Chapter 8 The drafting order

“HaaaaaAAAAA!? Drafting order!?”

It happened in the morning today.

Adam and the guys who lost their place to live because of the fire burning their orphanage to ground moved to the town in the south which weren’t affected by the catastrophe. Of course, there had been no guest ever visiting the old abandoned factory till today.

“Miana! A guest is here!”

Hearing the voice Miana’s shoulder trembled. Thinking that maybe it was someone from her ‘job’, she dashed to the door.

“wh, what is the busi……”

A huge man who wore a black army outfit raised his well-built arm and saluted toward Miana. Toward the sudden turn of event Miana stood still dumbfounded, and Boom who saw the man while he was behind Miana showed a scared expression.

“It’s the POPOOOOOOOO!!”
[Tl: Popo is police]

The people inside the room went crazy, after hearing the word from Boom. Adam who was laying on the sofa and Yakudo who was drinking coffee while holding stolen newspaper in other hand started running in every direction. As the two had their leg already out the window, very ready to escape. Seeing their clumsy act of evacuation Miana snickered in amusement.

“It’s fine they are military men”

“Thank you very much for your cooperation”

The man saluted again and took out a white envelope from his breast pocket.

“No good Miana! It must be a trap! Most likely he is sent by the police to capture us and is disguised as the military man to lure us out!”

It’s ok because he is not a police but, if he was actually is what he said then he just did quite a bold confession. Miana thought quietly in her mind.

“You guys must be from….SEARD right?”
“Yes, We are from SEARED second unit. The reason for our sudden intrusion is, we heard that Adam Alida-sama, Yakudo Kãman-sama, and Boom Kãman-sama turned seventeen this year. ”

Miana turned around to check their latest reaction.
And the three was no longer in sight.

Chapter 7                                                                                                                                          Chapter 9

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  • Lol. Damn draft dodgers.

  • why do I feel like, even if the plot is moving, there’ll be no plot armor for adam?

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