There is 9 goblin in the room.

A greenish small goblin wearing dirty ragged cloth.

A Brown goblin wearing a hardened cloth

Lastly, a Huge Blackish goblin wearing a dirty armour.

In a tranquil space, Without saying a word, looking down with no movement, it reminds me of a doll.

—–For sure, there won’t be any demand for this dirty looking doll.

While thinking so, I take steps after steps nearing it.

The moment my distance between the goblins became 10 meters.

The black goblin in the back, showing slight elegance lifted its face up.

His pair of eyes glints strangely in the slightly dark room.

He looks at me quietly, his dignified look as he stands, shows a dignity and solemness a monster should not have possessed.
I activated my True Seeing Eyes.

Race: Goblin Lord Lv15
Gender: Male

Gifted skill:

Special Skill:
Strength Lv 5

Fighting Skill:
Body Manuever Lv 4
Sword Technique Lv3
Master of the First Floor
Ruler of Goblin

=========As expected from the floor master
He owns this many high leveled skill.
And he even owns Gifted Skill

Gifted Skill [Leader]
Strengthens your subordinates.
Get’s stronger with more subordinates.

This is a really troublesome skill.
So the surrounding goblins are also at a different level.

Goblin Lord said something.
That moment, the subordinates lifted its heads and started taking a battle stance.
There is not a single disorder present as if they are an army of some country.

Goblin Lord raised his long sword and made a war cry.
And he spoke again in a language different from humans.
I don’t know what it is saying.
But I think I can feel what it is trying to tell.

——This is a declaration of war. Declaration of war against the enemy in front .

Even though he is a monster it held honour to its enemy and had pride in the fight.

Before I said they looked like an army, but now they look more like a loyal knight who follows the way of knighthood.

Even when I am in this kind of place, I felt really moved. I felt deeply moved.

The fight should be like this. A battle betting it’s honour. A goblin who is a monster, I felt he thought me that.

Then I will answer your call. With all my ability.

Goblin lord pointed it’s long sword at me and sharply said one word.

He must have said this.

『”Let’s start our fight”』.

———-Finally, both sides started their action.

Hobgoblin and Goblin are blocking the way to Lord.
They are in a stance ready to kill the sworn enemy with, swords, sticks, and short sword.
—–Then I will make my move first.

I dashed toward the goblin wielding a stick.
And that goblin as if answering to my attack, came rushing at me.
As expected from the Gifted skill from the goblin lord, it’s movement cannot be compared to a normal goblin.
——But it is still not fast enough.
Even comparing my level, it is more than enough.
And my Skill levels are overbearing.
There is no chance I will suffer defeat.

I dodge the attack and decapitate his head, slash at its torso, take his life.

Some I will punch, some I kicked, some I crush it do death.

Moving without stop, and lessen the enemy with certainty.

Eliminating goblin didn’t take much time.

Only one Hobgoblin remains.

I dodge the incoming sword strike and slashed its arm.

And using the momentum I cut off his head.

Next moment, I felt a really strong killing intent from my back.

I quickly jumped front and rolled to lessen the impact.

I stood straight quickly and took further distance.

Goblin Lord slashed his long sword but missed.

We both took battle stance and glared at each other

Goblin was the first one to make a move.

Goblin Lord utilizing its long arms slashed the sword from the left.

I couldn’t dodge the attack so I blocked it with my sword.

But, the timing was bad and the position I was in was really unstable so I was pushed back.

I fell to the ground, and the opponent approached me while brandishing the sword.

I tried to push him back but, I could muster any strength.

He pushed me to the point of no return.

This is the first time I felt death.

Something swelled up from the bottom of my heart.

——–Is this fear? No, it is not.

This is not fear

——Than What is it? This feeling which swells up from the inside, facing the reality of death approaching.

I know this feeling. It’s been a while I felt this strong urge.

—-This is Anger.

Don’t play with me. I won’t end in this dirty and dark place. I have a parent in Earth. I finally made a friend. I have a cat which I feed sometimes. There is a teacher who understood my feelings.
In such a place. In such a place I can’t die. I’m not allowed to give up. I will survive no matter what. I will survive even if I have to eat you. This guy, the goblin in front of me, I will Kill it.

The strong negative feeling inside my head. The desire to live filled with Anger and Hatred. I bit my lips and glare at the monster.
If only looking at them would kill it, then my gaze could’ve killed them millions of times, I hit him with my strong killing intent.

——-Monster shivered.
For a moment goblin’s body trembled.
It lost its grip on the sword.

I used this opening and raised my sword, and miserable ran away.
I took some distance from it.
I dropped my sword. It dropped below the monster.
What happened. I don’t have time to think about that.
I don’t know what happened but Goblin Lord is not in its best condition.
If I had to kill, now is the time.

Quickly using martial arts I attacked.
Goblin lord brandish it’s sword but it didn’t have an overbearing strength like before.
I dodged the attack, I just punched him desperately, and kicked.
Kicked his legs. Punched his stomach. Kicked his balls. Punched his chin. I elbowed its nose.
Without stopping. Without stopping I attacked.
And I pick up the dropped sword and pierce through its chest.
Even with that it tried to reach me with its hand, so I dashed to his back and decapitate his head.

—-I won. I survived. I am alive right now.
The life I grabbed on. I tightly hold my fist.
And this is how I conquered the first floor.

—–What happened at that time.
I know it now.
That was a special skill coercivity aura.
The skill which never worked.
Probably to activate it you must have a strong killing intent towards the enemy.
It never activated before because I never was in danger.
However it is, it is not something easy to use.

I checked my status and saw Leader skill.
I don’t have any idea how to use it right now but maybe someday it will be useful.
I don’t know, for now.

No matter what this is the end of the first floor.
The instant Goblin lord disappeared the door in the depth appeared.
When I opened the door, I saw a magic circle thingy in the floor.
If I ride on this I probably I’ll reach the second floor

——I might as well as go now. It will be alright.
I stepped into the magic circle.
The magic circles shined with light which surrounded me.
The scenery changed.

From the rock made room to the wooden house.
In the wall, it is written “Dungeon second floor”
It seems I arrive at the second floor safely.


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