The fighting was getting more dangerous by the second. The Hunters who were engaged in battle noticed us, but before they could say anything, the King Frog-man dashed over to us. There was no way out, so we might as well try it.


“Everyone, get ready!”




Everyone lined up in a straight horizontal line, and dropped the candy in the cola. In the next money, the bubbles from the bottle blasted–


“Aim at the eyes!”


The liquid blasted into the King Frog-man’s eyes. It looks annoyed and is trying to attack, but the intensity of the fire dropped. Seeing this as an opening, the Hunters began to attack ferociously while our cola splashed it’s eyes.




Ah, he’s blinking really hard. When cola gets in your eyes it really hurts. I know how you feel. The Hunters started attacking more earnestly when they saw the opening. Now that we pestered him really badly, we leave the rest to you guys. We are retreating!


“Let’s escape!”


I said good bye as we got further away from the King, Ramis is dodging while pulling the supply cart.


— “Please come again.”


The moment it was blinded, the King Frog-man was defeated, but now that I think about it, wouldn’t have been easier if we just used Ramis’s『Super Strength』to launch the cola, no, any drink at the Frog-man… Ah, but Ramis really sucks at throwing so the hit rate would be really low. And there was no way I could communicate that to her. There I listed all possible excuses. I mean, anyone would think of some weird idea during a panic. Though it was a job well done, there must have been a better way of doing it. Unn, I should reflect on it.


“It worked perfectly~, right Hakkon?”


“It’s all thanks to you Hakkon.”


I’m grateful for their compliments but I feel conflicted. If only I could dispense anything I wanted, then I could just have take out the gas [ED:Propane???] and let her throw it. It would create a blast, but I had a restriction based on whatever I bought on Earth. I’ve never seen a vending machine with gas as a product. I couldn’t think of any other options and there was only this sooo…


Another thing I should reflect on is… point usage. For the 2 litre and candy mode functions I used a total of 2000. On top of that, the cola and candy cost 40 points. So, overall I spent 2040 point. It’s a good thing it wasn’t any higher.


“Don’t be reckless. I felt shivers when I saw you guys”


“I’m sorry, Guildmaster”


Ramis is bowing and apologizing to the bear guildmaster who is approaching us. If I turned off the sound, then it would look like a girl pleading for a bear not to eat her.


“But really, I am thankful for your help. You guys were placed in danger because of our mistake, I’m sorry.”


“N-no! We are also sorry for being reckless.”


The bear and the lolly were both apologizing to each other and bowing. It was a funny but heartwarming sight. There were a lot of people who were injured, but no one was crippled, so the bear guildmaster was relieved.


“Everyone, thank you for your hard work. We will return home after a good rest. However, don’t get careless before we reach the settlement.


Bear Guildmaster’s words marked the conclusion of the battle.


After the battle there were no noteworthy events and by night everyone was too tired to cook so my sales increased. Also, the cola is becoming famous thanks to a small group of people. The people who blasted the cola during the battle drank it as a reward for their help. And, I will be sealing the Ments for now, since I would need to change form every time and I can’t sell other things in that form.


After that, we camped out for another night and late in the afternoon we finally arrived at the settlement. We thought we could rest and were feeling relieved… but smoke could be seen rising from various points in the settlement. Oi oi oi!


Part of the wooden gate was destroyed. The gate might be broken but… where are the gate guards Karios and Golsu?! Please be safe.


“Wha-what is happening?! Sorry, everyone, but it looks like we’ll need to work hard together again.”

We left the Hunters who were too exhausted to fight behind, and more than half rushed into the settlement. I’m envious that they’re able to move by themselves. I also want to rush in and search for the gateguards, the inn landlady, and Munani. I want to check on my regulars’ safety.


But, I can’t move by myself. I can’t run or even walk……


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