“Landlady. I’’m home!” (Ramis)


Ramis rushed into the room bursting with energy. There was a well-built woman holding a broom, but her jaw dropped once she spotted us.


“You- you were alright! I was really worried you know? Haa, you’re not undead right? You’re really breathing right?” (Landlady)


“I’m fine, I’m fine. Some stuff happened and I was somehow able to make it back.” (Ramis)


Ramis explained this to the landlady, who was touching every inch her body to make sure she was okay. I’m not sure if the people in this town are just kind or if Ramis is naturally loveable, but it’s clear she’s not being treated poorly by the people here.


“The teammates you were working with came back looking all injured, they were saying stupid things like how you had died. But, I never believed them and scolded them for saying such things!” (Landlady)


“I must’ve worried Munina also. I should apologize to her later—-” (Ramis)


“Aaaaaaaaaaah! Ramiiiii!” (?)


Ramis turned her attention towards the young girl that was coming down the stairs. She was carrying a basket full of clothes for washing. Her red hair was in braids and she had a triangular napkin on her waist. Her clothes are most likely an inn costume since she is wearing similar clothes to the landlady’s, a dull gray apron skirt.


She’s not the beautiful type, rather, she’s more like a dull maid with sharp eyes. She ran straight into Ramis and with great force tackl-… hugs her.


“Eh, you’re alive! You’re not undead right?!” (?)


“Mu- Munina, I’m alive, I’m definitely alive!” (Ramis)


So she is Munina, the landlady’s daughter. They’re definitely family, they both said the same thing. She’s shaking Ramis up and down so hard her head is about to fall off. You should probably stop…


“Geeez, do you know how much you made us worry? Those guys Rami went with had the nerve to come back after abandoning you, so I spread rumours about them to make sure they’ll never be able to get a job again. Fufufufu” (Munina)


Ahh, her smile’s really scary. So she’s the type of person that gets like ‘that’ if you anger her.


“So that’s why they ran away from here…” (Landlady)


The landlady is sighed.


“What’s that heavy thing by the entrance?” (Landlady)


“Aa, I found this boy in the 『Lakeshore』” (Ramis)


“Rami, did you pick up something weird again? Last time you brought a Frogman’s baby, it cause quite an uproar, remember?” (Munina)


“N, nn. Bu- but this time is different, okay? This boy helped me out. He’s really useful, you know?” (Ramis)


The looked at her with great suspicion. Even though she’s a little scared she still talked about our meeting and my abilities.


“I think I understand but… Rami, how will you pay for the 『Teleportation Circle』 [ED: Originally Magic Teleportation Circle, but it didn’t flow well so I changed it.] to transport you the Surface to meet Ermin? Do you even have enough money for an inn? You also seem to have lost your bags.” (Munina)


“Ah, Yes. I don’t have anything…. I can’t do anything about it” (Ramis)


Reminded of her painful situation, Ramis lost all her strength and buried her face in her thigh, emitting an extremely depressing aura.


…Most of her savings are in my body. The words that stood out to me during their conversation were 『Teleportation Circle』, surface, and dungeon.


So, this place is a dungeon and to return to the surface you need to pay money and use a 『Teleportation Circle』. And Ramis is broke.




But, inside a dungeon, huh. It doesn’t feel real, but, i’m a vending machine, so it’s already useless worrying about things like reality or common sense. I just need to accept things the way they are.


I want to enter their conversation but all I can say is “Welcome.”, “Thank you very much.”, etc. [ED: He actually listed all of them but it seemed really lengthy for a stray thought. Maybe it flows better in Japanese or something.] While I was thinking things like this, the conversation began to come to an end.


“Hu, I guess there’s no choice. Rami, you work here in the inn for a while. Put that box thingy outside, it’ll attract customers while selling its items, so it’s a win-win.” (Landlady)


Oh, just how I want it.


–“Welcome.” [Yes]


“Uwah, he really talks. Then, please work hard attracting customer.” (Landlady)


“Ah, but, the entrance guards said they wanted me to bring him around sometimes.” (Ramis)


“That’s fine.” (Landlady)


“Ha~i” (Ramis)

[ED: That means yes, in case you didn’t know.]


That is how I came to live in the settlement.


There are around 100 people here but the number varies a lot. The only permanent residents are the people selling items to 『Hunters』. The 『Hunters』 job is to subjugate monsters, gather materials, or act as escorts. There is also a 『Hunter’s Guild Branch』 here, and they provide requests for the 『Hunters』.


The place I’m currently in is the dungeon floor known as the 『Clear Stream Lakeshore』. Even though this is the inside of a dungeon there’s a sky… I have to admit, this place is really amazing. 


On this Floor, it takes 3 weeks to travel from one bridge to another. The living things around here are mostly just the Frogmen and some fish. There were some others that were mentioned but I don’t really know the details. I got the information from Ramis, who talks to me daily, and by eavesdropping on the customers in the inn. And also by…


“…and so I said, ‘My job is to protect this place from the criminals.’” (Karios)


This entrance guard seriously has too much free time on his hands.


–“Welcome.” [Yes]


“Lately, the Frogmen have been really active so there’s a lot of injuries. They might form a huge subjugation team soon.” (Karios)


–“Welcome.” [Yes]


I only need to say something to show I’m listening so it’s really easy work. But, a subjugation team huh… That must be why I’ve been seeing a lot of new 『Hunters』 this week.


“I’m a little thirsty, but I’m getting tired of all the drinks here.” (Karios)


Of course you would get tired if you bought it 5 times a day! I guess it is time to add a new item though. I’ve amassed quite the number of points. Thanks to my unique and excellent taste, people have buying a ton of my food.


『Vending Machine』

『Mineral Water』(Cold) 1000¥ / 1 silver  (130)

『Milk-Tea』(Cold) 1000¥ / 1 silver  (24)

『Corn Soup』(Hot) 1000¥ / 1 silver  (19)

『Potato Snack』(Warm) 1000¥ / 1 silver  (36)

PT 3253

<Functions> 『Refrigeration』『Heat insulation』

<Divine Gifts> 『Barrier』


[ED: Behold! The fruits of my labor! Status window 2.0 !!! If i have time I’ll add it to the earlier chapters.] [ED: I did so it’s probably not new or impressive to you anymore…]


I’ve earned 3000 points even if you count the daily restocking costs. I’ve been hesitant to spend them since I might need them for an emergency, and I also want to try getting new functions too. Most of the functions I want cost 1000 so it’s really pricy, but if I just add one then there shouldn’t be a problem.


Ah, is it okay to add different types of items to the store? For example, if I add the hot water function for cup ramen then my body will transform. I’m worried it might affect the other items… but then again I’m a vending machine that can use 『Barrier』, add new functions, and I have a will of my own, so I guess I don’t need to worry about something like that?


U, unn, I’ve been thinking about what the customers want. The entrance guards Karios and Golsu are my number one regulars. What were they asking for again? They said something about a food that was heavy and filling. If that’s that case, Oden would do, but I’m not sure they would know how to open the lid. And I can’t really explain it to them either.


Maybe I should just… No, wait, this is perfect! I just remembered something. First, I specified the brand then paid 30 points for the Oden Can (100). [ED: Parentheses indicates stock.]


“Hoh, I suspected there would be a new item when you started shining, but… 3000. That’s 3 silver isn’t it?! But I can’t just miss out on the opportunity to try a new item!” (Karios)


I know exactly how you feel! The supernatural charm of a new item is scary right~? Plus, when the picture of the hot delicious meal is shown, how can you not get hungry?! Actually, now that I think about it, they can read the numbers but not the words? Well, if I’m asking that then I would need to ask why I can understand what they’re saying in the first place, so let’s just say it’s magic and not think too hard.


You can earn money in dungeons but there’s high risk. However, that means there’s high reward as well. In other words the economy down here is booming, which is one of the reasons merchants like to do business here. In addition, they have the opportunity to buy rare stock obtained from the dungeons.


Therefore, there is plenty of money to go around in the settlement filled with danger, which is why those entrance guards can afford to buy my super expensive items. If I tried to sell at these prices on the surface, my business wouldn’t be doing as well.


“Hou, it’s hot. Hey, how the heck do you open this?” (Karios)


I knew it, here comes the hard part. But look properly at the can, okay? Karios and Golsu both have a strong attention to detail, so I trust they’ll be able to do it. Karios was moving the cup up and down while looking at it. Golsu also seemed interested so he glanced towards Karios several times. A little while later, they both managed to notice it.


“Un? There’s a drawing here. Oh, so this is how you open it!” (Karios)


Indeed, this machine has instructions for those who don’t know how to eat oden. This was sold at an electronics store [ED: Original was “electric store” but I couldn’t find what that meant so I just assumed it meant electronics store.] where it became popular with foreigners. Even if you don’t understand the language you can understand it by looking at this well-designed drawing.


“Eeto, just flick this, pull that, and then… Oh, it smells so nice. Then, finally, push this part and- it opened, it opened~!” (Karios)


Nice job. From here on I can provide those two with these kinds of cans. Now, the types of items I can sell has increased. Those two will spread news of this item so I need to be ready for it.


Karios took out the Oden which is on a stick. There’s an egg, a chikuwa, and Konjak, the golden trio stick!

[ED: Originally it said there was a golden trio stick in addition to the other things, but again, I found no mention of it so I just assumed the 3 items were collectively referred to as the golden trio stick.]

[TL: chikuwa is a Japanese tube-like food product made from ingredients such as fish surimi, salt, sugar, starch, monosodium glutamate and egg white.]

[ED again: Konjac is a jello-like thing made with a yam substitute instead of gelatin.]


“Hoaauau, crazy, this is dangerous. This might be my favorite one yet. The boiled egg is sort of unique but it also has a really strong taste, the moment I bite into it the flavour spreads through my mouth. Shit, this is bad~. I really wish I had alcohol to go with this.” (Karios)


After eating the egg he goes for the chikuwa.


“Kuuu- this one is also really food. I can’t stop. It’s my first time eating something of this texture. There’s a slight fish taste mixed in too. How did they make this? The next one… Oooooh, it has a guni-guni texture, not bad. Hahahah, this it too funny.” (Karios)

[ED: guni-guni is probably an onomatopoeia. I think he was referring to the konjac so maybe it means gummy texture? When I looked it up all I found was this LOL]


He seemed to have taken a liking to the Oden. He drank the remaining soup and looked really satisfied. He began to take out another 3 silver but before he could Golsu inserted his own money and bought the Oden.


“Y- you! I was about to buy that!” (Karios)


“I’m next” (Golsu)


This guy also loved it. It seems I can expect the Oden to go out of stock. And so, this is how Oden came to be famous in the 『Clear Steam Lakeshore』 dungeon. The cold weather also contributed my sales.



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