Chapter 7: The everyday life of a Vending Machine


My daily schedule is like this:

In the morning, I start my day in front of the inn. I don’t really need to sleep but I learned how to enter “sleep mode”, which decreases the constant depletion of points. I don’t feel tired if I neglect sleeping, but if I do sleep then when I wake up it feels refreshing.


“Morning, Hakkon.” (Ramis)


Even though it’s morning, her voice is loud and energetic. Right now, her inn employee clothes look good. Also, my name seems to be Hakkon now. The one who named me is, of course, Ramis. That Munina from the inn called me a box (hako in Japanese) and Ramis thought it sounded cute so she started calling me Hakkon.


I didn’t think her naming sense was good, but when I saw her excited face I couldn’t help but saying


–”Welcome.” [Yes]


“Let’s work hard today too!” (Ramis)


–“Welcome.” [Yes]


While cleaning my body with a rag, she talks to me as usual. I think her working in a peaceful place like an inn suits her more but I guess she has her own reasons for working as a

『Hunter』. To convey my feelings of wanting together, I drop her one of the sports drinks.


“Is it okay for me to have it again?” (Ramis)


–”Welcome.” [Yes]


“Thank you!” (Ramis)


When I see her drinking and looking happy like that it really warms my cold, machine heart. These days I’ve been learning more about the vending machine’s systems, and now I can give out free drinks.


My body which was washed earlier this morning is now shining in the morning light. I should work hard on my sales today too. Soon after the loli went back into the inn, more of my regulars appeared.




“Hai, mornin’. I can’t start my day without drinking this soup.” (Regular A)


“Granny, me too! I love the sweet tea so much that without it I don’t feel any motivation to work.” (Regular B)


“No, no, for the morning it’s gotta be water. A drink right after you wake is best.” (Regular C)


An old-ass couple and some skinny looking boy are all talking to each other. The old couple both work as retired 『Hunters』and teach new 『Hunters』the ropes. There’re rumours that that couple used to be amazing 『Hunters』. About that twig boy, he always comes to the inn for lunch. I heard from Ramis that he has a crush on Munina.


–“Thank you. Please come again.”


I thank them always, then watched as they walked off. Immediately after, 4 strong looking men showed up.


“Fuu, I’m finally done with the night watch. What should I pick today?” (?)




My number one customer Karios and his group showed up. These people work as gatekeepers for the settlements and are in charge of maintaining the safety of the people. They usually come around this time. Like usual, they bought drinks and potato snacks. After their group, I always have a bit of free time. By the way, I don’t sell the oden cans while I’m in front of the inn. I don’t want to disturb their sales, after all.


From this point on the number of customers continue to decrease. The price is kinda high so the number of people who can buy every day is low, and most customers only buy things 2-3 times a week.


It was a bit before lunch, when a bunch of people wearing heavy armour showed up from the direction of the『Hunter’s Guild』.


“Today, we can return without needing to stay overnight, but don’t forget to purchase a drink.  If you have extra money it’s also good to get a can with lots of ingredients and that snack with the red wrapper.” (Hunter A)


“Eeto, how do I buy things from here?” (Hunter B)


“You don’t know? Here, let me teach you.” (Hunter A)


A person who appeared to be their leader with his black armor and long beard explained how to buy things while looking proud. If I remember correctly he came here 4 days ago. He chose a time when no one was around and bought a huge amount of items. Maybe he was practicing how to use the machine then? His fierce looking face was starting to look kinda cute so it felt off.


The trash from the vending machine disappears after the product is used, so it’s popular among『Hunters』that go out hunting or searching. For female『Hunters』, the tea seems to be popular. Recently, I stocked up on lemon tea and milk-tea, and I heard there were factions fighting over them.


I also added coffee but it seems unpopular. But, there is a small group of people who buy it every day so I didn’t remove it, but maybe I should change it to cafe ole.

[TL: Cafe ole, is a milk coffee]


Around this time, there are some『Hunters』that are just waking up so I put the oden can up.


After my rush hour ended, I caught sight of something small moving, I definitely didn’t miss it. Damn, that brat actually came again. Every day around this time a girl comes by. She has brown hair done in twin tails; no matter how you look at it she’s just a cheeky brat. She can’t be more than 10 years old.


She wears clothes that look much more expensive compared to the other people living in this settlement, a typical spoiled ojou-chan.


I don’t think it’s safe for a little girl to be wandering around alone in a place that only has a wooden gate to guard it against monsters. She’s the daughter of the wealthiest rock architecture merchant here. I noticed a while ago, but, even though she looks like she’s travelling alone there are guards following her secretly. Well, the only reason I know that is because the guard talking here bought milk-tea while complaining about his job.


“Haa, Suori-sama’s tomboyish acts are giving us a hard time. If only she acted just a little bit more like a lady, our work would be easier.” (Guard)


I felt a lot of pity for the black clothes man, but right now I want to tell them, discipline this brat properly! This Suori girl is way beyond just being a tomboy.


When she first saw me, she had a look of curiosity on her face so I said “Welcome”, and she jumped and ran away really quickly. At that time I thought her reaction was cute but right now I want to punch myself for thinking that.


The problems started the day after that. At first, she was just observing me from afar, now, I don’t know what the hell she was thinking but she suddenly threw a rock at me. A rock thrown by a powerless little girl like her didn’t hurt, but it pissed me off. I let it go since she was just a child, but she came again the next day.


That time she came while carrying a bag. I thought maybe, this time, she had come to buy something, but no, she started packing rocks in her bag. This time, she went over the line so I said as loud as I could


–“Please pay the balance by inserting coins.”


When I shouted at her she was really close, so she got scared and dropped to the floor.


“Im-impudent! D-do you kn-, do you know fu ai amiya?” (Suori)


There was a lot of weird slurring but it seemed like she was really angry. After that, the black clothes man jumped out and picked her up. While she was being carried off, she was shouting “Destroy him!” or something. As you can see, it only got worse as the days went by.


She must have a lot of pride, and couldn’t forgive me for surprising her. She started pestering me with stupid but dangerous things. She tried to throw something like paint but I scared her by speaking again so the paint only got on herself. Then, she tried to hit me with a stick, but she fell down and started crying. She never actually did anything, but at the same time, it’s not like I can just laugh and let her off easy.


And now I’m being cautious as to what she’s planning this time but… ara? She is looking down and walking sadly. It’s obvious that she’s crestfallen. If she were acting then she would deserve an Oscar, but she’s stupid so I don’t think she could pull it off. Nn, she didn’t do anything criminal-like and was just standing there doing nothing. When she raised her head I saw she had some tears in her eyes that were about to fall. Did something happen with her family?


When an annoying brat who was always happy suddenly becomes this sad, even I wouldn’t do something bad, otherwise, I couldn’t call myself a human anymore. Oh, wait. Well, at least as an adult I should do something for her.


I looked through the items and searched for a drink a kid might like. I guess orange juice will do.

Ora yotto, I dropped the orange juice for free. FOR FREE! Haha, I’m such a responsible adult.

[ED: I think Ora yotto means something similar to “Here we go!”]


“Eh, what was that sound?” (Suori)




Today is the house, but next time, please pay alright?


“I can take it?” (Suori)


Holding the orange juice and looking surprised like that, at least her face is cute. Wait, I’m not a lolicon, alright?


“Ah, um, thanks.” (Suori)


— “Please come again.”


The circumstances might be strange, but I wish these peaceful days would just continue. I truly wish that from the bottom of my heart.



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