“Fuaah, I really slept well~. Good thing no monsters appeared.” (Girl)


The loli had just woken up and was patting her breasts with a sigh. Even though she’s kind of short she still has these big breasts. The leather armor restrains them somewhat but if you view them from below you can see that their shape is quite nice, with a deep valley in between.


“I lost quite a bit of money. Still, I was able to feed myself well, so, thank you very much.” (Girl)


The loli bowed towards the vending machine. What a nice girl. Really, I am the one who should be thankful to you. Thanks to her patronage I was able to extend my life, after all.


–“Thank you.”


Man, it’s a good that this pre-recorded voice comes with the vending machine. I was able to properly thank her.


“Eh, ah, yes. No problem. But, eeto, you can talk?” (Girl)


I want to respond, but I can’t think of any suitable audio. Isn’t there some way for me to get my feelings across?


“Eeto, could it be that you can only say specific things? One of my friends researches magic items, her name’s Ermin. Aah, I forgot to introduce myself. I’m called Ramis.” (Ramis)


Fumufumu. I must commit it to memory. My very first customer was Ramis. Yohsi, I won’t forget it.


“One of Ermin’s inventions is a machine that captures and releases voices. She thinks it might be useful in automatic advertisements. Perhaps, you are also like that? If i’m right, please say something, as that would make me really happy.” (Ramis)


Oh! A chance for me to communicate has come! Surprisingly, she has really good instincts. That was a pleasant miscalculation on my part.


–“Welcome.” [Yes]


“Uwah, you can understand! If Ermin saw this she would be really surprised. Ah, then if you like, you can substitute ‘Yes’ with ‘Welcome’. And, also, you can say something else for ‘no’ too.”(Ramis)


Amazing. It’s an amazing idea. If I can say “yes” or “no”, then I’m already at a level where I can communicate with her. Of course I’ll take her up on her offer!


–”Too bad.” [No]


“Puu, so you want to use that as ‘no’?” (Ramis)


–“Welcome.” [Yes]


“Well, then, right. Unn, I understand… Eeto, can you tell me your name?” (Ramis)


I can’t answer even though I want to. I’ll pray for a future where I can talk naturally.


–“Too bad.” [No]


“So you can’t even tell me your name, huh. Somehow, that’s really sad… Ah, yes, yes, why are you here? Do you have an important mission or something?” (Ramis)


–“Too bad.” [No]


“Unnn, how should I say this. Uhm, could it be that maybe, possibly… you are lonely?” (Ramis)


Eh, how did she know? Maybe she has some kind of divine gift that lets her understand the emotions of living thin- no, living machines like me.


–“Welcome.” [Yes]


“I knew it. You seemed really lonely when I looked at you from afar.” (Ramis)


What? Do I really look that pitiful? It is true that a single vending machine just sitting on the lakeshore will look lonely though.


“Is it okay if I move you?” (Ramis)


–“Welcome.” [Yes]


“Ah, just like that! Maybe if you want, we can get out of here and meet Ermin? She might be able to find a better way to talk with you.” (Ramis)


–“Welcome.” [Yes]


I would reaaally like to get out of here, but just how does she plan on moving me? I’m pretty sure she’s not just gonna carry me on her back. A tiny loli like her definitely won’t be able to carry a vending machine by herself.


“So, I can move you? Great, I was worried that I was being a bit too nosy but I’m glad that’s not the case.” (Ramis)


Oi, what are you trying to do by leaning on me like that. Ramis, could it be that, you’re trying to embrace me? No way… don’t tell me you’ve become a vending machine maniac too…


“Yoishotto!” (Ramis)


Fuaa? Eh, why am I levitating? Oi, oi, what the hell is this? A tiny loli is carrying an object weighing more than 500 kg?


“It’s a bit heavy but I can manage. Nnsho, nnsho” (Ramis)


Oooooh, I’m moving! She’s a bit slow but really, Ramis, you’re incredible. So this is the super strength divine gift. Her fingers are penetrating me a little but I won’t complain since I’m the one being carried.


Ooh, the lake is gradually getting smaller and smaller. I won’t lie, I have some lingering attachments to this place. After all, i’ve been looking at that scenery since the moment I arrived in this world. Feeling grateful, I decided to bow down to the lake in my heart.


–“Thank you.”


She walked for two hours while carrying me, before finally putting me down near a huge boulder.


“Let’s rest here for now. Ah, I should buy that creamy flavoured yellow soup. I’m getting hungry.” (Ramis)


“From the moment I met you luck’s been on my side. I didn’t meet any 『Frog-men』 even though this is their territory.” (Ramis)


That’s not entirely true. There might have been no battles but I definitely saw Humanoid Frogs observing us from afar with fear in their eyes. Maybe rumours about me have spread amongst them.


Unnn, she sure is hungry. No good, corn soup won’t fill her up. I need something heavy, something that will really make her full.


Currently, I have 268 points. I’m scrolling through the list of 10 point items. I’m kinda low on points, but, Ramis really helped me so it can’t be helped.


Hmm, a food with high calories and a good, strong texture. Oshiruko [ED: red bean soup] might be good since girls tend to like sweet things. Ah, but foreigners usually dislike red beans. Apparently they think it looks like mud or something.


In that case, a hamburger or cup ramen would be good, but they both require special functions. I don’t have enough points to mess around yet, so that’s out.


Something canned… Ah, right, there was something like that. It’s really famous. Haaa, but it costs 30 points. Ah, I wanted to buy oden in a can, [ED: Boiled eggs, radish, yam cakes, and fish cakes in a soy flavor dashi broth. It’s a mostly fishy soup.] but I guess the good ones that will make more money also cost more points in return. I should remember that.


I really need to keep my point expenditures to minimum here; I can’t choose something so expensive.


Therefore, I should choose something with a price of 1000 yen, or 1 silver. Ah, I remember there were snacks too. Eeto, found it, found it, it’s not quite potato chips but it’s still a product made out of hardened and baked mashed potatoes. I quickly exchanged it with another one of the mineral waters.


“Heu! Th, that surprised me. Something was glowing… Ah, one of the food items changed? What’s this red package? It has a picture of a round thingy, is it food?” (Ramis)


–“Welcome.” [Yes]


“Ah, so that’s it…. Maybe I should buy it since it’s the same price.” (Ramis)


Her hunger won over her curiosity, and she tore open the bag with her mouth.


“Fuaaa, what’s with this texture. It’s so salty, but I can’t stop.” (Ramis)


She bought mineral water and drank it with her snack. It seems she’s addicted. Well, I can’t blame her, it is a devilishly delicious snack.


“Aah, my money is being drained, but I can’t stoooop.” (Ramis)


–“Thank you.”


I told her I was grateful. Her wallet’s sacrifice will not be forgotten.


I made 6 silver, or 6000 yen. That’s 60 in points, so now I’m at 320.


Right, now that I know how to change the price I should set the mineral water to 1000 yen. With this, all my items cost 1000.


If Ramis goes broke, I’ll lower the price. Until then, I’ll keep making her spend more and more since my life is on the line.


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