It’s been a week since I made my very first Partner.
I was using this week to level up Ruby as the main quest.
Level 5 on the second floor, makes me worried to death for her.
She became my Tamed beast so no matter what, I made sure she never got attacked by the monsters.
She needed to be strong urgently.

After making my movement central to leveling up Ruby, She became a lot stronger.

Name: Ruby Lv 12
Race: Cabuncle
Gender: Female

Gifted Skill
Laser Beam

Special Skill
Alarm Lv 1
Spotter Lv 1
Stealth Lv2
Resistance against Abnormal State Lv 2

Magic Skill
Healing Magic Lv 4
Barrier Magic Lv 4

Super Rare Specie
Ancient Beast
Traveler’s Pet

She acquired not only levels but new skills.
It seems like a Tamed beast will have an easier time learning the skill the owner owns.
This must be the Benefit it talked about before.

And I also became a little stronger
Name: Kurosaki Naoto Lv 23
Sex: Male PT 2850


Gifted Skill:
True Seeing Eyes
Resistance against Abnormal states
2x Tools effect
Special Skill:
Coercivity aura Lv8
Strength Lv6
Enhanced nose Lv 6
Stealth lv 5
Spotter lv 3
Roar Lv 4
Create String Lv 5
Poison Attack lv 5
Paralyze Attack Lv 4
Sleep Attack Lv 4
Enhanced Hearing lv 5
Alarm lv 2

Fighting Skill:
Body Maneuver Lv7
Fighting Technique Lv 6
Stick Technique Lv 4
Sword Technique Lv 5
Spear Technique Lv 4
Short Sword Technique lv 5

Magic Skill
Space Magic lv 2

Fearful Piercing Eyes
Fairy’s Friend
Killer of his Race
Goblin lord slayer
Ruby’s master

I leveled up by 1 and my skill level also leveled up.
We are getting better at cooperating.

Right now we are chilling in the safety area.
It’s been 3 weeks since we started exploring the second floor.
should I go deeper or will I have another week or so for leveling up?
I am contemplating on which I should do…..
Even while I am thinking stuff like this, Ruby is eating peanuts innocently.

I sighed lightly, and thinking of getting a fresh air, I went out of the Log house.
I thought of having a walk outside so I started walking toward the forest, I hear the Pata Pata sound coming from behind.
Ruby cried loudly and Jumped at me.

His gaze while inside my arm, I can already start hearing “Don’t leave me!!!!”, if she ever talked.

I laughed a little and apologized lightly then placed her on my shoulder.

20 minutes into my relax walk.
Ruby was killing monsters who appeared with a Laser beam.

The laser beam was a lot stronger than I thought.
Depending on how much you deplete the mana, the strength changes, if one used enough mana, it can one hit kill the enemy.
But if you want to strengthen it, it takes longer time charging….
But there is no mistake it is a cheat ability.
This is a secret but I really wanted the ability.

While walking like this and instant killing the monster, I detected something in front.
In the spotter, it showed yellow dots.
This is the first time I see the color.

———I was already prepared but…. I was right.
I approached them using stealth, there was a classmate present.
3 male and one female.
Of course, I never talked to them, But I knew their name as a person from the same class.

One of the male’s name is Tanaka Sofuto. A Skinny guy with glasses.
He is what you call otaku, but even so his narcissistic personality and his strong guts make him popular. He is also a friend of Tamura Taichi [The guy who shouted when they met the god]

The second male’s name is Yamada Soichirou. He wears glasses like Tanaka, but he is fat. He is quite tall so he looks huge overall.
Tanaka and Tamura is an otaku friend.

The third one is a Satou Youya. He is an average guy like Azakura, but he associates himself with the Tamura otaku group. He is always keen to others reaction. He has no opinion of his own.

And the only girl in the group. This women’s name is Mihama Rina. She is the leader of the Gyaru group, she tanned her skin, with hair dyed with gold color.

———It has a weird combination of a party. 3 otaku and a Gyaru.
They seemed to be talking about something.
I eavesdrop from the tree’s shadow.

“—-We don’t have enough potions!! Why don’t you listen!! It is dangerous to proceed any further!!”

“Haa? It’s you guys, who are at fault for being weak. Just continue the exploration, what’s wrong with you.”

“Etto…Mihama-san. Tanaka kun is right so we should listen to him? It is already late so we should……”

“You should just shut up! Useless freak”

“Ri, Rina-chan, isn’t that a bit harsh….”

“Don’t call me by my name!? Disgusting freaks”

“Oi, Shut the hell up! Stop complaining all the time!!”

“What! You guys were the one who said we can continue so we came here!?”
—–What kind of situation is this….
It seems like Tanaka and Mihama are arguing and Yamada and Satou are trying to help stop the argument. And the one who got called useless was Satou and the one who got shouted for calling her name was Yamada.

—-Fumu…Should I stop them? No, but….
Listening to them, they don’t seem to be in trouble.
Hmm, what should I do….