Sorry guys my slow updates are all due to studying for Exam so plz endure it till june 9th and I will go all out!!! So stay tuned!

And while I was translating the novel I though I might as well as change the theme so you can leave a comment on if you like it or not.

I changed the theme since I wanted to add a chat so that any question can be answered by me and all the readers.

Without further ado Chapter 5


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  • please, use a light theme…

    Thanks for the chapter

  • aristo999999999

    Emm I think your new theme may need specific css for mobile device.

  • Change left side bar to Right side 🙂

  • Monti

    Sorry for question, but when lv2?

    • When I properly get the email back from Aori translation if not when the loner dungeon ends

      • Monti


  • nero raregroove

    Dunno about pc, but for mobile its a bit troublesome to read , need to zoom in first but no real problem if you like this theme no one will object it *maybe

  • Jin

    Excuse me, but when is Vending Machine updating? It’s been a while…

    • Fluffy-Bunny

      It has been drop and has been pick by someone else.
      i’ve seen the next 2 chapters on an other site… don’t know if i can post link here….

  • Aoi Toori

    Please, use a light theme and change left side bar to right side!

    • Aoi Toori

      PS. Old theme was better.

  • Fluffy-Bunny

    About the theme, i did not like it at first but after some time i got used to it.
    FYI : Seen from a computer.
    Thanks for the update!

  • gippett0

    Thanks for the chapter! can’t say anything on the theme don’t remember the last one i don’t pay much attention to them but I wanted to say GOOD LUCK on your exams!!!

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