I gained login bonus today too.

“Create Ice 30 bullets, hmm”

I kind of hesitate using it, after that incident with the fire.

“But, this is an elemental type Magic! We got lucky this time! ”

Eh, this is lucky? Isn’t this what Soulas is forcing onto me?

“Soulas, you don’t know the upcoming login bonus?”

“That’s….I don’t know the upcoming bonus. Since Login bonus’s power all depends on Kouta-san’s luck, so it is chosen randomly.”
What. I heard something I should not have, this book.
Depends on luck?

“….Wait a second, Soulas”

“Hai, what is it?”
“Do you think a human who died by the lightning have any luck?”

“Of course, you have, the bad luck”

It’s true I nearly died, I mean died.
But even so I was able to survive like this may show my luck.

But looking at it from the audience, I am an unlucky human who died by the lightning.

“At least for me, I don’t think I am a lucky human.”

“It’s fine. You have me”

I don’t get what’s fine. It makes me worried.

No, it’s true that this grimoire helped me.
And maybe this is a grimoire which gives you luck by holding.

………But somehow I have this feeling that it may be cursed.

“Oh, right, I am really curious to what “wife” below in the first-day login bonus. Is it magic?”

“No, it means wife”

“Unn……what do you mean?”

I never heard of getting a wife in login bonus and I don’t see anyone that seems to be my wife.

“No, it’s me you know?”

What. Is this like the high-class joke of that wife can be read.
If so I cannot help but laugh.

“No, I have a real body too. Look at me!”

Saying so the grimoire started flickering.
Parapara, to the next pages.


It shined really brightly. Then.

“Fuu, finally, I was able to become this form”

A blonde loli was sitting on top of the bed.
She has a weight and is sitting on top of my legs.

“Anoo………Who the heck are you?”

“Eh? I am your grimoire. Soulas-Gold, didn’t I tell you before?”

“Stop Lying!”

[Tlnote: Why the fuck are you lying, wooo my god, Sorry]

I unconsciously shouted.

“Eh, but….”

“I am not so easy to trick”

At first Soulas got surprised and had her eyes wide open, then she started having tears in her eyes and held my hand.

“Ko, Kouta-san, I am me. It’s real! There is no reason for me to lie!”

“Anyone would be like that if a book suddenly turned into a human”

“No, No, I am one also one of the goddesses, of course, I can do that.Believe mee—”

Soulas is shaking me up and down while having teary eyes.
If so then why did something like this sleeping in the warehouse of modern Japan?

“Maa, We can talk about that later. I might as well as believe you that you are Soulas but, what’s a wife?”

“You see that is. The grimoire’s contract is like finding your other half. I couldn’t come up with a better word than Wife, and. You see I can also take a human form”

“Iya, ma, it’s true you can take human form but”

She is quite cute with a big breast and all but.

“So that’s how it is and you can take me as part of bonus item, and you can treat me as a wife, so please take care of me alright?”

Saying so Soulas return back to her book form.

“Fuu, it depletes a lot of energy when I turn to Human form. A, but if Kouta-san desire so, then I will become human form anytime.”


What’s this. This goddess is too much of a pushover.

“It feels strange to get a wife in the first login bonus….”


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