“Ev-everyone… Munani, Landlady…”


I snapped out of my thoughts when I heard Ramis’s voice, which sounded like she was about to cry. What am I doing feeling sad. Ramis has been together with them for a lot longer time than I have. I should be helping this person who called me friend.


-“ Le-Ts-Go…come by again”


“Eh, Hakkon?”


“Thank…Move…insert the coin”   

[TL note: The Mc connected his words and made a sound meaning, but I couln’t do it in English so I changed the wording a little bit.]


I’ve been thinking, how can I communicate my thoughts? Though I can only say a limited amount of phrases, I thought that maybe if I combined them I might be able to have a conversation. I can say “Welcome.”  ”Too bad.”  “Thank you very much.” “Thank you.”  “Please come again.”  “If you win, you get another one for free.”  “Unlucky.”  “You won!”  “Please pay the balance by inserting coins.”, only these.


Even though I can’t say any word I want, I figured I could overlap them in order to form the words that I want. I set up many sentences and practiced them in my free time. Now I am able to remove unwanted words by interrupting them with another sentence, as well as change the speed and which I speak.


At first I used [TL: note the mc is creating sentences by overlapping each other like Welcome’s we with thank you…. And he is connecting the sentences using Japanese words and it doesn’t fit the english translation, so I couldn’t come up with the way to translate it]


“True. If we don’t move then nothing is going to change! Let’s go Hakkon!”


“Let’s go-please insert the money”

[Japanese Romaji: Irashaimase= Welcome, Koukawotouniyuushitekudasai= Please insert the money, and he connected by I for irashaimase and Kou for koukotounyuushitekudasai, so it reads IKou meaning let’s go.]


I suppressed my joy at the fact that I was able to communicate. If in the future, I become able to start my phrases from the middle then I should be able to speak an even larger amount of sentences. I should practice more. When we entered the settlement, I saw that most of the tents and buildings were completely destroyed. The settlement was clearly attacked by something. When I looked down at the floor I saw a huge gutter spread everywhere. [ED: idk]


This- it looks as if a huge rope was tied… When I looked carefully at the other buildings, it looked like something crushed the buildings from the outside by pure force. Meaning, this must have been done by…


“Inn, what happened to the inn?!”


Ramis was running so fast that you wouldn’t think she was carrying a vending machine. I understood her feelings, but the culprit might still be in the area. I couldn’t think of a way to warn her. I should remember to prepare something I can say during a situation like this. I couldn’t warn her, so I need to observe the surroundings for any trouble.


90 percent of the tents were destroyed. I feel like I didn’t see anyone on the way to the inn. What could this mean? I hope it means that everyone evacuated.


“I-I found it! No, no way… This is horrible! Landlady! Munani!”


The scene that Ramis, who was shouting with a really miserable tone, was a half-destroyed inn. It was a shadow of the 2-story building that was here previously. The roof was blown over, and there was a large hole stretching from the first floor to the second.


The door was also shattered into pieces. The other parts are also so damaged that it’s a miracle they hadn’t fallen over yet. It looked as if any impact could crush the entire building. If this continued, then Ramis might jump into the inn. I should try and calm her. Even though we’re in a situation like this, I need to stay calm and think of something to say.


“Please answer me, please!”


Is she actually dashing in? Eeei, I should do something! I said the first thing that came to mind.


“Sorr y    Bra in”

[ED: Again, I don’t know what this is supposed to mean. Considering Ramis’s reaction and the face that he said brain(?) maybe it means numbskull or something?]


“That’s mean, Hakkon!”


Ah, she’s mad. But, thanks to that she was able to calm down. She breathed in and out repeatedly.


“Sorry, Hakkon. The building might break if I touched it, right? And since there was no response it means… Maybe they evacuated to somewhere!”


–“Welcome.” [Yes]


Yes and No. For conversations like these, I can just use the usual phrases. It’s a good thing that Ramis returned to her usual self. I skimmed my eyes over the building and saw no signs of blood. I may have a desire for that, but there is a high chance they are safe.

[ED: I think he means that he wanted to find some sort of sign of them.]


“Eeto, in a situation like this, the evacuation place is… ah, the Hunter’s Guild! Yeah, it was the Hunter’s Guild! At any rate, since the Hunter’s jobs are really dangerous, they must have a sturdy building. And the guild master is Bear so the interior should be strong or else it wouldn’t last long…


“Then, let’s go!”


“Let’s go- please insert the coin”


Aah, it feels weird speaking like this. Oh well, I should be happy with this for now. The inn is near that gate that I’ve never been to, but the buildings around here look really tough. More than half of them look like they were made for defence… before. Right now, it is a desolate place littered with destroyed buildings.


“If I make it beyond this destroyed place then there must be survivors, right?!”


“Welcome.” [Yes]


While I answered her, I saw the tracks of a huge snake. I associate Frog-men with snakes, since the sworn enemy of a frog is a snake.


“We’re nearing the Hunter’s Guild!”


When we got past the half-destroyed buildings, there was a fortress. Eh, what? An invincible fortress? It was made out of some unknown shining black material with a lustre to it. It looked really rough, and it had two floors. On the second floor there was a terrace, and on it, a varista was lined up. [ED: I’m assuming barista but it might be a new word the author came up with so I’m going to leave it.]


Each and every window is blocked, preventing anyone from entering or exiting. The door looks like it is made of metal, and just looking at it gives off the feeling of weight. The building is about as big as a school, so they could shelter at least 100 people.


You see, I can analyze this calmly because of the scene before me. In front of what I’m assuming to be the Hunter’s Guild, is the corpse of a huge, fat, and long snake with brown scales and two heads. In it’s mouth, there was a set of vicious looking fangs and in it’s nose were narrow and long holes.


Around the dead body are the Hunters who came back from the subjugation, the Hunters who stayed behind, and two gate guards.


I see, Karios and Golsu were safe. Haaaaa, my energy is leaving me… not, my battery won’t ever die right. What’s still left to confirm is the safety of the citizens.


“Karios-san, Golsu-san! You two were safe!”


Ramis nears the huge snake and Karios.


“Ooh, it’s Ramis and Hakkon. It’s good that you guys weren’t hurt”




“Unn, I am fine”


–“Thank you.”


They worried not only about Ramis, but a vending machine like me. It’s hard to express my happiness right now, so in the near future I will stock some of their favorite products.


“A, you know, that, etto, two people….”


Ramis is asking while holding her hands in prayer…. The guards smiled back.


“Ou, don’t worry. The citizens are all safe. They’re in the church”


“I seee, that’s great news!”


Ramis fell down with now power left. Fuu, I feel like my battery is about to die. But really, I didn’t think there was such a majestic building in the settlement. It really is unexpected.


“Now that I think about it, Ramis has only been here for a short while and didn’t know this. People here evacuate as soon as as they hear the Magic Alarm. We also run the moment we think we can’t deal with the enemy.


“‘Cause there is a teleportation circle here.”


I see. With this much destruction, I thought it was impossible for everyone to survive, but there was a system like this in place. I guess it was to be expected for a settlement built in the dungeon. It seems like I underestimated this place.


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