Various Destination People reached

Few days has passed ever since the battle with Guriorion.

In that battle I, Furio learned Evil magic.
However, at the time of battle i though I only copied what Guriorion had, for some reason when I checked my status after the end of the battle. There existed every evil magic other than what I copied. Not only that but a new category of magic called ‘Holy magic’ was unlocked and I was able to use all of them. I was having a bitter time as I tried to understand the reasoning of such occurrence.

And, In that battle I didn’t finish her off but, for some reason, the title “ The One who Annihilates Evil God” was added to my status and this too confused me.

The one who answered all of these questions were non other than the ruler of light and darkness, a Furio-sama’s slave at the same time the researcher of training…it really is a long name as Gozaru said, Hiya’s name. According to Hiya

“First, the reason you, supreme one acquired the Evil magic is because you battle the one who wields evil magic. Supreme one is one of the rarest people to acquire historically impossible super rare skill Systemically Connected Magic Mastery: Highest grade, and this allowed you to gain both Holy magic and Evil magic as Holy magic is a magic that directly opposes the Evil magic. So when you mastered the Evil magic it automatically added this into your status

As for the title ‘the one who annihilates evil’, formally it is “The one who annihilated or exterminated the Evil god himself or the subordinate of evil god.” And, you the supreme one, with a grand merciful heart allowed the subordinate of Evil God Summoning Devil Guriorion, and she escaped as she accepted her defeat. And as a result you’ve acquired the right requirement to gain the title as a the one who annihilated the evil god.”

Hearing the explanation I kinda was convinced.
As a former merchant, this kind of talk is truly hard.
However, Hiya still had her head tilted in confusion

“…if the supreme one actually let her go then, supreme one should’ve gotten the normal title like “The one who Overwhelms Evil God” or the “ The one who dances with Evil God”……it would fit the story if she who was escaping was subjected by someone and, this will lead to bestowment of the title ”The one who annihilates god” to everyone who contributed to the subjugation…..”

She still had many questions unanswered but honestly, I didn’t care that much and so I let it go.

…Houtarou Town . Sundry Goods store UUGO

In the entrance of the shop was a signboard saying “temporary close”

And inside the shop Gozaru and Varissa was on the floor on their knees.

“…and? do you have anything you have to say?”
In front of the two was Uliminus who floated out an expression emitting killing intent.

Varissa who couldn’t look at Uliminus in her eyes was looking down while sweating profusely.

“Um, how do I say…”
Next to her was Gozaru and

“I shall apologize for getting a second wife without the permission of the first wife. I couldn’t resist, forgive me”

“Aa,no, that…that its not like that Uliminus-dono…at that time, it was me who got overly excited….and so Gozaru-dono is no at the fault and….”

Varissa tried to protect Gozaru with all her power.

However, in front of the two, Uliminus stood still as her face turned bright red.


Finally Uliminus who was able to bring out one word, held onto Gozaru’s collar.

“Who is the first wife nya!?”
Toward Uliminus who desperately denied,

“You are one”
Gozaru with a non chant expression said so boldly and strongly.

“N, n, no….when in the world did I give my consent on becoming your first wife nya! I don’t have any memory of that nya! ”

Toward Gozaru’s attitude, Uliminus tried desperately to understand the situation.

However, no matter what not a single memory floated.

“What are you saying, when you were shouting in an utterly coquettish way you shouted “please make me your wifeee” and so i said why not, and at that moment haven’t I started the marriage ritualt”


Toward such unexpected words from Gozaru, Uliminus once again desperately tried to squeeze out the memory. there might’ve been something like that maybe maybe not…..

…wait….mariage ritual nya?

Marriage ritual
The marriage ritual the demon race speaks off, is a ritual in which they engrave the promise of eternal love in each other’s status.

Remembering that, Uliminus slowly but surely checked her status.

Her thought process shutdown as she saw the last line.

|Gozaru’s first wife|

Uliminus who stayed white for a whole lot of the,

“….Y, You marry every single woman you ever hugged nya?”

“Stop saying stupid things, I have never felt love toward other women except for you and Varissa”

Gozaru declared straight forwardly.

“…having two is already kinda, you know”
Furio who was looking at it from the side bitterly smiled and mumbled

“For a demon race having 3 wife or husband is allowed”
Lys who was next to him answered and

“However, I have not a single thought of ever having another husband”
However as Lys said so in a lovable manner, Furio’s expression started looking terrible.

“Husband- sama what happened?”

“….no….Lys just thinking of you being with another man is quite traumatizing. ”

Hearing the word, Lys couldn’t help but turn bright red and

“I won’t ever love someone other than Husband-sama! Mou, I don’t want you to be jealous over thing like this, you never have to ever worry about it!”

Saying so Lys hugged Furio with a heartfelt smile.

Uliminus who watched the lovebirds hug each other right next to them felt her head cool off and for one last time sighed while smiling bitterly.

She extended her hand toward gozaru and Varissa,

“…Oh well, I guess it already happened and nothing I say could change nya. You are Husband, and you are the second wife, I will forgive nya”

Saying so she hugged both of them.
And in there Uliminus whispered this to Gozaru’s ear,

“…However nya, I demand a retake on propose nya. I want it to be more romantic nya”

“U, Umu? romentac I see?”

Uliminus smiled evilly as she saw Gozaru with a confused expression.

….At certain corner in Furio’s house

“I’m sorry about this Furio-dono. To eve provide this old man with a place like this”
Death Horse slape who was in human form bowed toward Furio.

Slape who finished fighting with the evil ones,

“An old man like me’s purpose in here is finished”

and so retired from Demon lord’s army.

Soon after, Because of the request from Slape who came to Furio’s house, this place where you can view the ranch became the place for him to stay.

“Won’t it be better if you just live together with us?”

“No no no, To an old man like me living alone in leisure is the best thing”

Toward the two, Bily ran clumsily from the house.

“Slape-sama, is the baggage delivered to the house all the things you have? Until your house is built you are going to be staying in Furio-sama’s house so I think it will be good if you greet everyone else. And If you have anything you need you can ask me and I can go out and buy it, so you don’t have to feel shy. and and”

“Oi oi oi , if you were to say it all at once even for me it will be hard to remember”
“Hawawawa!? , I’m so sorry Slape samaa”

Furio thought that he probably needed to build a room for Bily as he looked at Slape who looked at Bily as if he was looking at a his granddaughter.
At certain place in certain forest

“Blonde haired hero sama, are we really living here?”

“Umu, it is a bit damaged but it will do if we fix it”

“I don’t think it is a bit desuu”

“Stop complaint, weren’t there a well in the back, go see if it works”

“Fuee I understand“

“Blonde Haired hero-samaaa”

“what? Allure?”

“There is some weird pattern in the back garden?”

“Its probably nothing, so don’t mind it”

“Even soo, but”

“if it worries you that much just erase it”

“I, understand desuuu”

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