I dragged my half worn out body because of the recoil of the of the 《Maximum Flare》、I was somehow able to bring myself back to the room.

On the way, I met the head maid and I told her of my subjugation of Minotauros, she was really surprised, so it must’ve been a good result for a first campaign.

I received some damage but not to the point of inability to walk.

Oh well, I feel really grateful to Media who was crying all the way while helping me walk till my room.

“Gusu….It’s fine. Since I can only do things like this”
“Don’t sulk. I was in the wrong for breaking your barrier which took really long to cast.”

It seems it was really a truth that she took a whole day casting the barrier.

“I’m not sulking. It’s been a while since I saw such a bright soul so I thought I would try my best to judge but it was easily overwhelmed.”

Aa, she’s feeling really down.
She does not have the aura of an adult and became a normal Loli.

“I understand. Kouta-kun, your magic, and grimoire are way too special. Even thought you only mastered 4 magics, you can already use Highest tier magic. —But, your knowledge and stamina must be strengthened. ”

That was what I was also thinking.

I know it now that I’ve used Maximum Flare.

——-One mistake and it could become a suicide.

This time, we were only blasted away by the explosion but if I don’t improve my mastery than I feel it might be dangerous.

“If you want to gain experience like that then guild is a good place to do so. You can even earn some money too.”

“You mean Guild by that huge building inside the city”

While on the way out of the city, I saw an adventure who wore armour and swords entering and exiting the building.

“That one is an adventure guild. There is a separate guild for a magician. Both overseas the quests but if you want to gain more knowledge of the magic then Magic guild it is.”

“By quest, you mean hunting of the monster like we did before?”
“Umu, even a normal minotaurs subjugation can get you plenty of money”

I see. The subjugation of monster may be the best method of earning money with the magic.

But I won’t be able to do it for now.
Since I’m already like this after a single shot.

“You know what…. Shooting out a Highest tier magic, the one which takes you a hard work and dedication, and if you didn’t even feel a bit tired then for sure my heart will be broken that time. And I will acknowledge you as a monster.”

“O, Ou”

“Normally it’s not strange for a person to fall unconscious after shooting such magic…. You have a strong soul so you somehow were able to walk. ”

So that’s how it works.
My soul’s strength has a relationship between my fatigue after shooting out a magic.

“Oh well, it’s won’t differ since I’m still practicing my magic so I will wait a little more before going to the guild”

It won’t be funny if I hastily accepted the quest and killed myself with my own magic.
I should act carefully.

“If you ever feel a need for more knowledge on magic you can always ask me. I will always be living near your house.”
“Hee, Then, If I got some unknown magic then I should go ask you?”

“If it is within my knowledge then I will try best to teach you. But don’t come asking me about those Highest tier magic knowledge since I’m not sure about most of them.”

Media said so while looking afar.
She looked really sad but it is true that I lack the knowledge on magics so I am going to count on her for help.

“See you Kouta-kun, rest your body properly”

“Ou, thanks”

I who parted with the sage fell onto my bed.
I slept till next morning.

『Sixth Day Bonus. Skill : :【Increase Range】Aquired!』


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