Brossam who worked hard on something she wasn’t familiar with

Furio’s House

Today in the morning, that young knight who had a wishful thought of marrying a female warrior who had the Dragon Slayer title.

Brossam who had his contact called him.

“Won’t a cuter outfit be better for such occasion as this?”

Lys who was next to Brossam who was prepared to meet with the boy but

“Let us be a spectator and not interfere in this since Brossam herself has said that she will talk it out herself”

She was convinced by Furio to leave the stage, however, comma she was still ready to jump in any moment if Brossam ever required. And so Furio was unable to stay still or rest for the whole time.

“U, Um, umm were you able to find the dragon slayer person!”

The young man approached Brossam with a bright smile on his face.

It seemed like he was really happy from getting a contact as he was breathing raggedly with his shoulders and it was obvious that he came here in a dash from the inn…..It was rather confusing as to whether or not he was running when seen near the house……

Toward such young knight Brossam bitterly smiled and,

“Oh well, for now, you should help me out”
Saying so she gave one of the hoe to him.


Brossam dragged the young man who showed a confused look as he couldn’t understand what was going on,

“You, should go and create the ridge from here till there”

“Ha? A? Umm…I have no idea what you are saying…..”

“Shut up and get working!”

“Ye, Yes!”

Without allowing any argument she forced him to help her in the agricultural work.

This work continued on till sun disappearing through the horizon and he only got 1 break for lunch.

“Isn’t this a bit overdoing, no matter what?”

Letting the young man who seemed to have sucked out his entire living force loose in the living room, Varissa asked Brossam.

Toward Varissa’s question, Varissa replied with a bitter smile and walked toward the young knight.

“You alive, man?”

Toward Brossam’s words young man with barely open eyes nodded as if squeezing last bit of his remaining energy.

And because of extreme exhaustion, he soon closed his eyes and breathed raggedly.

confirming his appearance, Brossam started talking to the young knight.

“Have you ever been to school”

“……n, no….I’ve had…..Home tutor……come teach me……”

“Have you ever shopped in marketplace”

“….ev, everything maid…..maid did everything…so…not even…once”

“What about the agricultural experience?”

“…to, today is…my the first time…in my life……”

“Have you ever fought a beast”

“…N, no……Even wielding….the sword…this time is my first time…..”

“Have you ever dated a woman?”

“, that…no”

“Why do you want to become a noble?”

“The, that is….to make my mom, my new soon to be dad and sister happy…..”

Brossam who listens till this point looked at her left, and stared at Varissa.

“Varissa, can you answer my questions from experience you gained through being a castle knight?”

“Umm, no problem but? what is it?”

“You, did you go to school?”
“Weren’t we in the same class in the knight cultivation school for a whole lot of time”

“ Have you ever shopped in the market place?”

“Of course I have. Its an important thing to live like a commoner once in a while”

“How about an agriculture experience”

“Of course I have to manage a territory you must have a good amount of knowledge in agriculture”

“have you ever fought a beast”

“Obviously, I have it is a necessary thing to protect your people”

“Have you ever dated a guy”

“O, O ,O , o of course I have!”

“Why do you want to become a noble?”

“I want to rebuild my house and become a person who will be looked up upon by the people, family, and generally everyone, and to also engrave my family’s name into the history” Brossam hearing Varissa until this point and returned her gaze to the young knight.

“You see this lady here’s real occupation is a female knight and is in the country’s knight of order. Similar to you she is also from a family of a fallen noble and been working hard to rebuild the family.

For that she buys in the market place, does agriculture, even fight…..there were one lies mixed in thought”

“Wa, wait a moment Brossam! YOU! why did you stop the story there! How can you say for sure if that was a lie!”
Brossam lightly patted on Varissa’s shoulder comforting her of her red fuming face spatting words out like a bullet.

“Even for things like rebuilding your nobility, she worked her all with her strength”

…There was a time when she was trying to charm Master-sama #furio into marrying her…i’m sure it’s not that big of a deal so I should keep it a little secret…..also Madam-sama #Lys is scary…..

“How about you? You have little to no knowledge about the outside world? Even rebuilding your family’s nobility you were all about that Female knight with a dragon slayer title, you weren’t thinking of other but yourself only!”

At some point in time during Brossam’s talk, the boy started crying big tears.

He hid behind his hands as he hiccuped many times due to excessive crying.

Seeing his miserable appearance, Brossam breathed one big mouthful and,
“I can’t say it in a beautiful words as I was a dumb failing student in a knight cultivation school but.

You are just in too much rush”

“In rush?”

“Aa, thats right..Ettoo, at times like this how should I say…..”

Brossam looked up at the ceiling and started running through her thought.

And Varissa patted her shoulders and,

“Brossam, is telling you to know more about the world. A person with no knowledge regarding the outside world won’t succeed in being a noble who manage territory and relationship with their people.

Know the market, know the agriculture, know the battle, and woman….ahem, know relationship with people, she is trying to say prepare before tackling nobility.”

she continued her words.

Toward her words, the young knight face darkened and,

“But…My body…”
Saying so his face darkened more.

However, Brossam grabbed onto his collar and brought his face toward her’s.

“You! weren’t you able to do agricultural work all day today?”


“Don’t go on and decide your own limit! Well, first thing first try doing it with your owns strength and see how far you can get”

“…bu, but what if I fail and……..”

“Stop thinking about failing before you even started!”

saying so she squeezed his face from left to right.

The young knight with his squeezed face looked to be in pain but in his face, there was no longer any sight of tears.

Few minutes later….

Young knight finally were able to calm down but because of extreme exhaustion it had been decided that he will sleep for a night in Furio’s house.

Furio asked him if he wanted him to cast a healing magic on him but,

“Thank you but I would like to remember this exhaustion so….”

Young knight declined.

He was on his way to the bedroom with his exhausted body as he walked unsteady looking as if he was going to faint once more, but before he was about to fall Brossam suddenly grabbed him and carried him in a way one carried a baby.

“I’m kinda sorry for that, I guess I went quite a bit overboard, even if it was meant for you to understand”

Young knight who was forced to be in such awkward position under Brossam’s arm blushed while looking at Brossam smiling bitterly. “No, not at all” he answered while shaking his head left and right in quite powerful manner.

“So, how about it? I can introduce you to the female warrior with dragon slayer title as a sorry gift?”

“…No, I don’t need it anymore”

“Are you sure?”

“Right…I think I will try my best and see how far I can go….also..”


“…no, that….for now I don’t need her”

Brossam looked dubiously at the blushing young knight who looked the other way as she carried him to the bedroom.

…Evil world ….

“What happened this time?”

“It, it seems like the evil god shrine’s signal became lost!”

“Wh, what it in the world!? ”

“without being able to detect the shrine’s magic stone we won’t be able to open the gate”

“Eeei, go find the reason quickly! To be this late even that Evil God same will be angered!”

..At a certain place in a certain forest…

“Hehehe, As expected there was the magic stone in this building too”

“Amazing Blonde haired hero samaaa”

While Blonde haired hero was searching for the handkerchief Allure forgot, his leg accidentally hit a building.

Because of a sudden pain, blonde haired hero got angry and destroyed the place, and soon after a magic stone was found.

….this will definitely be sold for a good price

Blonde haired hero who came back to the place Allure was waiting and somehow found the same building and destroyed it and was able to find the exact same magic stone in it.

“We should go sell it in the town later on”

“Haiii, blonde haired hero samaa”

“I’ve also brought in the handkerchief, don’t forget it next time”

“Haiii, I’m sorry desuu”

The moment those magic stone entered inside Blonde Haired hero’s magic bag it lost connection to the outside world. And there was no way these two would’ve know that.


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