The instant Satou said that——-

Spotter detected a presence of more than 30.

—–What is happening?
I was stunned by the unexpected situation.
Satou was grinning while looking at me.

“Hahaha, what’s wrong, Kurosaki-kun?”

“What the f*ck did you do?”

“Nothin? I just used a particular item?”

“Item? When did you….”

“When you kicked me. Of course, I concealed the use, though.”

—-shit I didn’t notice it. An item that lures in monsters.
I clicked my tongue and glared at Satou.

“Otto scary scary. Don’t glare at me like that. But wait? Did your eyes look a little better? Was it because of the Mihama-san’s gifted skill?”

Things like that don’t matter.
For now, I should deal with the monster appearing from the surrounding.

“Oi, what are you going to do about the monster yourself? If this goes on…”

“Aa, I am fine you know? I will use this.”

Satou took out a white feather out of his box.

“What’s that? Is it also some item?”

“You didn’t know. Maa, it seems like a rare item.”

“Stop wasting time and say it. What is that?”

“You really are impatient. This allows a teleportation to the nearest safety zone you’ve once been too.”

——-I see. This guy is planning to escape.

“You finally understand. …I know you are strong but against this large herd of monster, you will be helpless.”

Satou says so while looking down and as if he knows shit.

“Ma, do your best. I will use your items for a proper use, so you don’t have to worry about it.”

Satou said so and held the feather up.
The feather emitted light, and it engulfed Satou, then Satou disappeared.
Monsters are already really close.
—-Fumu….How should I say it, he really is a Dumbass.
Sigh escaped out of my mouth.
I don’t know how much he knows about my strength, if its only a herd of 30, Me and Ruby can easily deal with it.
I might get injured, but I have a stock full of Healing potions I never use.

—–Ma, I should get over with it as quick as possible.

“It’s already 1 hour from then…. It’s about time the battle ended?”

A man inside a wooden log house muttered.
His face contains a smile which failed to be hidden.

“Jeez, they really were a hindrance to my plan, it’s so annoying.”

“Ma, Even for Kurosaki-kun that amount of monster is too much, he must be dead by “Who died?” what!? ”
“Yo, you are!?”

“Satou, you’ve really done it.”

“Wh, why…here..”

“Even if you ask me why. I just came back normally.”

“What about those monsters!? How did you, from that many monsters!?”

“I didn’t use any special items or escape. I just killed all of them.”


“Really regrettable. I’m stronger than how you thought I was. And I have this guy with me too.”

I patted Ruby, who was on top of my shoulder.
I can only feel warmth from looking at such an adorable creature.

“What can a weakling like that do!? Stop fucking with me!!”

Next moment, Ruby blasted laser beam to Satou’s left arm.

“Eh?…A, A, Aaaaaaaa It hurttttsssssssssss!!”

He fell on the floor and held his arm.

When I look at Ruby, her arm is on her waist as if saying don’t make fun of me.
She seemed to have gotten angry at being called weakling.
—-Ma, She is an ancient beast even though she looks like this. She must have some pride.
I approached Satou, who was rolling on the floor screaming.

“Is there anything left to say?”

“No, I don’t want to. Help, Please help meeeee”

Of course, I ignored him.
I took out the sword from my box and raised it up in the air.

“He, heeeee!!”
He tries to run away.
I stepped on top of his back and held him there.

“Now then, Sayonara Motherf*cker.”
[Tl note: I thought it would cool for the mc to say sayonara mother fucker since it sounds badass, in the novel he didn’t say that, hough]

Saying so I slashed the struggling Satou.

Name: Kurosaki Naoto Lv 30
Sex: Male PT 3500


Gifted Skill:
True Seeing Eyes
Resistance against Abnormal states
2x Tools effect
Soul Concentration (Enhance concentration)
Observer’s Eyes (enhanced eyesight on body motion)
Scammer (Lying or Tricking becomes Habit)
Genius Magician (Enhance growth for magic)
Last Stand (In Near Death situation, increase in physical ability)
Makeup (Makes you a bit prettier)
Special Skill:
Coerciatic aura Lv8
Strength Lv6
Enhanced nose Lv 7
Stealth lv 6
Spotter lv 5
Roar Lv 5
Create String Lv 7
Poison Attack Lv 7
Paralyze Attack Lv 5
Sleep Attack Lv 6
Enhanced Hearing lv 7
Alarm lv 4
Enhanced Eyesight lv 2
Fighting Skill:
Body Maneuver Lv7
Fighting Technique Lv 7
Stick Technique Lv 4
Sword Technique Lv 5
Spear Technique Lv 5
Short Sword Technique lv 5
Axe Technique lv 3
Shield Technique lv 3

Magic Skill
Space Magic lv 4
Wind Magic lv 3
Dark Magic lv 3

Fearful Piercing Eyes
Fairy’s Friend
Killer of his Race
Goblin Lord slayer
Ruby’s master


More than a month passed by since I came to this dungeon.
I’m kind of getting worried over me who is getting used to the killing.