While I was thinking about what to do, I detected the monster approaching from afar.

It is coming at a high speed.
It seems like their shouting lured them in.
Without any choice, I went toward them.

“Oi, the monster is coming. Isn’t it a bad time to argue?”

4 of them looked at me and froze.
—–haa, stop with that over reaction…..

They cried or froze as usual.
…Oi Satou. Stop crying aren’t you a man.

While they are making noises the enemy in approaching.
Argh, so annoying, I dashed in front of the four.

——–Forest wolf was the one that jumped out.
I instantly killed one of them.
And the Ruby’s Laser been burned two of them.
I kicked one that was in the back and I slash the wolf next to it.
I crush the wolf which was weakened due to my kick, and the battle finished.

The guys who were watching in the back had their mouth opened.
I approached them and talked to them.

“Yo, its been a while”

The first one to come back sense was Tanaka Nadebuto.

“Ah, Etto…Kurosaki…san”

“Kurosaki is fine. Do you have any injury?”

“A, aa…I’m fine. It really helped us”

“No problem”

“When did you guys come to this floor”

“..Around 1 week ago”

I see, so they came 2 weeks after my first floor conquer.

“You won’t be able to rest here. There is a safety area around here, wanna come?”

“Re, Really!? Please it would help us a lot”

“Ok, I will lead you to there”

“Thanks, I really appreciate it”

—- other than Tanaka no one can talk….
The other 3 didn’t say a single word.
Ma, it’s not like I care.

When we entered the log house, I asked them to sit randomly.
—–now, it’s time for us to have a little chat….

“Now, I want to exchange our information but what should we start first. Do you have any questions?”

“…hmm… first, Kurosaki are you moving in solo?”

“No, 2 people….I mean 1 person and an animal. This guy here is my partner”

I grabbed the Ruby who was hiding behind my neck and placed her on the table.
Ruby seems to be on guard against the people she saw for the first time.

“Wha, …what is this? Squirrel?”

“No, it is a monster named Carbuncle”

“Monster!? How can the monster enter here!?”

Tanaka is seeming to be really surprised.
The other 3 in the back seems to be the same.

“This guy is a monster but she is not dangerous. Since she is my Tamed monster”

“Tamed? How did you do that?”

I explained some details on tamed monsters.

“I see, the tamed monster it is… There was something like that.”

“And is there any more questions you want to ask?”

“…How long have you been living on this floor”

“I came to this floor around 3 weeks ago”

“Ha!?Is it true!?”

“Whats the point of lying”

“Iya, Maa, its way to quick…”

I just shrugged it off and didn’t answer that.

“…It fine. And for the another question…”

“Ne, Ne, Kurosaki! What is your level right now?”

Mihama suddenly asked as she cut Tanaka’s question.

“Oi, Mihama…..”

Tanaka looks really pissed.

“Netteba, just say it, common. Kurosa “Shut the fuck up”ki….. ”

I glared at her lightly and Mihama froze in her place.

“I’m talking to Tanaka right now. You who were quiet all this time shouldn’t start speaking your vile mouth.”

Mihama’s face turned blue and she shut up.

“So, sorry Kurosaki. Please forgive us.”

“No, It wasn’t your fault. .. so what was the question?”

“A, aa…Kurosaki, have you met any other person other than us?”

“…Aa. I met Azakura on the first floor.”

“Azakura, I see….. Did you guys act together or anything?”

—–I knew he would ask….


“What’s wrong Kurosaki? Did he….by a monster?”

“…No, it’s not. He didn’t get killed by a monster”

“Not monster?… what do you mean by that?”

“I killed….Azakura”

The room suddenly became quiet.
They are unable to digest what I just said and looked really confused.

“Eh? Ah, etto, sorry, can you say it again.”

“I said, I killed Azakura”

4 of them looked at me with wide open eyes.
There was a fear which floated to their pupils.

Yamada stood up from his chair, and tried to escape but fell.
Satou couldn’t even stand up and started crying.
Mihama screamed and lost all the energy.

“Why….Why did you kill Azakura”

Tanaka asked while trembling.

“Azakura tried to kill me that’s why”

“Azkarua did that? He tried to kill Kurosaki!?”

I told them on what happened between me and Azakura.

Other than Tanaka no one seemed to believe me, and Tanaka was the only one to believe me.

“You must’ve had a hard time”

“True that but. Can we stop talking about that?”

“Aah, yes. Then my other question was……..”

Tanaka’s questions were mostly on this floor. The monster I fought, how you to defeat it.

“”…..and that is it. Any more question?”

“Fumu…no, there is no question from me. How about you guys?”

Tanaka asked the 3.
None seems to have any question.

“This is it for our side”

“I see. Then, can I start asking you guys the question?”

“Of course”

“So I can see you guys as a four man party right?”

“Yup, there is no other”

“Can you tell me a little bit about the reason you guys formed the team”

“Fumu….The first one I met was Satou. It was around 5 days after we were transported to this dungeon”

“And after that I met Yamada and Mihama, it was around 1 week at that time. They seemed to already have formed a team so we combined with them”

“Why did you think of teaming up with them?”

“That’s, of course, the dungeon is dangerous that’s why. 2 is always better than 1.”

—-We are not strong enough to fight solo.
He said it while smiling bitterly.
His face had the same expression on when Azakura called me ‘Special’, it made my heart ache.

“I see… Did you meet any other human besides me>”

“Aa, We met with 3 people. Hasegawa, Miyashita and Minase.”

All three of them were female.
Hasegawa Aiko, Miyashita Rina, Minase Yukino.