I collected the items which were scattered from Yamada’s box.
I prayed for the sad man who lost his friend due to the Toxic women.

After some time, I turn around.
Mihama was looking at me with a stunned face.
When our eyes met, she trembled.

“How do you feel now after you tricked the man and turned him into a madman? Shitty women.”

“No, no…I, I didn’t, do any…..”

“It’s all your fault that this party collapsed if it weren’t for you than Yamada wouldn’t have turned insane nor Tanaka having to fight alone.”

“N, No! I have to done nothing!! Tanaka got killed by the wolf and that Disgusting pig was killed by you!?”

“Aa, it’s true. I killed Yamada. But who were the one that that created this scenario? ”

“Wasn’t all this your fault, you were the one that manipulated others and acted all selfish and self-centered?”

“No No No!! I’ve done nothing wrong!!”

She is shaking her head like a kid who is having a tantrum.

“Than who is in the wrong? Except for the Shitty bitch who tricked and manipulated Yamada, who else can be faulted for his death?”

“Tha, that is….Tanaka did…Yes, it’s all Tanaka’s fault!!”

——What the fuck is this bitch saying now?

“You know right!! If he were a bit stronger than he wouldn’t have died, and if he was alive then Yamada wouldn’t act so stupidly!!”

MIhama is smiling as if what she said were all right and her righteousness saved herself.

——aa, I see. I finally knew.
This woman, the women in front of me is—–

—–The real….harm.

“You should just die.”
Without any hesitation, I twisted Mihama’s head.
[Tlnote: this is what you all been waiting for, bitch got killed hahahahahahah….I’m not a psychopath ok…..I’m sad that women died….nah, that’s a lie. Man, it was stressful translating all the shit that women said, it was annoying to the point I felt like killing her myself Xd….Don’t take my joke seriously alright, I am no criminal.]

— Now what should I do……

After I had collected all the Mihama’s items, I was thinking of my future.
And I didn’t pray for the bitch’s peace.

——-First, I chase it down.
For now, I decided to chase the dot which was detected before.
Yes, in that place including me there were four dots shown.

I pursue the yellow dot.
My speed is, of course, faster.
Soon, I caught the glimpse of the back which were lightened by the moon’s light
I approached it and kicked the guy who was trying to run.
The guy groaned in pain and looked at me.

“Yoo… What are you doing here?…. Satou”

Satou glared at me with apparent hatred.

“Kurosaki…why did you kick me all of the sudden?”

“Oi Oi, this isn’t something a guy who suddenly ran away says…. And what happened to the way you usually spoke? Did you get tired of acting now?”

Satou stood up looking frustrated.

“From when were you aware of it.”

“I was never aware of it. Since you never spoke in front of me.”

Yes, I wasn’t aware of it.
What was this guy’s aim was?
But, I knew this guy was hiding in that place and what he was trying to do.

Because this guy, he was trying to utilize his magic toward the Mihama, who was screaming and Yamada who was on top of Mihama.
And it wasn’t for helping her either.
That magic was aimed at Yamada.

“Your miscalculation was my appearance in that place. And my spotter skill was higher than what you thought it would be.”

“…You are right. I didn’t think even my gifted skill would be seen through.”

Satou’s gifted skill is a “scammer.”
The effect of it is, supplement the action of deceiving other.
It supplements not only words and status.
It is also useful for concealing one’s presence.
So Satou’s stealth skill can show an effect higher than it’s level.

But I have True Seeing Eyes.
Me who felt a discomfort in the place where Satou was hiding, I instantly activated my True Seeing eyes and grasped the information that Satou was hiding.
And information regarding him aiming the magic at Yamada.

“Why did you try to kill them?”

“Why? It’s obvious”

—–those two were already of no use for me.
Saying so he floated out a smile.

“No use…?”

“Un, that’s all. Those two will just be a hindrance to me if they were to be alive. Especially Mihama-san.”

“Hou, you were thinking things like that. It’s really unexpected.”

“Really. I’ve been thinking about these things from the beginning, though.”

“…You also formed the party with Tanaka so that you can use him? ”

“You are right; Tanaka-kun is a kind person. He even helped a shy guy like me when I asked him for help.”

“You, who had no confidence in surviving alone, thought of gaining Tanaka’s power which you met by chance.”

“..I’m surprised. You are smart.”

“You won’t deny it.”

“Since it is all the truth, there is no point in denying.”

“….were you the one that incited Yamada to do that?”

“…I never thought you would notice it.”

“Yamada is more cowardly than you think he is. Not only he is a coward in battle but also in a thing as love.”

“It’s true Mihama tried to deceive Yamada. But just because of that Yamada won’t go insane like that. Someone must have fired him up, and instigate him. ”

“And today’s event, you deceived them using your gifted skill and instigated them right?”

“…True that it was an easy job. Just saying things like Mihama-san has a crush on you, like you must protect her, that pig got serious about it.”

“But there was no need for you to kill them. If it was you, there must have been other ways to use them?”

“Didn’t I say it before? They were a hindrance. It would be good to have some relationship with them if Tanaka was still alive.”

“But Tanaka-kun died. So there was no future for this party. It’s true that I instigated Yamada to attack Mihama, but even that depends on time.”

“If they were to cause some problem when I’m not present then won’t it be better that they do it in front of me. …. And when they have so much opening, then I will kill them both. I gain their power and let another classmate who will come in here pick me up.”

“..I see. I understand why you did all this but why are you telling it to me right now?”

“Lie won’t go through you, right? Then, sooner or later you will know about it. And——-”

—–Won’t it be okay if I just kill you here.