated and some even cried out of happiness.

These people were once in demon lords army and is a known historical battle heroes.

Some like Slape retired because of their age and some were forced to retire because of their mana went dry, now everyone here left the demon lords army but still had an absolute loyalty to the person whom they once worked under.

“Oo! You are that Furio dono, I’ve heard a lot of rumor from Demon king sama”

“Rumor as it is, Gozaru-san has been taking care of me a lot. And to be able to meet his friends I feel nothing but honored”

Even toward the demons Furio was without any change and received them with a rather easy going smile.

Lys too stayed next to him and provided with teas and snacks.

Lys is also a person from demon race and was familiar with everyone her.

“That shrew wolf to be this calm and kind, what a time to be alive”
and the people who knew where past started laughing but

“You there….I can hear you?”

Lys with her receiving smile for guest threw the meet’s fruit which hit right in the face, “I guess not” they could only think so in their heart.

Next to these happy people,

Jaren lost all his color as if he was about to die of fear.

…I’ve heard that Step brother in law was a demon but….I thought it was just a joke….

“Hou, so this is the step brother of Gozaru-dono? Umm how should I say… are too skinny”

“Oh well he is young for a human race and still have a bright future ahead. How is it my step brother, next time I can bring you to the hundred poisonous hunt”
“If you want to fish that Human Eating Ocean Sunfish, I shall go with you guys”
Jaren was desperately keeping his ever escaping consciousness while staying in the middle of this happy and cheerful demons.

Varissa too looked a bit anxious after so many congratulations from the demons as they surrounded her but there wasn’t any anxiety because of their demon race.

“Jaren, I’m sure it might take a while to get used to it but these guys are my good comrades and I would be happy if you think of them as your family member”

Gozaru saying so patted Jaren’s shoulder.

And in here Jaren with all his might raised his head and smiled at everyone……but his smile didn’t look anything at all like a smile because of all the fear he had and looked rather closer to crying but the demons surrounding him nodded in happiness.

・・At certain place in certain forest・・
“Oya? Aren’t you guys the mercenary from the shop?”

“Oya? Oh, it’s you Mr. Golden Hair Brave Man , we are in your debt every time and thank you very much”

“Umu, That is good but what is this suffocating situation”

“Aa, no…its nothing that important. Oi everyone we are going back”

Because they saw the couple who always brings high-quality gems to the shop the mercenaries searching for the criminal who attacked their shop stopped and left the place.

It was an action because of their thought thatchy couldn’t just show one of their regular customer such miserable site

…I’m sure its an alias but it sure is a long one…..

Ririanju who was looking at it from afar sighed in relief.

The two who looked around after the mercenary left,

“Blonde haired hero sama, that person who was laying unconscious is gone desu”

“That’s why I told you it’s a waste of time, come, lets go”

“Haiii, I understand~

– to be continued


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