Chapter 2 Her voice

“Here, I will give you”

I said so in a very blunt voice and gave Eve half of my bread.

“I don’t need it. Isn’t it a stolen item”

“why of course? Take it, you will die if you don’t eat“

“I don’t mind dying. No matter what I can’t eat that.”

It was always like that. The moment we start having our awareness, we lived in poverty, always in short of food and drinks, living a rough life. I no longer have any people who I can trust nor people who trust me. The beautiful sky that floats above our head, it feels as though it peeks directly at your soul, and this feeling irritates.

“Where are Miana and others?”

“Out shopping together with Yakudo and Boom”

“Won’t you help them?”

“Help? They should be fine”

“What will you do if they met any trouble?”

“Eve is more important”

“Will you abandon them?”

I came back to my sense.

I was sitting in middle of the front stair. I don’t have any time to waste. For Eve…

Fire sparks jump into my line of sight as it burns my inside slowly but surely. The suffocation from all the smoke reaches its peak, as I feel nauseated and out of breath. In front of the white door which no longer showed any signs of its old appearance. I again remembered the scenery from my past…


I couldn’t understand. What led to this. Why did we have to face such a fate? I couldn’t understand anything.

The thing that fell onto my sight the moment I opened the door was a bare house pillar. The flaming fire populated the room as it tried to melt every inch of the place. Thin oxygen and sound didn’t realize here as fire’s roar blocked everything. I separated the layered wooden pillars with my bare hands. The peeled wood pierced through my tiny hand as it forces it to grudgingly bleed.

“Eve!Where are you! Eve!”

I heard the voice. A very nostalgic voice.

It’s as if a snake crawled onto my body as electric current runs through my body. Everything felt so worthless as I jumped inside the roaring flame. The sharp edge of firing  pillar scratched onto my cheeks as it tried to leave a lasting scar. I gave it no mind as I delved into the depth of the fire.

After digging through thick woods enough to find a small space and Inside it he saw a very familiar looking girl curled up. 

Her long black hair yielded to the gale of a flaming tornado, and her short and thin shoulder were trembling. Her backfilled with injuries were shown as her favorite white one-piece torn apart.


Toward Adam’s voice, the girl looked up. Did the fire paint her with red color? Or, was she so frightened by the world? Her ruby red pupil caught sight of Adam’s silhouette.  He is shouting something. I can’t hear.

Her sad expression and the fire’s hateful expression intertwined each other.

“Adam….I love you”

Her voice disappeared as it became crushed with the sounds of bursting trees and painful silence. 

Chapter 1                                                                                                                                           Chapter 3

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