“Ooi, over here!”


Media brought me over to her house in a forest few kilometers away from the city.

This is my first time out of the city, and I’m having fun looking at these animals I’ve never seen before.


“A good amount of monsters appear here, and guild even issues many subjection quests for the monsters here, so it is a perfect place for experimenting.”


“Monster is it………”


I’ve never encountered one before, so I can’t imagine what it looks like, but won’t it be a bit dangerous around here then.


“It’s fine; I’m here with you.”

“I feel better when you say that but…..”


“—Shi! Quiet!”


Media placed her hand on my lips before I could finish my sentence.

In the direction she pointed toward, it was present there.




An ox is walking with two feets and carrying a large stone ax.

Similar to the ax, their body is also really huge.

“Isn’t that a bit too big for a starter?”


“It’s a minotaur living around here. An axe which grows larger by blood essence from the living things, and it is already quite grown so it must be relatively powerful.”


Don’t say such a scary thing this lightly.

And is it fine such a dangerous thing living around the human village?


“Ma, if it ever gets near the town than Guild’s people will just easily subjugate them into minced meat. It may be powerful but, nothing can beat numbers. Ten high-level adventurer and they are over.”


It really is scary talk.

So it is strong as an individual.

Will I be okay if I challenge it?


“If you ever get in danger then I will defeat it. So don’t worry and shoot your magic to your hearts content. I even casted a barrier around here; it took me a whole day to do it.”


Media knocked on the floor lightly, next moment, a transparent wall like thing appeared surrounding the place.


“With this you don’t have to worry about any unnecessary disturbance plus you can even use a bit destructive magic, and it won’t leave a scratch to the outside world.”

“Oo, fo real.”


“AA, You can use the magic to your hearts content, Kouta-kun!! Anything is fine, and if you shoot your strongest magic, then I can easily see through your grimoire’s characteristics!”



I see, I am allowed to use my most powerful spell.


We even have insurance, on what if.

When you say it like that, then I might as well as use my strongest spell.


I opened my grimoire and checked the inside.

I should first check on my today’s Login Bonus.


“—-Tte, isn’t this overlapped with the one from before? ”


The bonus magic for the fifth day was Maximum Flare.

It perfectly added the shots to the first-day login bonus.


Five was added to the first 30x.

I can use it for 35 shots.


“Naa, Soulas. There are many different types of magic right?”

“Hai, including the derivative ones then it can be counted to over a thousand.”

I see.

Even with that I overlapped, what does this even mean.

I’m really unlucky.


“Ev, even if you say that, I can’t do anything about it–”


It really depends on the luck for this bonus.

Oh well, I might as well as be happy since my bullet increased.


“AA, If I can really shoot anything then, I will go all out from the beginning.”


I can finally shoot the magic I was scarred to use all this time.


“Then, I will do it.”


I held my arm toward Minotauros.

When I concentrated my consciousness surrounding air started to vibrate.


Noticing such an abnormal situation, Minotauros looks at our side. And feeling scared they tried to run away.


—But it’s too late.


“Highest Tier, Magic…….”


“Eh? Highest…?…Wa, it…..!”


「《Maximum Flare》!!」


Next instant, a swirl mixed with lightning, flame and explosion, instantly erased the existence of Minotaurs. And,




The blast not only destroyed the barrier, but it also burned the surrounding into a crisp.


Because of《Maximum Flare》’s recoil, we fell back.


We stood up and looked at the scene.




One word to describe it would be Flame hell’s painting.


There are only ashes left inside the barrier.

Outside of the barrier is no better, most of the surrounding trees are burned and are left with ashes, and there are several indication of monster’s annihilation.


“This is quite a sight.”


It’s not the time to be impressed.

This is terrible.


“…..Oi, Soulas. Can’t you at least lower its power? This world’s magic really got too much firepower.”


Even the beginner magic was really destructive, and when it comes to Highest tier its firepower really cannot be joked.

It was a suicidal attack.


“Iyaa, You can’t blame me-. It’s not my fault that magics are generally really hard to master!”

“I’m mastering it with no problem, so I am being troubled with it!”


And, it took away quite a lot of my stamina.

What’s this magic, I’m already exhausted.


—–With a single bullet only and this happened.


I won’t be able to finish my remaining 34 bullets.

Feeling like this I was glaring angrily at Soulas,


“He, Heeeeen, My barrier-!”


Media started crying while clinging to me.

She must’ve had been entangled by the blast, so she is covered with ashes.

Maa, other than that she is fine, so it’s all good and all but,


“I didn’t hear that you are going to use such a strong magic aaaaaa.”


Oi. You were acting old and saying you were sage or something, where did that Media go.


“Ba, Barrier I created with much difficulty….Even took a whole day…..”

“Aa…., but, somehow,  I’m sorry?”


“This Barrier can endure till middle-high tier magic but. You skipped the high and higher and used the highest magic, how can it take such……. ”

She is feeling down and crying.


You told me to use the strongest, so I just shot it.

I think I over did it.


“A, right Kouta-san. I forgot to tell you. In Highest tier magic there are the even lightning type, Ice type etc…”


“For real.”

“If you ever master it please be careful on the usage at that time.”


Unn, Maa, If I somehow master it I will probably ban the use.
And this is how I learned more about my Grimoire.


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