After my fateful encounter with slime, 1 week passed.

I already moved to the second safety area.

I moved a little deeper in the dungeon but, there was no change in monsters.

What I can think of is that the monsters appearing with slightly higher levels.


I’ve been defeating quite a lot every day so most of my skills are above lv 5.

While wishing for some sort of change, I left for my exploration.


——-It appeared while I was resting during lunch time.


When I thought I heard a Gasa Gasa sound, something small came jumping out of the bush.

Body covered with a green color. A squirrel-like animal.

It had a ruby-like gem on its forehead.


—–What is this adorable creature?….monster?

This small animal, tilting its head cutely and looking at me with its round and big eyes.

….I don’t really know, but I guess I should try using True Seeing Eyes.



Race: Carbuncle

Gender: Female


Gifted skill

  • Laser Beam


Magic Skill

  • Healing Magic Lv 3
  • Barrier Magic Lv 4



  • Super Rare Specie
  • Ancient Beast



——Monster…is it? I don’t really know.

But there were some many parts which made me curious

Having an adorable appearance but holding a Scary Gifted Skill.

Not just a rare specie but a Super rare specie.

The title of Ancient Beast just makes me go numb.

I don’t get how ancient this guy can be.

I don’t feel any dignity of an ancient being, rather just a cute animal.


…Should I subjugate it?

If possible, I don’t want to attack it.

I like cute animals, like Cats and Hamsters.

Even with this kind of face. Don’t judge people by their appearance.

And it was really easy to become friends with animals compared to humans.

So it is obvious I like them.


She’s been looking at me for a while already.

What does she want to do?


—–Maybe She is hungry?

While thinking so, I bought peanuts and a snack.

I placed it on my hand and gestured it to take.

She seems to be on guard and is not approaching me.

I threw one peanut.


Carbuncle, slowly and cautiously draws nearer to it, than it started sniffing, biting, and hitting.

It judged it to have no problem and It took a small bite.

Its’s eyes opened wide and the ear stood erect.

When I thought it stopped, it started eating it really quickly.


——-It seemed, it was hungry.

After finishing it, it looked at me with a longing gaze.

I tried placing the peanut in my hand again and gestured them to it.

It is till on guard.

She is not approaching me I guess….

The moment I thought that——-


Teku… Teku…, it walked toward me little by little.

Slowly it reached out for the peanut on my hand.

It gripped it tightly and brought it to its mouth.

She ate it with a face full of happiness.

When I am watching this, it makes my heart warm.

I don’t know when she finished eating but she is showing a gaze saying it is nowhere enough.

After that, it was a feeding time.


When I noticed, the bag was empty.

A lot of time seemed to have passed and the surrounding is getting darker.

When I hurriedly prepared to go back.

I looked at the Carbuncle and said “See you Squirrel. Be well”, and began my journey back.


—–Why. Why are you following me?

Yes, that Carbuncle is actually following me.

When I turn my head toward it, it looks at me with a curious face and tilts its head.


“Naa, Why are you following me?”


Carbuncle just tilts its head.


“Don’t you have a parent?”


Carbuncle just tilts its head.


“Are you……Alone?”


It stares at me.


Haaa… I sighed loudly.


“Wanna come with me?”


Carbuncle erected it’s ear and cried loudly.


I arrived at the safety area.

I was thinking if Carbuncle can enter but, it seems it can enter easily.

Maybe she is not a monster? Thinking so I looked at its status again, I saw ‘Traveler’s Pet’ as a new title.

—————-when did it became my Tamed monster…

And what the heck is tamed monster?

I was curious so I checked it with true seeing eyes.



Tamed monster:

When a special condition is fulfilled the monster becomes tamed.

When it becomes a Tamed monster it gains benefit from the owner, so it becomes stronger than a monster from the same species.

Some conditions are, when the monster surrenders to the owner, or when the monster swear to allegiance.

The latter is hard but it gives stronger mental connection so the benefit to the monster gets bigger.



…I see, it was a monster.

But when did I get so much like?

I didn’t fight so she didn’t surrender to me.

Then won’t that mean she swore allegiance to me?


—–Because I fed her..?

Wasn’t it supposed to be hard, it was way to easy, but when I saw her that hungry, I guess it must’ve some problem of his own.


I guess it’s not that bad having a partner.

And she seems to be strong also.

And most of all my first partner.

I want to work hard together with her.


“Let’s be good partner, right Squirrel”


When I said that, Squirrel made a weird expression.

Was there something she didn’t like?


“What’s the wrong Squirrel”




“Uwa!! Oi, what are you doing suddenly….”


I don’t understand but it got angry and jumped at me.


“What happened really Squirrel? Are you hungry again?”


“Kyuu! Kyuu!!”


It is crying and trying to say something to me.


“Oi, Squirrel?”


“Kyuu! Kyuu!! Kyuu!!!”


“Haa?.. Is it that you don’t like being called Squirrel?”




She is nodding her head.


“Than what am, I supposed to call you? Do you even have any name?”


she shook her head.

And looked at me with expectant eyes.




“Should I give you a name?”




She cried as if she is saying, finally, you understand!


“Really…I don’t really mind but….”


Unnn, While thinking of any name.

Name… Yeah, thats it…


“…then your name will be Ruby. How is it?”


I couldn’t come up with anything better.




Ruby is running in a circle looking happy.

That is good. She seems to take a liking to it.


“Than…Ruby, Let’s be good friends”




Ruby raised one hand and cried happily.