People that are…..just… good grief….

…CryLord Castle . Queen’s office

…What happened really……

Princess queen scrunched her eyebrows while holding the emergency case document.

It was a report regarding the building destroying case which was happening all over the region.

Even thought the human causality is low, the amount of building it destroyed couldn’t be counted.

Unfortunately, the one behind the attacks doesn’t leave a single evidence and escaped the clutches of knights, because of lack of evidence it’s been rather difficult to track the culprit.

However what really made this interesting was the buildings that were attacked.

the attacked building had a shop opened but
– no official document regarding the management of the business was made
– Formerly an empty building, but out of nowhere it was in business
– They dealt with some shady stuff
From what the guards gathered, all the attacks done to the building were those with similar characteristics where a shady shop opened.

But because the shop dealt in illegal activities that disallow them to act in public, there has been not a single report of a damaged building.

….Even though the casualties are small, as long as the building in the town is destroyed it cannot be overlooked….how am I supposed to deal with this….

Princess queen couldn’t come up with anything as she rubbed her eyes feeling all tired from pulling all-nighters for four days straight.

And in front of her was unchecked documents mounted on top each other building a massive fortress.

She held her head as she as she still didn’t solve her dad former king’s lost fortune – nobles escaping taxes and unchecked bribe money case-

…At certain room in the certain building in certain town…

“What! My shop was attacked again!”
“I’m very sorry my king”

“…I’m already a exiled one. call me King of Darkness. So what’s the situation?”

“Ha! It is exactly the same as the last several cases as the shop with only several transactions were suddenly attacked”

“Whats the casualties“

“Same as before, several items we bought were taken”

“…..I don’t understand….if he/she is aiming for wealth why not take it all…..Because We work underground I can’t go out in public….., even so, did you place the bodyguards?”

“Has…its just that the opponent who keeps on attacking is too powerful and the guard isn’t able to deal with them….the guards were saying things like it was too strong as if it’s a demon…..”

“…Oh well, nothing can be done about the past….Increase the number of guards and bring up the shop’s security level. Also, make sure to increase the vigilance by three times!”

“Yes, your majesty the King of Darkness”

・・Houtarou town ・・Sundry Goods store・・

“Lately there have been several cases of destruction incident. It was all I heard in the market ”

Furio who came back from getting the supply said so while giving the leftover money to Uliminus.

“I’ve sent one of the worker to the shop to investigate but it smells like demon or the evil god might have a relationship nya”

Uliminus looked at the report documents scattered all over her desk while receiving the left over money, it was a report by the supply department for UUGO who were once Demon lord army espionage Silent ear’s members. She tilted her head and,

“Even so, there is too little information, for now, nya. There has been no direct damage so for now we can only spectate nya.

….now that I see didn’t you again improve in getting the supplying nya right? The left over money is a lot more compared to the expected one nya“

Toward Uliminus who shouted in surprise after checking the content inside the bag, Furio

“I guess this kind of work fits me the best. It was something I did all the time in my former world”

saying so he smiled.
・・At the same time・ in Furio’s house・

Its been already a week since Varissa’s family came to visit.

Today, in Furio’s house Varrissa’s now step brother the young knight Jaren came to visit.

– Furio, Uliminus, Gozaru, Varissa all were busy out working
– Delano was also busy being the teacher in the magic school
– Brossam, however, was busying herself in the farm behind the house
And so the one who welcomed him was Furio’s wife Lys, Bily the archer who manages the ranch and pet Saber.

After greeting everyone Jalen who was guided to the Living room

“Umm, I came in here in my wishful thought of learning to become a great noble”

saying so hand the written letter from his dad.

In the first half of the content was about how Jaren wished dearly to be here and so on.

…But when they reached the other half…it said something about how they wanted to go for a honey moon with the money given from Furio and Gozaru as a celebration, and something along of how busy they used to be and blah blah blah..

…..basically, they are saying he is the hindrance to their new love life…..

..Haii, I also think the same desu~…

Lys and Bily who understood the later half smiled bitterly.

Even so,

“I believe its alright for you to stay since there is your step sister Varissa staying too. But for official approval you must discuss with my husband ok”

Saying so Lys floated out a smile

“Hai!! Thank you very much!”

Hearing the answer from Lys Jaren replied with a bright smile and bowed many times in gratitude

“Plus, there is Brossam here too”
Lys said so and smiled again.

“Eh!? no!? that….”

Jaren’s face turned bright red after hearing the words and shut his mouth as he couldn’t speak properly.

Seeing Jaren’s appearance,

….That was a great reaction. From here on I must work hard and build the bridge for them!

And Lys’s thought ran around the opposite of what Brossam really wanted.

..That night..In Furio’s house

Furio who heard the story directly from Jaren as soon as he got back said this.

“It is always great thing to have the motivation to learn new things, I will have to ask for your help in future”

Saying so bowed toward Jaren who was bowing repeatedly.


“…Why are you in here? Oi”

“Brossam san! From today on I will be in your care! Please to be with you!”
Brossam was met with the sight of Jaren as she came back from working in the field. And because of the sudden appearance of Jaren she became confused and was explained by Jaren that he came here to train in order to become a noble.

“….Aa, it must be because last time I’ve inputted this thought in him hahah…..”

As she couldn’t just outright deny what she said to him and so she could only accept it with a hesitant heart.

…this guys, after that scolding he started to close in the distance between us…no, its not like Im into young boys…hahah what am I supposed to do…

Brossam bitterly smiled at Jaren who was jumping in happiness whilst holding onto her hand.

Few moments later

Varissa too was surprised at Jaren being in the house and became more surprised at Jaren saying he came to train, and became even more surprised after reading the letter from her dad.

“no, I don’t mind my step brother learning in here. However, Shouldn’t they have at least came to me and talk with me about this since I’m the eldest daughter in the house?….”

till here was fine but….

“Things like…. Honeymoon, relaxing time alone with wife….it freaking doesn’t match with that strict character of a dad! I the daughter haven’t even gone to honeymoon myself…..we don’t even have much time alone together….but you!….not fair at all…..”

As she started saying later part her usual calm demeanour came off and started shaking her hair in frustration.

Gozaru who was seeing such scene,

…Fume, Varissa really doesn’t fail in ever making me love her, as expected of her….

Laughed as he crossed his arms.

…At certain place in certain forest….

“Blonde haired hero-samoa, I found that column here too!”

“I knew it! that column with a magic stone in it was branched all over the place, as I predicted.

it was always there where ever I predicted”

“Haiii, we can go and sell the magic stone after we excavate it”

“About that, it seems like the underground shop we sold the magic stone bankrupted”

“Eee? why is that?”

“It seems like, that shop was destroyed or something. We too are people who can’t show our faces in public and it is quite a pain to not be able to deal in normal shop”

“I really want to be able to become a normal person soon”

“Oh well, as long as we sell and excavate these magic stone we can just buy the amnesty out”

“Will it go that smoothly?”

“It will be fine, I’ve been doing it all the time”

“he?all the time?”

“n, no, no it was nothing, just a mistake, forget what I just said”


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