Once in a lifetime.

…Furio household a day after the young knight went back….

Furio group showed a rather stiff smile as they stood in front of *Brossam’s family*, who came here via Bily’s carriage from the inn in Houtarou town.

*[tl note: I’m not sure but I think the author made a mistake calling them Brossam’s family]

In front of them was,
Varissa’s father, and a woman he will marry, and that woman’s three son’s stood there.

Varissa’s father is a former noble. At present time he has been stripped of his noble status and is a fallen noble, and because of that he is working in the castle’s knight of order as an mercenary and earning his living.

Even the woman he was planning to marry is a fallen noble who became so because of her husband’s sudden death, but thanks to her clan’s help she was able to live well in slight extravagance.

The woman fell in love the moment she saw Varissa’s father patrolling in the city and she asked him out for a date. Soon it became to the point marrying.

And that wasn’t surprising as they’ve already heard it before hand.

What everyone was surprised of was the woman’s sun.
In the place was a young knight who were doing agricultural work together with Brossam, present.

Young knight was no different than them as he was similarly surprised as, “U, Um….perhaps Brossam-san will become my step sister….”
and he said so with a pale blue face as if he was on verge of breakdown but after hearing that Varissa was the one who will become his step sister, he showed a face sighed of relief.

There might’ve been a bit of confusion but soon Varissa’s father, step mother and step brother young knight was invited inside the living room of Furio’s house.

As a matter of fact,
At this point of time Varissa haven’t told his father about her marriage.

She was thinking of coming out after hearing her dad’s marriage but,

….ca, calm down….calm down me…..

Varissa was in a feeling extremely anxious as if her heart was going to explode as she guided her family into the living room.

“Iyar, My daughter is always in your care, gratitude have no words hahahaha”

“No no no, I’m also under your daughter’s great care”

Furio and Varissa’s dad talked casually as they walked in the corridor.

Behind them was the step mother and step brother but that step brother(young knight) looked at Brossam’s side for multiple of time.
And finally, Varissa and the father party reached the living room with Varissa’s husband Gozaru and his first wife Uliminus was waiting.

“U, umm….Fo, for more detail we, introduce. here, that….”

Varissa was trying to introduce the two to her dad but when the father saw Gozaru,

“You, aren’t you that Laug Drol Nomed-dono!?”
saying so approached Gozaru with a beaming smile and made a manly handshake.

“Ha, Haiii!?”

Varissa who couldn’t comprehend what was happening in front of her stood there blinking and stared shocked at the two.

Laug Nomen
A few decades ago from today, gozaru went out into the mortal world in order to investigate the human race in human form – Same form as Gozaru now – and went to many places.

And at the time he called himself…. Lang Drol Nomed …. its just a word that could be read backward as demon lord Gaul…..

He while roaming around different region once joined cattle knight of order as a mercenary and at that time met with Varissa’s dad and fought together.

“I never in my right mind thought that I could reunime with Lang Drol Nomed done in such a place ”

“Umu, I’m very happy that you are well too”

“When you talk about well being, I can’t really forget that Hakusbnko’s retreating battle”
“That, it was the Commander that was shit”

“Truly, because of that incompetent guy’s mistake Lang Drol Nomed dono, all alone brought us the victory”

“You were also amazing for a human, to be able to do that”

Saying so the two laughed heartfeltly.
This historical talk left everyone out and this continued for quite a long time.

and in middle of the conversation

“Now that I think about it, I’ve actually am going to welcome a wife to my family, and this is her. And it’s been decided that I will be taking his sons to my family too, haha, it shames me to do at such age”

“No no , you’ve got quite a beautiful mother and a powerful son”

….nya!? this guy actually read the atmosphere nya!?

About the woman is fine but that child no matter how you look at it looks weak and skinny.

Uliminus was the most surprised out of all the people in the room to see Gozaru being so normal and read the mood.
“Right right, I also welcomed a waif you see. I’ve made your daughter my second wife. and that is my second wife Uliminus. And I registered my name as Gozaru and you can call me that, father-dono”


Gozaru said something the two, Uliminus and Varissa was having a hard time bringing out and he brought it out as if nothing that major. This caught Varissa of the guard and made her face turn weird and stiffed in the place.

Same for Uliminus who was next to her as her ear and tails which she hid well to be shown unconsciously as they stood erect.

And next to them was Furio and Lys who was in the panic as they couldn’t react to the sudden opening.

In front of such party, Varissa’s dad,

“Aa, I, I see, married daughter…., eh? who’s daughter? etto, second wife? I’ve got no idea but, is that ajin the second wife….wait….first of all….first….second…..”

To the sudden situation he fell unconscious as he couldn’t keep up with it.

With that Varissa finally came to her senses and

“Fa, father~~~~~!!!!”
Went rushing for her father and tried hard to wake him up.

“…Gozaru-san you should try reading the mood better”

“Mu, Mu~? was the timing that bad?”

Gozaru showed a confused look in front of Furio who had his hand cover his head.

A few moments later…

Varissa prostrated in front of her dad as soon as he regained his consciousness and apologized,

– that Gozaru was from Demon race
– and she became his second wife
– The first wife too was from demon race

She explained all this in a single line while shouting it out as loud as she can.

At first, the father listened to it in silence and

“…you…are fine with that right?”
He asked.

toward that Varissa

“Yes! I have no regret!”
Answered straightforwardly while still prostrating.

Toward that Varissa’s dad looked at Gozaru and Uliminus who was also prostrating behind Varissa and,

“She might be a foolish daughter as I grew it her myself alone but please take care of her”

saying so bowed deeply.

Toward that,

“You can count me on it, I shall make her the happiest person in the world, I promise in my name Gozaru”

Everyone laughed at Goazru who said so while patting his chest.

Furio and Lys heard the laugh from out the corridor, looked at each other and fell on their knees all the while sighing in relief.

Next to them was Sabea who was crying Funsu Funsu as if saying good work, and panted Pon Pon.

…Evil world..

“…oi heard that? that muscle-headed guy was sent to the punishment chamber”

“It seemed like he couldn’t open the gate to that world”

“What in the world was he even doing”

“Even so, because of this, they paused the invasion that world?“

“Aa, I heard that they found a guy with “One who annihilates evil” and said to have changed their plan”

“That means, they are going to aim for the guy with the title more strongly?”

“AA, but for now they are going to gather more information and till than the invasion is paused”

..at the certain place in a certain forest…..
“Blonde haired hero same, that magic stone sold for quite a good price”

“….no, it wasn’t sold for that much money”

“Eee!? but I saw that at the shop counter you received a bag full of gold”

“No, it was all bronze so we didn’t earn much”

“Oh, I see”

“U, umm. that’s it. Its not like I hid all the money for myself or anything”


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