…how…..How did his come to be….

One of the direct subordinate Summoning Devil Guriorion was running in the forest with a pale blue face.

Even if she wanted to she couldn’t fly as she exhausted her mana savings inside her.

….How…How did such result…?

While desperately running Guriorion remembered the nightmarish battle.

・・Few hours before・At the place where Furio’s party and Guriorion’s party confronted each other・・

“For now it seems like who to confront has been decided?”

As they were 4 to 4 it naturally became that everyone must fight one to one.

Death Horse Slape vs Evil God Devil Horse Burion

Gozaru vs Evil God Beast Warrior Zokurion

Hiya vs Evil God Grand Magician Mahorion

and finally Furio vs Summoning devil Guriorion

The party separated from each other as they didn’t want to be a hindrance to each other.

…Death Horse vs Evil God Devil horse Burion

“You are quite good for an old horse”
Burion kept on swinging an ax with both of his hands.

However, Slape dodged it all in very tacit manner and wasn’t hit even once.

“However, if you kept on running away you won’t have a chance to win, you know?”

Burion continued swinging the ax whilst showing an annoyed look as Slape dodged without showing any sign of stopping

“Hahahaha, remember this for the rest of your life! that battle is not only about tackling”

Saying so Slape continued on moving backward.

“Don’t try to give me a reason for your inability…..”

Burion accelerated and dashed toward Slape.

However, his footing disappeared as he fell down the hill.

…sh, shit!?

Burion realized that he fell into a trap so he panic kingly widened wings but,

“You think I will let you do that!”

Slape who had his wing already spread jumped on top of Burion and mutilated both of the wings.

Burion who’s body kept falling, crashed into many of the rocks on the cliff’s surface as he rolled down.

Even after that he survived and Burion tried to stand up but Slape who made a nosedive crushed Burion’s head with a hoof, which made a deciding factor in his victory.

“…this is all thanks to that girl”
saying so Slape looked around.
And in here existed a cliff that he himself fell in an earlier date.

・・Gozaru vs Evil God Beast Warrior Zokurion

It was a battle that even a word one-sided couldn’t explain the battle.

It wasn’t much of a fight, may be the only words that fit the situation.

Zokurion as a powerful warrior from the Evil world could be said to have a powerful strength.

Powerful enough to fight one against this world’s demon army alone and cause a great damage.

However, that Zokurion against Gozaru in Demon lord form died after a single hit from him, as the punch hit Zokurion’s head he sank inside the floor.

With that hit all Zokurion’s bones from neck to head crushed and broken into pieces.

“What? it’s already over?”

Gozaru floated out an obviously dissatisfied expression and were crackling his fingers.

・・Hiya vs Evil God Grand magician Mahorion

The two’s battle looked standstill from far as they looked at each other.

But, inside it existed a fierce magic tactical battle going on.

The two formed magic circles while disabling the opponents and inside that few moment tries to form new magic. And again it would be countered and…so in a few second few dozens of magic were continuously activated.

“You are quite good, as expected of Devil. However, I am the strongest magician under Guriorion nee-sama command. So there is no way I will lose”
[tlnote: nee-sama means sister if you didn’t know]

Mahorion said so and emerged two more hands from behind her back and increased the magic circle’s forming speed.

Glancing at such Scene, Hiya started walking toward her.

Mahorion tried to stop the advancement by attacking it with more magic. However, Hiya without any care continued walking toward her.

And with that, she already got close to the point of their nose tip touching each other.

and kissed her.

Toward the sudden kiss, Mahorion’s iris moved up and down and tried to push Hiya away.

However, Hiya’s tongue seemed to be eating her away as it stuck deep inside Mahorion’s mouth and her hand

(A very shocking imagery is shown so I’ve shortened it) [tlnote: this is what the author wrote not me]

….a few minutes later

Under Hiya’s foot, Mahorion was laid naked.
And her face was red with her eyes being unable to focus.

“..su, such thing, for the first time…”

Hiya who glanced down at Mahorion who mumbled as if she was dreaming,

“This was a fruit birthed by my training desu”

Saying so, Hiya extended her hand onto Mahorion’s head.

“Come, let us aim for the apex”

With Hiya’s word Mahorion’s body disappeared.

It is without said that Mahorion was brought into Hiya’s spiritual world.

・・Furio vs Summoning Devil Guriorion

In front of Guriorion, Furio was doing something while moving his hands.

“? What have you been doing all this time? If you are trying your last resistance than thats not manly ”
Saying so Guriorion floated out a smirk but

“a vain struggle….more like, oh well, you can say I’m just doing it out of curiosity”

saying so Furio continued doing a weird gesture with his hands.

“….Yoshi, it seems like its done”

“what? Did your preparation to become a sacrificial object finished?”

Saying so Guriorion formed open a magic circle and from inside came dozens of magic swords.

Magic swords that Furio failed to erase while saving Slape.

And that magic Sword surrounded Furio leaving no open space and formed an attacking formation.

“Well then, what are your final words?”
Guriorion asked Furio whilst holding her hands in the air.

“I guess I should say some words of gratitude to you”

Saying so Furio too raised his right hand.

At that moment,

The magic swords surrounding Furio made a ‘Palin’ sound and collapsed into pieces.


Seeing such scene Guriorion blinked multiple times.

“It’s true, just as you said I didn’t acquire the evil magics. And so, I finally understood the reasons behind why I couldn’t erase your magic sword. Thank you for telling me”

“Wha, What?”

Guriorion showed a dumbfounded look as she couldn’t understand what the heck Furio was on about,

“N, No…what…I thought you didn’t have evil magic mastered….”

“Right, so I just copied yours”
Saying so Furio pointed at Guriorion
“Every Evil magic you know”

Toward these revelation, Guriorion could feel her head turning blank.

No, no way, impossible…..

no, there is no way he can copy just by standing in front of a person….

“Stop spouting nonsense, just because you are scared to die!!”

Guriorion concentrated the magic by gathering to the tip of her hands and opened tons of magic circles.

And then, from there thousands of magic tools were summoned and were continuously bombarded at Furio.

However, no matter how much, everything starts getting erased while making ‘Palin’ sound.

Soon, Guriorion who used up all her mana,

“Will you continue this nonsense?”

could only escape for her life as she cried to Furio’s words.

・・Return back to present・・・
…Somehow, I must report this to Evil god sama, that kind of abnormal human from the human race is too dangerous

While running inside the Forest, Guriorion’s breathing was rough as she coughed several times due to exhaustion.

To her who usually used teleportation magic to move from place to place, never in her right mind would she ever think of running inside the forest.

You could say that right now she is no different from a normal human, as she lost all her mana.

….I should really….report this to Evil god-sama in asap…

at that moment inside Guriorion’s sight, emerged a spear’s sharp tip.

・・At certain corner in the forest.


“Nn? what? I felt something hit the spear I was carrying”

“Bl, Blonde haired hero-sama!? so, somehow a a human is stuck on it!?”

“Wha, what did you say!?”

“And, and, it pierced through a vital spot and the person is dead!?”

“Wha, what did you say!?”

wha, wha, wha, what should we do Blonde haired hero samaa!?“

“Don’t fret Allure, I am a hero, there is no need for a worry. First, let’s dig a hole that can fit this guy and….”

And this was how the Summoning devil Guriorion died in a foreign soil in a different world.

A 「The one who annihilates evil god」 title was added to Blonde haired hero’s status but at this time Blonde haired hero nor anyone present noticed such change.

Chapter 51                                                                                                                                      Chapter 53

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