—–It been five days since my fourth murder.
I’ve found the floor master of the second floor.

I don’t have any regrets over killing the 3.
Even so, killing leaves you with a bad after taste.
I should leave this floor as soon as possible.

From that day onward I repeated my forceful stride and an exploration. Finally, I found the place.
Similar to Safety zone, the surrounding does not have a tree and a plain is spread in a circular formation.
And right in the middle of it, contains a single black giant wolf.
It’s looking down, and he is crouching as if he is sleeping.
Even when it’s crouching, it’s head is located a bit taller than mines.
If that thing ever stood up, then it will easily surpass 3 meters.

I prepared myself and calmed my heart.
I feel the death premonition pass by my head; it’s the same feeling I got from Goblin Lord.
I shook my head as if trying to overcome such, and slap my face to calm myself.
—–I’m ready for the last battle on this floor
I took a big step and dashed.

When I entered the so-called Giant wolf’s territory, it perked its ear and looked up.
It stood up slowly and calmly, then shook his body.
When I looked at it again, it didn’t look sleepy rather a predator which hunts monsters.

Race: Kaizer Wolf Lv 25
Gender : Male

Gifted skill
Emperor’s Roar

Special Skill
Roar lv 5
Enhanced hearing lv 4
Enhanced Nose lv 5

Fighting skill
Body Maneuver lv 5

Second floor floor master
Giant Emperor Wolf

Giant wolf swallowed a large amount of air and roared.
That instant nine wolf jumped out of the forest.
The wolves surrounded me.
I took out the sword from my box and pointed it toward the Giant wolf.
Giant wolf roared as if to intimidate me.
And that became the signal for the start of the battle.

Wolfs are approaching from left to right.
I judged that if I stopped, it would be over, so I dashed toward the right with all my might.
I beheaded the wolf which had its mouth opened wide.
Ruby’s laser burned the one who was in the back.
Without stopping, I ran outside of their blockade.
I judged that it would be bad if I keep on being attacked by multiple opponents.

3 of the wolves came next.
Two from left and right and one came from the front.
I purposely didn’t move, and waited for the perfect moment then jumped high in the air,
Manipulating Wind magic, I supplement my movement.
Wolves are suddenly losing their target, they all hit each other and fell.
And Ruby in the air released it were laser beam and burned all three of them.

The instant my foot landed on the ground, Alarm skill echoed in my head.
Without even looking around, I jumped front with my full strength
If my reaction were an even a bit slower, I would’ve been crushed by the Giant wolf’s nail.
It seems like this floor master is unlike Goblin Lord who waits for his subordinates to lose, the giant wolf is more the type to use his subordinate to create an opening and attack.
But there are only four subordinate wolves left. There is little means to take.

Four survivors are trying to surround me.
I knew they would do this.
I grabbed Ruby and threw it toward one of the wolves.
Flying small animal? Even while Feeling puzzled, it is still on its guard.
Ruby landed with a Poto sound, and she looked around kyorokyoroly
Wolves must have felt after looking at Ruby act like so, their caution must have decreased and judged that they must be able to kill her from this distance, so one of the wolves opened it were the mouth and jumped at Ruby.

But the wolf was obstructed by the barrier in the air created by mana and failed to draw near the Ruby.
Ruby easily aimed the laser at the falling wolf.
I approached the stupid one who were distracted by the battle; I beheaded his head from the back.

Two left over.
While thinking about how to deal with them, the Giant wolf ignored me and rushed toward the Ruby’s side.
——That fucker, it dares to target Ruby!!
I tried to rush quickly, but 2 of the wolf blocked the path.
I obstructed one with the dark magic and killed another one by slashing its neck.
I also killed other one by beheading.

But by the time I finished dealing with the two, Giant wolf was already really close to Ruby.
Giant wolf raised its arm and tried to pounce Ruby with its sharp nail.
I glared at Giant Wolf from the back and sent him my strongest killing intent.
Plus I also used the Roar filled with bloodthirst.
The Giant Wolf, feeling pressured by the strong bloodthirst and loud roar from its behind, it missed its target.
Immediately Ruby unleashed its laser beam.
The giant wolf who received the laser beam in such close distance unwillingly fell back.
It was already too late when he noticed the presence coming from the back.

I jumped high in the air and pierced my sword to the Giant wolf’s neck.
Giant wolf tried to shake me off by shaking its head but with my high level of mastery in Body Maneuver skill, I was able to rebalance myself and behead its head.