It’s tough being a Family head

— In Furio’s Home – at Night –

Lys approached Furio who just came back from helping the supply department of Sundry good store Uugo, and she grabbed onto his belongings and,

“Husband same, before dinner I would like to have a little discussion about something and…”

Saying so She smiled.

Furio felt a little taken back looking at her smile.
right, the smile crept up to her mouth as soon as she looked the other side while walking toward the opposite direction.
even so,

“Alright, what is it?”
Its Furio’s style to first listen to the story.

…Few moments later….

From what he heard from Lys:
– A young man came seeking Brossam
– The young man is in love with Brossam
– She needs my help in order to help them stick together.
were the detail from her consultation.

…Even though I’m also quite bad at romantic stuff but…for now, I can’t do anything without knowing Brossam’s feeling,

While thinking stuff like that Furio went to the Living room, and soon

“Ma, Master-sama…Can I have a moment please…”

Brossam who was in a state of haggard, came beckoning me to come. It is without a doubt that her current haggard ish appearance is somewhat connected to what Lys discussed with me about, as she usually is energetic and straight forward.

“Alright, what is it?”

From what he heard from Brossam
– A young man came seeking out, the dragon slayer, meaning herself.
– That young man wants to marry that woman
– What should I do to decline without hurting the young man?

were the details got from her consultation

…..Lys wants to get them together, but at the same time, Brossam wants to decline…In a situation like this, what am I supposed to do….Thing like this I should put more weight in the main person Brossam, and her feeling…but I also should take not on the young one’s…..

In front of Furio who was walking in the corridor, while thinking so

“Master-Same….a, um, can I have a bit of your moment for a consultation?”

Varissa who was working together with him in the shop peeked from her room and beckoned Furio to come.

Furio felt like running away from seeing such a scene.

Varissa who usually radiates of kindness and calmness, acts in such shy manner is when it is probably about romance.

Furio himself isn’t that good at things revolving love and made him feel quite unwilling, but even so,

“Alright, what is it?”
It is his style to at least listen to what he/she has to say.

…Few moments later

From what he heard from Varissa
– It came to be that she will introduce Gozaru to his dad
– How should she bring the fact that she married without permission
– And more so as she became the second wife

were the details he got from her talk.

…Regarding this, she has to be straight and truthful and try to get them to understand especially so with her personality….It would be fine if I were to back her by being there at the key moment….oh, but, Gozaru-san really sucks at reading the atmosphere and all….

In front of Furio who was thinking so in the corner of the corridor….

“Furio-dono, can I have a moment with you nya?”

Unlike her usual self she peeked her small head from the wall and beckoned Furio to come.

Furio felt nothing but a bad feeling from seeing such seen.

Uliminus who is usually calm and corrected person except for anything regarding Gozaru, came just to ask an advice from me. It must be something quite big to force her to come.

I first doubted if I could give an answer to such a big problem but even so,

“Alright, what is it?”
It is his style to at least listen to what he/she has to say.

…Few moments later

From what he heard from Uliminus
– She was told that Varissa wanted to introduce her to Varissa’s father as a first wife of Gozaru
– She is doubting whether or not she should actually introduce herself
– What would be the best course of action for Varissa

were the details he got from her talk.

…This too is hard to respond to….but I think Uliminus shouldn’t overthink since Varissa’s feeling is already decided and I also planned to be together to help out and….

Behind Furio who was thinking so, while washing his face in the sink.

“U, U, U Ummm, Master-sama….can I have a moment plz?”

Bill with a bright red face held onto Furio’s sleeves.
Furio, seeing such a scene felt himself bitterly smile.

She who asked in such manner these days were all about Slape. Even thought the detail will probably be the same but,

“Alright, what is it?”
It is his style to at least listen to what he/she has to say.

….a few minutes later

What he heard from Bily was exactly as he predicted…

– Does Slape like younger girls?
– Will Slape like girls with no breast
– Will Slape like clumsy girls?

consultation, more like a Q&A.

..If you are that much curious why don’t you just ask the person yourself…she said her heart is not ready…and I told her I will tell Slape myself then, but you outright deny it….I’m sure you want your voice to be heard but….

In front of Furio who was thinking so while walking down the stair,

It seems like Belano came back from her job as a teacher in magician school…

..Furio household. living room…

“Husbands-ama? You were quite late to the table, and it seems like you are tired….”
Lys asked Furio who finally came to the prepared table filled with dishes.

Furio returned her question with a bitter smile and sat on his usual seat, right next to Lys.
He moved his gaze to the table.

Brossam still looked haggard ish.

Varissa seemingly comforting herself

Uliminus who seemed kinda refreshed.

Bily who looked happy with a cherry red cheeks

Belano seemed refreshed after having Furio listening to her about problems regarding her job
All five with their different expression looked at Furio.

“I’m sorry for letting you guys wait. Come let’s eat”

Furio greeted and started eating.

“….Gozaru-san, you don’t have anything to ask right?”

“Nn? what are you talking about”

“Nothing, if there is nothing then all good”

Furio brought the soup to his mouth as he bitterly smiled.

Beside Furio’s leg, Sabea made sound Funsu Funsu, as if it felt something from Furio and was trying to comfort him.

…Later that Dinner

Furio was walking toward the bedroom feeling exhausted.

“Supreme one, I would like a little bit of your time can I?”

Even Furio couldn’t hep but show a sour look at the worst timing of Hiya’s appearance.

Even so,

“Alright, what it is?“

It is Furio’s style to always listen no matter what…….

…Evil world…

“There is something seriously wrong man….that gate can’t connect for shit”

“What do you mean? Did you use the two different location at the same time?”

“Aa, of course, one of them is the same location at the same but other one is the new location. The place where the evil god-sama located shrine is those two. and we did both of them at the same time and they both disappeared at the same time”

“…wh…what in the world is happening?”

…At certain place in a certain forest – part 1

“Damn, that Allure I told her so many times to not forget anything but to forget a handkerchief….geez, because of such item I am forced to come back myself, not good man!
…even so I shouldn’t let a girl walk alone in the forest and …no no no, I’m being too kind. When I’m back I should scold her.

…? What, that weird pattern in the garden….that Allure, she must’ve forgotten to erase it, she really is a troublesome girl, when I’m back I should give her suitable punishment

…But, this handkerchief, she still held dear….it is already quite worn out…I should buy a new one for her….”

…At certain place in certain forest part 2

“Fuel, to think I would forget the handkerchief….and that is an important handkerchief for me because it is a handkerchief blonde haired hero same wrapped around my wound, even though he probably have already forgotten.

Even though its a bit worn out, it’s very important to me….

Awawaa!? a weird pattern in the garden!? If this was seen by Blonde haired hero sama, he will scold me! I should erase it quickly!”


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