Chapter 9 Subjugation Unit (Sponsored Chapter)


The nest/settlement of『Frog-men』was 1 hour to the south of the lakeshore I was in.


So that’s why so many『Frog-men』came to investigate. If I made a mistake choosing my

『Divine Gift』I would’ve been scrap. Good thing I didn’t choose a fighting-type『Divine Gift』. Even if I did, I wouldn’t be able to use it with this vending machine body.



–“Thank you.”

–“Please come again.”


I don’t even have time to think since the business here is a great success. I’ve been saying thank you non-stop.


During lunch,『Hunters』brought their own rations, or used the ingredients from the Transportation squadron, but thanks to Ramis, many people began to gather towards me and buy stuff.


“This pasta dish is so delicious!” (Hunter)


Yup, for this trip I bought a new function for 1000 points. Lately, it’s been really cold from morning to night, so I bought a water boiling function and stocked up on 4 different kinds of cup ramen. Kitsune udon, soy sauce ramen, pork ramen, and salt ramen. This way, they can find something they like.


Of course this is another world, so no one knows how ramen works. Therefore, I chose brands that only required adding boiling water. Also, this item has a picture on the lid explaining how to make it, so Ramis and Munina understood quickly.


“When I transform into cup ramen mode, half of the display will be used for the function, and the number of places where I can put drinks decreases so that’s one negative aspect. [ED: I guess some of the glass gets taken up by a boiling water dispenser?] But, I can transform back and forth freely if any customer wants drinks or other products.


Today was especially cold, and when they saw Ramis eating ramen with delight, more people started to buy from me. Currently I’m having a great sale. I set the price of ramen to 2 silver. [ED: That’s 20 USD lol. For god damn cup ramen.] I also provided forks with the cup ramen.


“Kuhaa, my whole body is getting warmed up.” (Nameless Hunter)


“This big brownish one has a really strong flavour and it taste’s so good!” (Insignificant Hunter)


“Your’s looks good, let me trade a bite.” (even more insignificant Hunter)


The『Hunters』are eating while commenting on their food. Before I knew it, 40 cup ramens and tons of drinks were sold. As expected from a job requiring a lot of energy, many of them ate more than 2.


It takes 2 days to reach the enemy’s camp, and they packed more than enough food but

『Hunters』usually don’t want complex food and prefer easy and quick food. This is one of the reasons I was able to have such a great sale.


Of course I must also give thanks to the developers of cup ramen. When I see these high quality foods I feel really grateful for being born in Japan.


If it keeps up like this for the rest of the expedition, I’m going to earn heaps of money. I was thinking of pricing the cup ramen at 3 silver but I didn’t want to demoralize them, and subjugating the『Frog-men』is more important. So as to motivate them and cheer them on I decided to keep the price a little low. [ED: …]


We are all the way at the back, so we’ve never had to fight, but sometimes I can hear the battle between the『Hunters』and the『Frog-men』. Overall, it’s been peaceful.


While we’re on the move no one buys anything, so I take the opportunity to look the functions again and develop a strategy to earn more.


Here is my status right now:


『Vending Machine』Hakkon

Endurance: 100/100

Defence: 10

Strength: 0

Agility: 0

Dexterity: 0

Mana: 0

PT 3600

Mineral Water (Cold) 1000¥ /1 silver (130)

Milk-Tea (Cold) (Warm) 1000¥ /1 silver (124)

Lemon-Tea (Cold) (Warm) 1000¥ /1 silver (65)

Sports Drink (Cold) 1000¥ /1 silver (78)

Orange Juice(Cold) 1000¥ /1 silver (65)

Oden Can(Warm) 3000¥ / 3 silver (56)

Corn Soup (Warm) 1000¥ / 1 silver (119)

Potato Snack (Room Temperature) 1000¥ / 1 silver) (136)

Cup Ramen: Kitsune Udon (Room Temperature)2000¥ / 2 silver (85)

Cup Ramen: Pork Ramen (Room Temperature) 2000¥ / 2 silver (92)

Cup Ramen: Soy Sauce Ramen (Room Temperature)2000¥ / 2 silver (88)

Cup Ramen: Salty Ramen (Room Temperature) 2000¥ / 2 silver (89)

<Functions> 『Refrigeration』『Heat Insulation』

『Boil Water (Cup Ramen Mode)』

<Divine Gifts>『Barrier』


[DE: STATUS 3.0! The line dividers are being really stubborn on the website, but hopefully this works. The default spacing is really large on the website, so the status seems a bit weird. Just trust me when I say it looks better in my text editor. I may or may not go back and hotfix the earlier tables. I did. Year of Quality.]


The amount of words being displayed is way too much. [ED: this] I should check and see if I can display specific categories only. While I’m in the subjugation unit I should be prepared switch to cup ramen mode at any moment, and for drinks I will place one of each in the display.


But, it really seems like magic when I change modes with the function. Maybe there’s a function to change color, design, or even form… yup, there was~!


Houhou, I can change my color to anything I want. I can even add new designs and customize the buttons- oh! I can even add an electronic screen. It really has a large amount of options.


Changing colors doesn’t cost many points, but changing shape or adding an electronic screen costs quite a bit. When I have points to spare I might buy one. While looking through the list of functions to buy, time passed really quickly and it was already night.


“We’re going to camp out here tonight, prepare for the night watch!” (Guildmaster)


This suave voice, it can’t be anyone else but the guildmaster. I had forgotten he also joined the subjugation unit. From what I heard he used to be a really strong『Hunter』, and he’s a rank higher compared to the other『Hunters』here.


There’s a group of『Hunters』setting up camp, but most of them are sitting around the fireplace. I guess those people will sleep in sleeping bags. I was curios as to what Ramis was going to do, so I turned my gaze towards her, and she was smiling happily beside me.


She looks really unprepared but she’s still a former『Hunter』so she should have something right? Now that I think about it, she didn’t bring anything since she was carrying me. Is she really going to be alright?


Even though I’m worried she seems carefree and is right now just trying to decide what she’s going to buy. Other people are eating slightly luxurious food since tomorrow is the day of the battle.


Most of them bought their favorite drinks but they didn’t buy the cup ramen or any of the food products. I guess they don’t  want to eat too much so that it is easier to move.


“I like the one with the skewers, but I wish there was a skewer for this egg only.” (Ramis)


Ramis likes eggs, huh. Eggs are really expensive so if I changed it to all eggs the costs would go up.


Tonight, Ramis’s dinner is kitsune udon, an oden can, and milk-tea. I don’t know if it’s really nutritious or just plain bad. [ED: I guess because there’s a bunch of random shit he can’t tell if it’s really healthy or really stupid?]


“Are you free right now?” (Guildmaster)


I saw a huge figure behind Ramis, it must be the guildmaster. I didn’t notice his presence even though he’s so close. I guess they weren’t lying when they said he was a really strong『Hunter』.


“Is the guildmaster also going to buy something?” (Ramis)


“I guess. I might buy the yellow sup later on. But, I’m here to talk about tomorrow. The enemy’s nest is around 3 hours from here. This place is hidden bu many trees and bushes, so it will be safe to stay here.” (Guildmaster)


“I want you guys to choose whether you are coming or not. If you are staying here some stray

『Frog-men』might come and attack. I will be sure to keep the guards with you guys, but we can’t guarantee you safety.” (Guildmaster)


If we go with them we are sure to be caught up in the battle, but there will be 30 veteran『Hunters』, and I heard their chance of losing is zero. Truth be told I don’t know how dangerous『Frog-men』are so I don’t know which choice is correct.


This is a tough one. I’m not sure how to answer. I don’t feel pain, and I can take 2-3 hits without a problem. Even if I get damaged I can just fix myself with points.


I don’t really mind so it depends on Ramis. She looks like she’s really eager to battle. I guess there’s only one choice then.


–“Too bad.” [No]


“Eh, you want to fight?” (Ramis)


–”Welcome.” [Yes]


“Un, I understand. Guildmaster, we are going to fight!” (Ramis)


I will protect her at all costs. I may not have arms or legs, but I have『Barrier』, so I can at least protect. My first customer and friend in this world. I wouldn’t mind spending tons of points to protect her. For this purpose I must sell items and earn more and more points.


Come,『Hunters』! Get addicted to my products!


[ED: I said I was going to do 3 but I ran out of kradness and I’m really tired so I’m just going to stop here. I’ll do more tomorrow afternoon.]


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