A shadow that just can’t approach

..Evil world

“Are you saying Guriorion’s presence disappeared?”

“Umu, after her visit to that world it just poof gone”

“Oh well, even so, she was one of the weakest in the direct subordinates of the evil god. ”

“I can assume that you already prepared a replacement  right?”

“Aa, that muscle freak should be preparing for the departure”

“That guy? You know he might actually destroy that world rather than conquering it? did he actually reached the world already?”

“Nah, they were saying something  like how the gate wasn’t connecting”

“Its most likely the common spacetime disruption. The true problem is the fact that Guriorion might’ve been defeated ”

“I don’t think there would be any person that powerful in that minor world”

“Even if there was, we can just search for the “the one who annihilates evil” and kill him or her”


…At certain place in certain forest..

“Blonde haired hero-sama? did something happen, because you just sneezed big one twice”

“No idea, maybe someone is talking about me”

“is that is…., aa, more importantly, that weird pattern resurfaced again desuu”

“Didn’t I tell you to erase it. you must’ve forgotten it”

“Eee? I thought I erased it properly”

“Just go erase it again. Also, go draw the water from the well”

“Haiiiii, I understand”

…Houtarou Town Sundry good store UUGO

“I will transfer the goods that were supplied today to the storage”

Furio who came back to CryRoad was helping Ex demon army episonage division silent ears, who were in charge of supplying in Sundry goods store.

In his former world, he worked as a supplier in the firm and so for a while he was giving a helping hand to the sundry goods store. Furio who always liked things like calculating selling price and buying price enjoyed doing this small labor.

“Thanks to you, we were able to decrease our supplying price by more than 30 percent nya”

Flipping through the bills Uliminus showed a very satisfied look while she fixed the glasses’ position out of habit. She couldn’t stop herself from smiling in happiness as she thinks about all the benefits given from Furio’s help.

And right next to her, Gozaru who worked as a clerk in the shop looked at Uliminus.

“…What nya? Are you playing around nya?”
“No, I just thought that you looked beautiful while wearing the glasses”

From such a straight forward answer Uliminus’s face turned bright red and “Ba, Baka what the heck are you saying nya! go do the work nya! You won’t have lunch if you continue not doing the work nya!”

With a full strength upper cut to Gozaru’s chin, Uliminus shouted even though it gave zero damage to Gozaru as he stood smiling,

“Umm, I shall return to work”

Went back inside the shop.

Looking at his back Uliminus sighed of relief with her shoulder.

…maybe, tonight I should wear the glasses and go to the floor nya…

She thought so whilst blushing.

Even after becoming the first wife, she was still the same old annoying tsundere.

..Back garden in Furio’s house..

Furio household’s vegetables are all made in the garden.

Swordsman Blossam who was born in a farmer’s household, using farming tools made of dragon scale smithed by Furio managed the farm.
“Blossam you are really amazing. to be able to create such an outstanding farm in this short amount of time”

Lys said so as she looked around while harvesting the crops.

At first, the back garden was just a hobby and was rather small in scale, now it expanded to the point you can’t see the end with various kinds of vegetables planted.

“This much is really nothing. My grandma back in countryside manages from here to around that mountain all by herself.”

“Ha—, I really can’t imagine that”

Lys who followed Blossam’s finger, raised a surprised voice.

Lys is a sister of one of heavenly four generals Fangirl , and so from young, as she lived in a constant battle. With that, her knowledge other than battle wasn’t grown, and so there are many legends she made from the time she started living with Furio.

– every meal is meat and all of them are roasted
– Every clothes she washed became unusable.
– She gets spontaneous sexual arrousement no matter where.

Even so, she cares about Furio everyday and does everything for her even literally tacking the problem. Sometimes she might go berserk and in other time she might run in opposite direction, and Furio knows all this and still cares for her.

Also, as a person from a wolf race, she has a strong instinct to stay in the herd, so her love and comradeship with the people living together is strong, that’s why she takes care of everyone as if she is taking care of her own family.

“Madam-Sama, don’t over do it and come back quickly ok. this kind of field work befits me.”

“It’s fine Blossam. I want everyone to eat delicious food so let me help out more”

The two talked like that as they continued on working.

Former Demon lord army, Slape the death horse was looking at the two from the ranch right next to the farm.

“That violent good for nothing wolf, became that quiet and mother like…..it is good to live long”

Smiled as he said so….but

“Slape…I can hear it you know”

“I guess it hasn’t changed much,” Slape thought so as he was hit by a Tumeto fruit which was thrown by Lys.

Blossam smiled bitterly at such scene and moved her sight to the unfamiliar human that was approaching the place.

That person wore a knight-like armor which seemed to weight hundreds of pounds and equipped large shiny swords seemingly new.

His whole body radiated that he was a newbie as if it was his first time wearing the armor and the sword.

“…what the heck is that”

Blossam tilted her head as she looked at the man.
However the man was looking around the farm, and so Blossam stopped her work and

“hello, I’ve never seen you around here, do you have business with us?”
saying so she talked while smiling.

While she may seem unarmed and without care, however, she is carrying a hoe made out of dragon scale and if necessary it can become more powerful than a normal katana.

Seeing Blossam, the man

“Um, umm…I’ve heard that there is a warrior with a dragon slayer title, umm do you perhaps know anyone?”

The man answered wimply and weakly.

“DragonSlayer? hmm, Master-sama have one but is Master-sama a warrior? wait did we even have a warrior in our household….”
Blossam thought so as she crossed her arm.

Seeing such scene,

….wait…aren’t you forgetting about yourself

Lys commented in her heart.

Brossam. even though she have been farming as of lately, she is actually a warrior with dragonslayer title.

…Evil world….

“Oi, what’s wrong with you guys!! The gate isn’t opening yet?”

“I, I’m very sorry. We have been trying numerous time to open the gate but…it seems like it is erased every time”

“oi oi oi, what the heck’s wrong! Are you really choosing the place with no people right!”

“Yes of course and….”

“Just freaking connect the Gate. without this, we won’t be able to invade that damn world!”

…at a certain place in a certain forest….

Blonde haired hero-sama that weird pattern resurfaced again…

Aren’t I telling you to erase it goddammit.

Fueee, I’m soorrrryyy.

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