Hasegawa was a class president. She had a braided hairstyle and was always serious. She is like women made for being class president.

Miyashita used to be with Hasegawa a lot. She is a little timid but I think she is an honest person.

Minase was…..I don’t really understand her. She was always alone in school. She was a loner just like me. Her looks are good…….I mean beautiful. But her usual attitude is that of cold and she usually doesn’t interact with others.
“Hasegawa and Miyashita formed their own party. At that time, I was with Satou and were only 2 people”

“So I asked if they wanted to form a party together but….Miyashita didn’t want to.”

“I see…How about Minase?”

“I invited her to the party but turned it down with her usual attitude. She didn’t seem to be in trouble with the fights, so she might come here by herself.”

Minase is a true elite. Her in school uniform really fit her and she dyed her hair white so she looks a bit like Gyaru, but she always got a good grade.
She is good at sports and had Sharp senses.
She must be the ‘special’ person Azakura says.
I didn’t have any other questions to ask.
There were several rooms in the log house so 4 and I decided to sleep here.
Other than Tanaka, all were scared so they fought for the room with the furthest distance from my own.
—–Night, Unknowingly I woke up, I thought of having a fresh air so I went out.
But, it was already reserved.
He heard my footstep and turned back.

“Yo, it’s you Kurosaki.”

“Aa, what happened Tanaka? You can’t sleep?”

“Yeah….I just have this bad premonition”

“I see….”

I sat next to him.

“Naa, Kurosaki….”

“Whats wrong?”

“Can’t you come with us?”

“…sorry, for now, I would probably do it solo”

“I see… It would be great if a strong person like you join us but I guess there is no choice.”

—- He didn’t lie.
I felt he was really good guy

“…I’ve been thinking it’s kind of weird, why is Mihama in your party?”

“When we met, she was already in a party with Yamada. I couldn’t just abandon her. And Yamada wouldn’t want that.”

“And Yamada has a crush on her… So it makes it more difficult to abandon her.”

“Even so, you already know it.”

“..You are really sharp, Kurosaki”

Tanaka laughed bitterly.

—Mihama called Satou useless.
But the truth is Mihama is the real useless one.
When I checked them with my True seeing eyes.

Name Tanaka Soufutoshi Lv 17
Gender: Male

Gifted skill
Instinct (Sharper senses)
Genius Swordsman (Enhance growth for Sword technique)

Special Skill
Spotter Lv 3

Fighting Skill
Body Maneuver lv 3
Sword Technique Lv 4


Name: Yamada Soiichirou Lv 15
Gender: Male

Gifted Skill
Soul Concentration (Enhance concentration)
Observer’s Eyes (enhanced eyesight on body motion)

Special Skill
Alarm Lv 3
Enhanced Eyesight lv 2

Fighting Skill
Body maneuver Lv 3
Axe Technique Lv 2
Shield Technique Lv 3

Name: Satou Youya Lv 14
Gender: Male

Gifted Skill
Scammer (Lying or Tricking becomes Habit)
Genius Magician (Enhance growth for magic)

Special Skill
Stealth Lv 3

Fighting Skill
Body Maneuver

Magic Skill
Wind Magic Lv 3
Dark Magic Lv 2

Name: Mihama Rina Lv 7
Gender: Female

Gifted Skill:
Last Stand (In Near Death situation, increase in physical ability)
Makeup (Makes you a bit prettier)

Fighting Skill
Body Maneuver Lv 2
Spear Technique Lv 1



—-This is really horrible.
Most likely Mihama never had a proper fight.
Her skill and Levels are way too low.
And the Gifted skills are really not the lucky ones.
If this goes on, this guys’ party will collapse.
Tanaka also understands this.
But, he can’t abandon his classmates.

— Tanaka’s situation, it looks like a situation I would’ve have had faced if I didn’t hold my determination that time, it really makes me sigh in pity.

Next day I said goodbye to the Tanaka’s party and left.
I was thinking of finding a new Safety Area.
It will make them feel comfortable when I’m not here.

“Be careful, alright.”

“Aah, you too, work hard”

“Ma, We would explore slowly”

“I see, then, see ya”

“Aa, next time”

I waved at Tanaka and started walking.

I found the next Safety area, 8 hours after my departure.
The forest is already getting dark.
I entered the log house and ended my exploration for today.
I will explore around here tomorrow.

Next day, I randomly explored the surrounding of the safety area.
There seems to be no big difference only slightly higher leveled monsters.
I will search for the next safety area after I leveled up Ruby.

—-Two weeks passed by.
I found 2 other safety area from then.
It is about time for me to find the floor master’s room.
I’ve been leveling up constantly and there is no problem.

Name: Kurosaki Naoto Lv 26
Sex: Male PT 3200


Gifted Skill:
True Seeing Eyes
Resistance against Abnormal states
2x Tools effect
Special Skill:
Coercivity aura Lv8
Strength Lv6
Enhanced nose Lv 6
Stealth lv 6
Spotter lv 4
Roar Lv 5
Create String Lv 6
Poison Attack lv 6
Paralyze Attack Lv 5
Sleep Attack Lv 5
Enhanced Hearing lv 6
Alarm lv 2

Fighting Skill:
Body Maneuver Lv7
Fighting Technique Lv 7
Stick Technique Lv 4
Sword Technique Lv 5
Spear Technique Lv 4
Short Sword Technique lv 5

Magic Skill
Space Magic lv 4

Fearful Piercing Eyes
Fairy’s Friend
Killer of his Race
Goblin lord slayer
Ruby’s master

Name: Ruby Lv 18
Race: Carbuncle
Gender: Female

Gifted Skill
Laser Beam

Special Skill
Alarm Lv 2
Spotter Lv 3
Stealth Lv3
Resistance against Abnormal State Lv 4

Magic Skill
Healing Magic Lv 4
Barrier Magic Lv 5

Super Rare Specie
Ancient Beast
Traveler’s Pet
—-and this is how our status came out to be.
These days Ruby’s been able to defeat monster alone easily.
I once attempted her to fight alone.
She placed a barrier toward the incoming monster then burned to death with laser beam. Instant kill.

When I was thinking…. I guess this is how it supposed to be, she looked at me with her round and big eyes, waiting for a praise. She is really adorable.

There was no problem with us, but I started being curious about Tanaka’s party.
It’s been 2 weeks ever since the farewell, are they safe, I’m getting kind of worried a little.

—–I guess, I can visit them for a little.
Thinking so I stood up, and used the teleportation function of the safety area, to teleport to another safety area, for the first time in the dungeon.

I entered the log house and proceeded towards the living room.
I placed my hand on the Crystal on the table.
That moment, the transparent board similar to status came up.
It shows the map of the safety area I’ve once been.
I tap on the second safety area and pushed Yes for the “Would you like to teleport here?” question.

After the slight floating feeling, I’ve landed on the floor.
The log house has no distinct difference with other houses but, some ornaments are a bit different.

I opened my map and checked my location.
This is definitely the second safety area.
But, in this log house, there was no indication that anyone was living.
It seems Tanaka’s party already left.

I teleported to the third foothold.
When I checked the log house, there was some indication that someone used he chairs and tables.
Most likely they are exploring right now.
I might as well as wait since its getting dark now.

——Something wrong.
It’s been three hours since, but no one is coming.
The forest is already really dark.
It is dangerous to walk outside around this time.
I have to go check outside.

I placed Ruby on my shoulder and searched the surrounding.
There is no one. I should go in deeper.
Spotter detected someone.
4 yellow dots, and ——
—–9 red dots…..
To be continued………