Next day I resumed my exploration near the Safety area.

But, nothing new were found.

Thinking that it was a waste of time going out these days so, I decided to practice my skill in the safety zone.


3 days later, I remembered the items which Tanaka dropped after he died, and it was left in the forest.

Most likely Yamada’s group might have already retrieved it or maybe it disappeared but I chose to look at it with my own eyes.

We were not close enough to call ourselves “Friends” but we got along pretty well.

So at least, I should inherit his items and use it for a good use.


I don’t want to meet with the Yamada’s group.

A bit before the evening I teleported to 4th foothold and head there by walking.


The forest is already getting dark.

I arrived at the place Tanaka died.

Most of the tools and weapons are scattered.

It seems it wasn’t retrieved by the others.

I prayed for Tanaka in my heart and started picking up his items.


The moment I finished collecting the item, my spotter skill detected a presence.

Yellow dot, a human.

But something is wrong.

It seems as if they are playing tag, one of the dot is chasing the other.

They are not walking, rather running.

I have a bad feeling about this.

I dashed toward them as if I was pushed in my back by my feeling.


In the dark forest, I can hear 2 people’s footstep.

The footstep in the back is getting closer to the other, and the footstep stopped.

What I heard next was a woman’s scream and a male voice which seemed to be filled with lust.

I approached them stealthily without making any sound.

When I peeked at them from the shadow of the tree, I saw a male grabbing the woman’s hand and was on top of her.

In there was——

———– A Yamada who was about to hit it off with Mihama.


This mother fucker…….

What is Yamada doing, no, what is the thing he is about to do, I understood instantly by looking.

I approached them with a constant speed and kicked Yamada’s stomach from the side.

It made a DOGA! Sound and Yamada flew 5 meters away.


“I will ask you this, what were you doing?”


“Ku, Kurosaki….”


Yamada glared at me while holding his stomach with his hands.


“Ku, Kurosaki! Help!!”


Mihama clung to my leg from behind.

It’s annoying so I kicked her away.


“Bo, Bokuwa…nothing….I didn’t nothing…”


“No, shut the fuck up. Don’t think you can lie to me while showing off your carrot”

[Tlnote: Mc actually said that disgusting weapon XD]


Feeling ashamed of my word, so his face turned red and stood up.


“It, it’s none of your business Kurosaki!? I, I always protected that woman!”


“So, a little…should…”


“What do you mean by little!? You tried to force on my!!”


“Bu, But….”


Yamada’s face from red turned blue.


“You are so disgusting every time! Looking at my body like an idiot, your breath also smells, don’t come near me you freak!!”


“But, why….”


“It was always like this! I always hated being in the same party with a disgusting pig like you!!”


“Bu, But, you were happy for me at first! Like how I was really reliable and I was kind…..”


“Of course, I say that so my life here will be easy, so it was all a Lie!? You don’t even know that!!”


Yamada is becoming more ashen.

The confusion soon turned into anger.


“Wha….what….What kind of shit are you saying!!”


“Wh, why …why are you getting angry, so annoying”


Mihama was surprised and taken back with Yamada’s change in behaviour.


“I won’t forgive…I will never forgive you!!”


Breathing abnormally he approaches Mihama, and took out the axe from the box, then started brandishing it around.

I couldn’t just watch it happen and I stood in front of Mihama.

I stopped the falling axe with my sword and sent it flying.


“Ku, Kurosaki! Why do you keep on interfering with me!?”


“It won’t be good if I let you become murder right in front me right. Calm down.”


“Calm down?…What do you understand, what can you possibly understand!”


Yamada started brandishing the axe frantically.


“It’s all that women’s fault! Because of that woman! Me and Tanaka!!”


Saying so he attacked with his axe.

—–This guy, he is serious about this.

I instantly made my resolve.

I dodge the incoming attack and instantly appeared next to him, and cut off Yamada’s hand.


“Gyaaaaaa!! It hurtssssssssssss!!”


While holding his hand Yamada crouched on the floor


“Why, why do have to I suffer like this…”


“Why you ask… You had a friend who fought with you but, you were tricked by this toxic woman, it’s yourself to blame.”


“No way, I…Uuuu…Uuu..”


With his mucus and tears, his face is distorted, he is screaming with pain.


“Maa, If there is such thing as  next life, be careful toward women…..before that, go apologise to Tanaka. Apologize for not being able to fight together.”
I closed in toward Yamada who wasn’t able to say anything back and decapitated his head.