I dashed with my quickest speed.
I jumped out and what I saw was……..
——-A Tanaka with eyes looking dead, with a bitten mark all over the body.


I dashed without slowing down into the herd of wolfs and slashed and killed the wolfs.
Extermination didn’t take long.
I checked to see if there were any remnants and approached Tanaka.

“Oi, Tanaka! Oi!!”

But Tanaka gives no response.

No, I already know.
My Spotter skill already ceased to show Tanaka’s presence.
Tanaka had already died.

Soon Tanaka’s body lit with light and disappears into the air.
I was watching it stupidly.
Silence swallowed the place.
No one could open their mouth.

After some time, I regained my calmness.
I approach the 3 who are frozen.
3 of them are trembling and the tears are forming in their eyes.

“For now, we should head back to the safety zone”

Without waiting for their reply I brought them back.

“…So what happened?”

I asked them the situation but no one opened their mouth.
I sighed.

“Haa….Yamada, what really happened?”

Yamada who were called out panicked for a while, but he started speaking.

“Etto….the truth were that——–”
The summary of what Yamada said was this.
Today during the exploration, Tanaka’s patience reached its limit towards the Mihama’s selfishness, and it broke into an argument.
Yamada defended Mihama and Satou just watched it happen.
Tanaka started saying he is going to leave the party.

Yamada and Satou tried to stop him, but Tanaka didn’t listen and went off on his own.
After that, they fought for hours, but it never went the way it used to, and the Healing potion was all depleted so they decided to go back to Log House.

But, at that moment the herd of the forest wolf ambushed them.
No one was able to notice them coming since they usually used Tanaka’s spotter skill.
No healing potion and have only one vanguard.
The situation where they couldn’t fight.
As the battle prolonged they started getting injuries.
Fortunately at that moment, the Tanaka who was supposed to out alone come back.
Thanks to Tanaka’s leadership they were somehow able to defeat the wolfs.
Feeling relief that their life was saved, and Yamada and Satou expressed their gratitude to Tanaka.
But was one who stupidly complained.

—-Why didn’t you come help us quicker. We got injured. Take out your Healing Potion.

The Dumbass (Mihama) who didn’t participate in the fight, who relied on Yamada and Satou to fight, said this.
Tanaka who was really pissed at her words, but he gave the healing potion reluctantly since they all were injured.

But even after that Mihama keeps on complaining.
“You guys are really useless!” when she said that, Tanaka couldn’t keep it anymore.
Tanaka’s angry voice resounded throughout the forest.
Mihama felt shocked at Tanaka’s anger, but didn’t lose there and started stating a fucking dumb theory.

According to her, I have more value than you otakus. So, protecting me is only natural.

According to her, Male is obliged to protect women. So protecting her is necessary.

According to her, I am following you guys because she feels pity towards them. So Protecting her is their duty.

….Mihama said all this stuff without any shred of shame, which made not only Tanaka but Yamada and Satou stupified.
That moment, another angry shout were resounded throughout the forest.

The argument started escalating and the loud shouts lured in ‘those guys’

The enraged Tanaka was unable to notice it.
When someone noticed.
It was already too late.

Wolfs starts jumping out of the shades.
Tanaka panicking tried to fight back.

Yamada and Satou, of course, Mihama to were too scared to fight back.
Tanaka alone desperately fought.
A little more and he could’ve turn the table, his legs were bitten by the wolf.

If would have been no problem if he healed in that instant.
But he had no space for that during a fight.
Tanaka shouted toward the 3 in the back.
To throw the healing potion. One only is fine.
Yamada and Satou didn’t have any.
Since they already exhausted them during the past battle.
Mihama had one. The one which was given to her by Tanaka.
If she threw it to Tanaka, he would’ve healed. But………….

……..But, Mihama abandoned Tanaka.
She didn’t want to let go of the last potion.
Or she was too scared to move.
No matter what, at that moment, Tanaka’s destiny have been sealed.

After hearing that much, I looked at Mihama.

“Na, Mihama”

Mihama trembled and looked down.

“Why… why the fuck did you abandon him to die”

Mihama is keeping her silence while looking down.

“Answer, Mihama…. FUCKING ANSWER!!”

I shouted it to her and Mihama had tears in her eyes and looked up.
She glared at me and shouted.

“What! What’s your problem!? It’s none of your business!!”

“I’m not wrong!! He, it’s his fault for fighting by himself and……”

That moment, I lifted Mihama by grabbing onto her collar.

“Oi, This Toxic Women…What the fuck did you just say?”

“Hi….A, e, a…”

Mihama is trembling with a pale face.

“Say that again motherf*cker and….I will bring you to the Tanaka’s place”

Saying so, I activated my special skill “Coercivity aura”
I had a confidence that I could activate this.
The room was engulfed by my killing intent.
Mihama had her eyes white and started foaming bubbles out of her mouth.
Yamada and Satou fainted.
When I stay here I feel like killing them.
I decided to go back.

….To Be continued



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