Furio’s house’s grazing spot

A few days later.
The Death Horse Slape still stayed in the grazing field managed by Bily the archer.

Last night he sneaked out of the ranch and changed back to his original form as he left for his stronghold.

The subordinates were worried for him since there was no news from Slape but they soon felt relieved as they saw how energetic Slape was, so they congratulated his return with their words.

During the night he finished all the remaining business he had with the stronghold and he,

“I will be out for a while in this infiltration mission. I will be in touch with the telepathy so don’t worry about me”

Leaving his subordinates with these words, and left the stronghold.

Then, he came back to the ranch Bily the archer managed and changed his form back to that of a normal horse.

“Hello, Horses-san! Are you healthy today too?”

Toward Bily who showed a face filled with smile, Slape returned her embrace with a smile people gave to their grandchildren.

“It seems like the injuries are all healed. Will it be better for you to return back to the wild…”

After checking Slape’s body for any injury, Bily showed a slightly sad expression.

Seeing such an expression coming from Bily, Slape closed into her and rubbed her face with his nose then he licked her face. ( Tl note: Ahem all this is done by a HORSE so don’t get all sexual there)

“Hawawa!? By any chance, you want to stay together with me desuka~? ….If so will be so Happy desu~ “

Bily hugged the horse’s face and rubbed her cheeks with it.

“…if that is true then can I name you…..I thought it was inappropriate to do it if I was going to return you back to the wild”
Saying so Billy fell into her thought


“I think Slape would do”
They heard a female voice from the back.

“A, Mistress-sama! Slape…is it?”
“Right, I’m sure the horse would be very happy to be called by that name”
saying so the woman approached the couple.

…umu? She knows my real name? who is this?

Slape, feeling suspicious raised his head to look at the new silhouette, and then his eyes became round and froze.

“You see, I had this heroic horse warrior who I am a great friend with had the same name and…He was really heroic and…”

In front of him was a comrade who used to fight together in a war, Fanged Wolf Fenlys. (TL note: sorry I forgot the real name for the fanged wolf tribe. I’m reeeallly busy with rrl especially my EXAM, TESTS, SUMMATIVES, SAT, PSAT, MY GRADE)

As of now Lys became a wife of Furio, and seemingly realized the true appearance of the horse, showed a disgruntled expression as,
“…he wasn’t such a man to be all deredere(happy, like tsundere get it? no? then it basically means showing love)after his cheeks get rubbed by a little loli “
saying so Lys looked at Slape’s expression.
Slape who was seen through, looked at the side avoiding Lys’s eye contact.

…What are you doing here, and fallen to the point of selling your dignity by turning into a horse just so you could please a girl? Oldman Slape?
…I, I am a normal horse. You must be confused..right…confused…..hi, hihi~n
…Fuun…Oh well. I will let it go this time since Husband-sama allowed you so.
…I already told you, you have mistaken me for someone else…ba, but , I have to thank you for that.

“? Mistress, why are you glaring at horse-san?”

“No, it’s nothing”

Lys who was chatting with Slape using a telepathy turned around and smiled toward Bily then patted Slape twice.
And at the same time, Slape’s energy seemed to be drained out as he fell onto the floor.

“Hawawawa!? For some unknown reason, Slape is suddenly so tired desu~~!?”

In middle of confusion, Slape was called by his name Slape by Bily.

..Throne room for the demon lord

“Aa? Sensed a weird mana?”
Hearing Succubus Fufun’s report Demon lord Yuiguard scrunched his eyebrows and raised his voice.

In front of him, Fufun continued on reading the report written on the paper in front of her.

“It’s weak, however, the unknown mana was located in a place that is under the demon lord’s direct control. It is weak and maybe might be just another pool of mana that was naturally formed but, I thought I at least needed to report it….”

A pool of mana is a natural phenomenon that occurs frequently in the areas where demons reside and it happens after a certain amount of mana released from demons gather coincidentally at the same place.

“Even so, if you were to actually take your time reporting it means that the scale of this is quite big right?”

“As expected of Yuiguard-sama, sometimes your instinct is right on point”

“what the fuck do you mean by ’sometime’!”

Yuiguard’s right hand fell onto Fufun’s head.

The usual over the top Tsukkomi sank Fufun’s whole body inside the floor.

“For now, order someone to investigate this. Who is in charge of security of that area?”

“…it’s…in east so…..yes It’s under Death horse Slape’s command”

“Good, order him to quickly investigate the place. Understood”

Fufun listened to Yuiguard’s words whilst still sunk in the floor.

She who was still on the floor had cheeks that turned bright red.

…thi…this tsukkomi….as expected of Yuiguard-sama….please more….

It seems as though Fufun developed an M personality after being hit numerous times by Yuiguard.

…At certain place in a certain land…

“Blonde haired hero-samaa, this job is really easy right. We only have to put this brick-like rock on top of each other and creating a circle.”

“A~, true that. Work for my part too and get it over with”

“Hi~n, I know it yoo…..a, now that I think about it do you know about this?”


“That this place is actually a Demon race’s territory. I heard others making rumors with each other”

“Fumu, maybe that explains why there is such a high price? Won’t this fit the mysterious piece together”

“Aa! I see! Allure now understood. As expected of Blonde Haired Hero sama desu~”

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