Chapter 4 Non-existential Evidence

The view seen outside the window was an unchanged scenery, as it floated in silence.

After the fire catastrophe four years ago in Aridan kingdom, our life took a huge turn.

“Was it Eve-chan? Is she still missing?”

“Right, even the trace of her very existence is still….”

It makes you feel as though if she actually wasn’t there. Four years ago she disappeared.

When Miana arrived at the Orphanage, the teacher wasn’t breathing. And found Adam unconscious in front of Eve’s room.

That was it.

“Aren’t you actually enjoying this secretly?”

“Of course not!”

“Well you see, aren’t you able to stay together next to your beloved Adam-kun, because she disappeared?”

Toward the man’s mocking look, Miana felt greatly irritated. She bit her lip as if she wanted to rip it apart.

“Adam is suffering. Everything changed after that disaster…even toward living, after countless suffering, he reached here. You won’t  be able to understand anything”

“…and, you started working in such a place?”

A feeling of despondency as she woke up from a dream hit her. A double bed under an eerie light.

……My heart wasn’t the only thing that became dirty.

“Come, isn’t it about time for your service?”

Repart said so and wrapped his hands around me.

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