Chapter 5: Fake rain

Straight out of the dark alley. An old abandoned factory was seen. Miana opened the abandoned factory’s door while wrapping her trembling body with her arm. The smell of rust and the creaking sound resonating from the door whispered to the darker side of Miana’s self.

“Is no one back yet?”

A sofa with its spring in sight. A blackened table. Rusted small kitchen. A tv that was stolen. A dim light from the moon reflecting through the smallest of window lightened the room. Turning on the light she placed the foodstuffs she bought onto the kitchen table.

“What’s with your depressing look?”

The sudden voice of a child surprised Miana as she jumped up in fright. Behind her stood a youthful kid wearing a green parker.

“Boom! From when were you there!?”

“More importantly what’s the dinner for today?”

For some reason, Miana felt relief as she showed the inside of the pot to Boom.

“Oo~~!…..what is that?”

“It’s tasty so it is fine! Oh well, kind of rare to see you aren’t together with Yakudo, where is he?”

“I was here the whole time”

Again Miana jumped in surprise. On top of the pipe that was naked to the sight existed a little boy who looked very similar to Boom and wore a blue parker.

“What do you mean by always, always like always?”

“It’s exactly as the word means, always. I was calculation my profit from today”

“If so you should really turn on the lights alright?”

Yakudo nodded grimly for some reason.

“So what kind of trouble did you stir today?”

Miana asked the two while trying to make it sound humorous as possible. Boom’s eyes sparkled as he started talking nonstop about what he stole or when he stole or who he stole from.

“And, you see, that guy said to us “I will kill you!”! But you see there is no way in the world can he beat us lol “

“How about you Miana?”


“Didn’t you have a part time job today?”

Miana nearly panicked thinking that her real job was exposed, because of how serious Yakudo’s face was.

“Nothing much, just as always the owner is so nosy and loud”

I laughed it off, but Yakudo’s facial expression didn’t change. Feeling awkward at the sudden silence I started to pour in the food on to the plates placed on the table. Boom took the first bite and soon after Yakudo held the spoon. For an instant, our eyes met.

“Where is Adam? Is he not here yet?”

“I’m sure he fought again?”

“He really doesn’t get bored doing that~”

It looks like it is about to rain. An Artificial one that is. The fake rain.

Chapter 4                                                                                                                             Chapter 6

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