“We are nearing the entrance of this floor. Please wait patiently for a bit more. That settlement is a large village, so you can get some rest once we reach it” (Ramis)


Floor? What does she mean by floor? Unless the sky is beneath some kind of roof, this is definitely outdoors.


I don’t really get it but I’m happy since there seems to be people here. I want them to buy all my items and get a ton of profit~.


We haven’t gotten attacked since we left our resting place, so I didn’t need to activate <Barrier> at all. The 『Frog-men』 are still just quietly observing and don’t attack. Their information network seems to be good.


Ramis does have her super strength, but her stamina is also something else. She’s been walking for 5 hours while carrying me. She really does have what it takes to be a hunter.


“Ah, I can see the settlement! Yes! I made it back alive!” (Ramis)


She lost hope when she was abandoned by her comrades, but was able to return thanks to me. It’s no wonder there are tears are welling up in her eyes.


I was carried all the way here like it was no big deal, but if it was anyone other than Ramis I probably would have died and gotten scavenged. She said she was lucky but I think I’m even luckier.


The wall looks like it was built manually out of wood, and it could be seen stretching towards the road. It had a height of 2 meters. [ED: 6.56 ft] This is turning out to be quite the settlement.


Standing In what looks to be the front gate, there were two muscular, bald men wearing dirty leather armor. I’m sure they can become fantastic pro wrestlers one day.


“Oh? If it isn’t Ramis. Thank god you’re alright, your friends came back looking half dead, so I was really worried!” (Pro Wrestler)


The man spoke with a wide smile that indicated he was happy for Ramis’s safe return. He had a scar that seemed to have been caused by a sword. Even though he looks really scary, I guess he has a kind and good personality.


“Yes, I was somehow able to survive! Karios-san, sorry for making you worried.” (Ramis)


After setting me on the ground, Ramis bowed toward them. She really has an adorable personality. The guard with the X scar on his forehead was staring at Ramis and the other guards were just talking to each other with narrowed eyes. They could almost be described as smiling, too.


“I’m glad you’re alright, but… what is that thing?” (Karios)


“Ah, this? I found it by the lakeshore. I think it’s some kind of magic item. When you insert money in it it dispenses items, isn’t this boy amazing?” (Ramis)


This boy. Ramis should be younger than me, but if I’m only counting the days in this world then I guess I’m closer to a newborn child.


“Hooo, this must be the experiment of some magic item researcher, or a treasure. But, I’ve never heard of something like this appearing in the 『Lakeshore』floor of 『Clear Stream』. And we’ve been gate guards for, what, 5 years Golsu?


“Aa” (Golsu)


So the skinhead with the sword scar is Karios, and the quiet one with the X scar is Golsu. Karios is probably the speaker for the two of them, since the other guy is way too quiet.


“If it’s an invention, am I not allowed to take it? (Ramis)


“Ma, I was just guessing. Plus, anything picked up in a dungeon belongs to the person who picked it up. It’s common sense in a dungeon.” (Karios)


Dungeon? Eh, you guys are saying stuff like Floor, so this place is a dungeon’s first floor….. Eh, there’s a sky too, you know? No matter how you look at it it doesn’t look like it’s underground. Seriously, what’s going on with this world.

“You said something about being able to buy items if we insert money, so can we buy anything right now?” (Karios)


“Yes, I think it’s alright. It’s alright, right?” (Ramis)


Ramis looked to my side and asked. The answer is already decided.


–“Welcome” [Yes]


“Ouh ah!? What was that? I just heard a man’s voice.” (Karios)


“Ahahaha. It’s alright Karios-san. It was this boy who replied, ya.” (Ramis)


–“Welcome” [Yes]


“F, for real? I never of heard of some talking magic item. Wouldn’t something like this be able to be sold at a high price….” (Karios)


“I, I won’t sell! This boy and I will go meet Ermin together!” (Ramis)


She spread her arms as if she was trying to shield me.


Uuuuuu, such a good girl. Even though it was for the sake of my precious points, I’m sorry for scamming you with high prices.


“Oh, that psycho Magic Item crafter Ermin? There was this time where she stayed in this settlement before. She’s got a crazy amount of knowledge so that’s a good idea.” (Karios)


What’s with his description, it’s making me worried. A crafter that was described as a psychopath even before her name can’t be any good. Somehow, I don’t want to meet her.


“I know right~. So, what did you guys want to buy?” (Ramis)


“Ou, since you’re the one persuading us it must be safe, but…1000 meaning one silver, it’s not cheap. Oh? This, how does this item work?” (Karios)


“Eeto, that one is a tasty water. And this one is a tea with milk inside. Theses two are really cold. And the one below this is a warm yellow soup. The last one is this red thingy, it tastes like a fried Zugiuma.” (Ramis)

[Tl: Zugiuma is not a Japanese, a made up word for the novel]


“So there are warm and cold items. Then, i’ll take the soup and the fried thing. What do you want Golsu?” (Karios)


“I will take the sweet milk.” (Golsu)


–“Please pay the balance by inserting coins.”


They were a bit surprised, but with the help of Ramis they both managed to insert their silver.


When they finished the transaction and received their items, I thanked them with


–“Please come again in the future.”


“Ahh, the soup is really warm.” (Karios)


“This one is quite cold.” (Golsu)


They both drank it in one go.


“What’s this! Oi oi, this taste is way too good.” (Karios)


“This one also is delicious.” (Golsu)


“How ‘bout this fried thingy….. Ooh, this is amazing, it’s kind of heavy but I can’t stop.” (Karios)

[ED: Heavy is probably describing some quality of the food, not the weight.]


“Give me some.” (Golsu)


Ramis looked really happy looking their exchange. She looks so happy she’s about to cry. If I had a face right now I’d probably be the same.


Karios was being stingy and didn’t give much of the potato snack to Golsu, so he ordered one for himself. After, when Karios saw Golsu drinking milk tea, he got curious so he also got one for himself. Both of them took a liking to the products so they ended up buying all the different items in the machine. Karios’s favorite was corn soup, while Golu’s was milk tea.


I made a profit of 9000 yen, 9 silver. This time, I’m grateful to my rich customers since my points have increased by 90.


“Iyaa, this is amazing. The quality was extremely high, and it even had different temperatures. Hey, can’t you leave it here? When we’re on watch, we can’t go that far. If you left this here it would really help us out.” (Karios)


“…True.” (Golsu)


Aa, I see. If I were to be placed here there would be proper customers so my income wouldn’t be that bad.


“Unn, should I do that? Buut, I don’t want to be separated from this boy….” (Ramis)


“If that’s the case, then you can just bring it around occasionally. If you did, I would definitely buy something. I’ll also tell others about it.” (Karios)


“Why not buy rope? It will be easier to carry.” (Golsu)


Oo, that’s a nice idea. Being carried by a beautiful girl ain’t bad but it would make it easier on Ramis.


“Ah, that’s not a bad idea. Would you like that too?” (Ramis)


–“Welcome” [Yes]


“Guess it’s ok then. Then, I will be coming here together with him sometime later.” (Ramis)


“Oh, do your best. With this, maybe being in the watch will be a little more fun.” (Karios)


“It would help us” (Golsu)


With this, I’m glad because it looks like I’ve gotten a stable income. Since points are everything for me. I want to quickly add new items and functions. Collecting points is the first and foremost important mission.


“Let’s go to my inn. You gotta move on with the thing before…”  (Ramis)

[ED: I have no idea what this means.]


Ou, I’m sorry. I bankrupted you. If I manage to make room for extra spending, I want to give her some income. I might as well check later when I’m bored.


Each camp is a shop or lodging area. People around the gate are looking at me with curious gazes.


“That’s the inn I was staying at.” (Ramis)


There stood a 2 story building made out of wood.


  • If he can figure out a way to share profits, then that would be best. She’s doing a lot for him after all. Plus, she won’t really be able to keep doing all this for him if she’s only losing money as a consequence.

  • I’m sure there’s a change return function.

  • this is awesome xD thanks for translating it 😀

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