Chapter 29 Message and Introduction

After defeating the Giant wolf, at the same place a magic formation floated up.
It is the same magic formation used when teleporting from first floor to the second.
After looking around for some time, I said a farewell to this vast forest.

I’ve arrived at the third floor.
….it is quite similar to the first floor.
I thought so.
But the walls and floors are not made of rocks.
It seems like this is some sort of cave.

I turned around since I felt some form of presence.
The fiery light gathered around to form a human.
And soon the thing which appeared was —– A God
“No, wait what!?”
I tsukkomi-ed by shouting, Unlike my usual self.

“Ya, Ya It’s been a while Kurosaki-kun”

“Oi, self-proclaimed god, why is it you. Where is Tia”

“Jeez, mean thing is the first thing you say….She will appear after I disappear from here ”

“…Why did you appear?”

“I had a little message to convey…As a matter of fact this message is sent to everyone else also. But you are the only one I’m meeting you in person”

I don’t need such special treatment.
Self-Proclaimed god laughed, kusu kusu as if he heard my heart’s voice.

“Oh well, at least listen to what I have to say first. It’s not a bad thing for you either”

“..I guess, I should at least hear what you have to say”

“That’s what I wanted! In truth, there have been only 10 people who successful finished the 1st floor out of 40 of you”

So there are 5 other other than me and Tanaka’s group.
Thinking so, maybe Tanaka’s group was some sort of elite group.
No, the leader was the only elite one.

“And 15 people have died in the first floor.”

—–15 people? So many died….
I’ve already predicted the casualties to be around the figure but, when I hear it directly it still made me shocked.
And including Tanaka’s group, there already 19 people who died.
Already about half of the students died even though we just started the dungeon.

“So with this much casualties I needed to do some emergency measure. I like this told everyone who reached the second floor about the current situation”

“What’s going to change with that”

“You must know it too right? You can teleport to the conquered floor from the safety zone anytime you want”

——I see. This guy is telling us if you care about the classmates then go help them.

“Oh well, this is a message and not a order. So this not forced or anything”

Irritating guy. He already knows that I’ve already killed four people.

“It’s true that you are a psychotic killer but. Its just in case, in case you understand”

I won’t extend a helping hand out of my own will.
I’ve already made such a resolution in the very first day of the teleportation to survive the dungeon.

But it’s a fact that there are many classmates who are still stuck in the first floor and are unable to proceed further.

Will this count as ‘asking for help’
——No this is just a distorted reasoning on me worrying about other’s life which are hidden deep in my heart.

I thought it like that. If I think it further I might go insane.

“I won’t go. I have no reason too”

“Unn, I thought you would say that. Even if that may or may not be your true feeling”

He floated out his usual smile and meaningfully stared at me.
“Is that it for the message?”

“Unn, that is it”

“I see, than just disappear quickly”

“So cold. You wan’t to meet with the fairly that much? I knew it you are definitely Lolic”

“Just disappear now!”

“Hai, hai I understand….”

“Well than, let us meet again kurosaki-kun”

You don’t have to ever come back again.

Few minutes after the disappearance of the God
A fairly light gathered again to form a human shape.
And ——- “It’s been a while Kurosaki-san”

“…aa, it’s been a while Tia”

Somehow I feel really like an eternity since our last meeting.
Even though it’s only been about a month from the last meeting.
I guess, many things happened in the second floor….

“Oh, well let’s sit somewhere around here”

I laid down a Sheet I bought with the Point.

“Hai, let’s do it. Excuseme”

And from than was a talking time.

I’ve already heard about other people from the self-proclaimed god so I asked about this third floor.
It seems like in third floor, a new function that wasn’t in the other floors TRap seemed to be laid everywhere.
And, a monsters that attacks spiritually and some human type monster which are a lot bigger than goblin appears here.

And there were nothing more to ask so we just had a little chit chat together.
When I introduced Ruby to Tia, her eyes seemed to shine with vigor.
Ruby looked slightly lazy but it looked a little happy.

Tia asked,

“Now that I think about it Kurosaki-san won’t go help your classmates?”

“..I, won’t go”

“Why…is it?”

“I won’t extend a helping hand as long as they are not asking for it. This is why I won’t go back to the first floor.”

Somehow I felt Tia showed a lonely expression.

“I know it. Kurosaki-san is a very kind person. You patted my head who showed a really rude thing and comforted me”

“You wished to god for me who was looking down because we couldn’t meet again”

“my…My first, you became my first friend”

“That is for both of us. To me Tia was the first friend I’ve ever made. You taught me many things even though I who had trouble speaking with others.”

“That is because I was created to do so….”

Tia looked at me with a wondering look.

“…Kurosaki-san tte, you are a person who easily succumbs to loneliness”

“Ha?…Is..that so?”

“Hai that is it! You are definitely a person who easily succumbs to loneliness”

Tia said so in a very excited manner.
Soon after, she looked at me with a very serious gaze.

“Kurosaki-san I have one request”

“Request? What is it?”

“Kurosaki-san, can you go help your classmates?”

“…What are you saying, Tia?”

“Kurosaki-san I don’t want you to abandon the people you know”

“…Impossible. I can’t go”

“Why!? Why is that?”

“I told you I won’t help out of whim. To bend my will is to smear my determination with dirt…that is something I shouldn’t do”

“You need a reason right? Than…”

—-I have a hunch something bad is going to happen.

“This is a ‘request’ from your ‘friend’ ”

—–what the heck.

“Oi Oi, You think I will listen to such rea “please listen””

“This is a request from your friend, so please listen”

Tia was already about to cry.
She must know herself that she is asking something really unreasonable.

“Why to this extent? Tia, you don’t know anything about my classmates?”

“Hai, I don’t know anything about them. I’m asking you to help not for them rather for you and for myself”

“For Tia’s sake?….what do you mean?”

“Kurosaki-san, You look sad whenever it is about your classmate. I hate it”

“Kurosaki-san is a very kind person. A very Kind person”

“I hate it when such Kurosaki-san is misunderstood or being tricked.”

“Just once is fine..Can you listen to my request?”

—-why to this extent…
Tia, think so much about it.
She said she hates it when people misunderstand me.
She said it was for me and for herself.
Why does she think so much about me.

“Tia, why do you think so deeply about me?”

“That is, of course…”

—-because we are friends.
Saying so she smiled kindly.

I sighed deeper than deeply.

“I understand…I don’t know what i can do but this time I will go by my own initiative”

“Re, really!? For really!?”

“Aa really. … Since this is a request from my friend”

“——thank you very much!!”

Tia hugged me with a face filled with a bright smile.

After that we said farewell to each other after some random chatting.

“I know it’s weird because I was the one who asked but please don’t over exert yourself” saying so she waved her hand

“I won’t over exert myself. Since I have to meet you again.” saying so i waved back.

For now, from tomorrow I will adventure in the third floor.
And find the safety zone and teleport to the first floor.

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