An appearance of people working hard

At the certain corner in certain town.

…For real….what in the world is happening?….

Ririanju who is the subordinate of Evil god was feeling frustrated while holding onto the magic stone in her hand.

This magic stone was a magic stone which were all supposed to be hidden in the Evil god shrine’s column and were used for a connecting bridge for the Evil god’s people to come use to reach this world.

But recently more than half of the column were destroyed and the case where the magic stone is stolen became frequent.

Because of that Ririanju was left with no ways to return back to Evil world and because of her insufficient power, she isn’t able to telephonically communicate to the outside of this world, as she fell in her dilemma.

Even so, she was able to track some of the magic stones and get it back but unfortunately she didn’t have enough mana to create a new shrine making her fall in further dilemma

Ririanju without any better option followed a trace of evil aura and had a battle stance, ready to fight anytime.

…I should attack after those blonde guys leave the area, since lately, the enemy-san’s counter attack have been quite powerful, it’s better to have lesser enemies too

…At certain room in a certain building in a certain town…

“…You lost again?”

“I, I’m very sorry your dark majesty but this time we were able to inflict a deadly injury to the enemy sir”

“Hou? is that so”

“Yes, it seemed that the opponent was a demon and tried to escape using its wing but one of the magicians successfully burn one of its wings”

“If so, it shouldn’t have escaped that far, go find it immediately. If it were a male just punch it to death. However, if it were a girl bring it to me as I will directly investigate it myself. Gufufufu….Understood?”

“Y, Yes majesty”

..Furio household’s back garden ranch…

“Your husband-dono can really do anything”
One of the 3 devas of demon lord’s army, Slape who sought for a retirement looked at Furio’s self-made house only for him, couldn’t help but raise a voice filled with praise.

Furio found a right time, so he set the blueprint and started gathering and processing the materials he got from the forest, and soon enough a building enough to accommodate Slape was built.

Furio and his party invited Slape to live with them but

“I’m sure living together with such old gramps like me will make you guys uncomfortable”

Slape replied with this and decided to live in a place a bit further than the house.

“If Husband-sama wished, he has more than enough power to conquer this world, but he doesn’t like fighting in itself. Even more so, he loves to use his stuff on things like this as it pleases him a lot.”

Saying so Lys smiled heartwarmingly.

These two are,

One of the two is a sister of the four devas of demon lord army and once was called the ferocious Female eating wolf, the other is one of the four devas and at the same time one of the three supreme generals of demon lord army while being the eldest of all, was once in the highest of all position in Demon lords army.

Right now their countenance shows nothing of such ferocious past rather excluded a relaxed and smooth atmosphere.
“Slape sama~ , I’ve brought in the baggage desu~”

Toward the two Bily walked toward them as she carried the baggage Slape kept in Furio’s house as a temporary storage.

“Aa~, you don’t have to try so hard and carry so much what if you fall again”

Slape rushed toward Bily as soon as he saw the amount Bily was carrying.

“Such amount is fi….Hawawawa!?”

“You see I told you”

“Hauuuu, I’m sorry~”

Slape with one hand stopped Bily who was about to fall and carried her up, Bily could only smile bitterly and stuck out her tongue.

“It’s not something to laugh about, don’t make us elders worried”

“Haiii, I’m very sorry~”

Lys who was looking at them from a place slightly far from them

…If they were to continue so it might take them quite a bit of time, maybe till dawn….

Thinking so, she went toward the direction where Slape’s baggage is located at so that she can help.

・・That night・in・Furio’s house・・

“It’s two days 1-night nya”

Saying so Uliminus handed the voucher to Hot spring kinousaki for pair,


Varissa tilted her head in confusion

“Last time you were saying something along the line of ‘how jealous ’ you were for your dad’s honeymoon nya. Go nya”

“wa!? a, no, that, that you see, I, it’s true I was sort of envious but, tha, the, no, no it’s not that It is necessary to go, and that …..”

toward the sudden proposal, Varissa fell in a state of confusion and Uliminus looked at her confusion with irritation and

“Are you going? not going? which one nya”

Saying so she raised her right hand and

“5, 4, 3, ….”

started counting down.

“I, I will go~~!!!!!!”

Varissa couldn’t take all the fingers folding and fell on her knees as she held onto the voucher from Uliminus.

Gozaru who was looking at such Varissa,

“Good for you Varissa, go enjoy it till your heart’s content”
saying so laughed, hahahaha

Uliminus showered him with a cold gaze and,

“…she is going with you nya dumbass nya”

mumbled it.

“ha? is that so?”

But Gozaru who couldn’t infer the situation he was in showed a surprised expression.

Uliminus toward his inability to read the mood,

….maybe I’ve been a bit hasty to become his firs wife nya….

could only smile bitterly.

・・Furio’s household after dinner・・
That day Young Knight Jaren who worked all day from the morning helping out Brossam in agricultural works ate dinner with great difficulty and soon half of his consciousness were already gone as he sat on the sofa.

“Didn’t I tell you working full time in the farm for a first timers are difficult? How about you start with helping out the sundry goods store UUGO”

Brossam told him as she looked at him with concern.

But Jaren desperately moved his head left tot right.

“n, No…I want to be with Brossa…m…….”

saying till then, he lost his consciousness.

“I will buy your motivation but future is looking dark for you man”

Saying so she carried Jaren to the bath.

…next Morning…

Jaren with a bright red face rather the whole body looked red with shame as he hid under the blanket. This happened after he heard that after he fell unconscious last night he was taken to bath and was bathed by Brossam.

“It’s’ fine, all I did was clean your hair and your body and let you float in the water. I didn’t do anything else”

Even after Brossam told him so Jaren couldn’t just leave the bed.

…My weak and frail body to be seen by her……

In the end, Jaren couldn’t overcome his trauma till dinner time that day.

・・At certain place in certain forest・・

“Blonde Haired Hero-sama! Look! There are so many magic stones laying in the road!”

“Ooo~! This is great! Allure we must pick every last bit of it up!”

“Hai~! Understood des…..wait what?”

“Whats wrong, Allure?”

“Blonde Haired hero sama there seemed to be a person laying unconscious behind that tree desu~”

“Magic stone comes first. If the person is still there after we sold all the magic stone in the town we can help her“


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