“Oi oi! Why is the King Frog-man coming this way! What the heck are the guys over there doing?”


I ignored the Hunters who were shouting angrily, and instead observed the giant frog. In the distance I can see Hunters chasing it. The Frog-man seems to have a height of 3 meters. [ED: 10 ft] It might even be as tall as the second floor of the mansion.


It differs from a normal Frog-man. It doesn’t have arms or legs, and is instead shaped like a normal frog. However, it’s wearing a brownish armour, so it’s definitely not a simple frog. Ma, how does that flame aura work? I thought one of the Hunters had lit it on fire, but the frog looks fine… is the flame the result of it’s power?


“Shit, isn’t it in it’s rage state? We can’t get near it!”


Ah, so the fire is in fact its own doing. It’s most likely a『Divine Gift』or something, anything is possible for those things, just like my『Barrier』. Everytime he hops, I can feel my body shake. Even if he’s 3 meters tall, he’s still is surprisingly heavy.


I’m making observations calmly to myself but… isn’t this actually dangerous?


“Retreaat!” Everyone retreat!”


“Ruuuuuuun! Leave the bags!”


I need to do something to surprise it and something to hinder it. If I buy some time the Hunters in the back line will be able to do something about it. Something, anything to buy time, is there anything I can do?


I frantically look through my products but the wounded people’s screams are getting louder. AAh, shit, anything! There has to be something useful among the products I bought. Wait, ah, if I use this and do that I can at least buy some time!


How many points do I have? It’s over 6000, it’s enough! First, I buy the function for selling 2 litre bottles with 1000 points. Then I buy the new product. I changed all the items in the display to the 2 litre  cola bottles. There also one’s you don’t see much these days, diet colas. Other items are not needed right now. Also, so that Ramis will notice, I dropped one.


“Uah, what was that sound?! Did it reach us?”


“No, Ramis-chan. Hakkon’s body changed a little then something dropped by itself.”


Nice assist bearded man. Now notice me, Ramis.


“Wh-what does it mean, dropping a product in this situation? Hakkon, does it perhaps have some meaning to it?”


–“Welcome.” [Yes]


“You must have some plan then. I believe in you!”


She put me on the ground and took the cola out.


“Eh, these bubbles are making pupuku sounds… that weird juice?”


She seems to remember the time we first met and I gave her a cola. I continue dropping them while Ramis takes them to the supply cart. Now that I think about it, I don’t feel the ground shaking anymore. Did something happen? I looked over towards the King Frog-man and saw some Hunters were able to reach it. They were trying to engage it while dodging the fire.


If it continues like this then that frog will reach us in no time. That’s why I need to do something to change the situation. And so, I bought another function,『Form Change』!


My body became surrounded in light and started changing form. From a rectangle to something more like a circle. My lower body became colorful, and circle patterns were visible all over. The upper body had transparent glass with newly bought candy in every display slot. This is the Ments vending machine. [ED: It’s a censored Mentos vending machine.]


“Eh? EH?! Hakkon became round?!”


I dropped the candies for free.


“Eh, I should take it right?”


–“Welcome.” [Yes]


Ramis picks up the candy which is overflowing the outlet. Till this point it’s been fine but now the problem is finding a way to get her to understand. How can I communicate? I should just do what I can.


–”the balance by inserting-”

–”pay the balance by inserting-”

–”by inserting coi-.”


“Eh, even though you dispensed that many products, I should still insert money?”


–”Too bad.” [No]

–”Please pay the balance by inserting coins.”

–“Please pay the balance by inserting-”


“Wh- what do you mean?”


Haa, I know this isn’t enough information. But I can’t do anything about it. I know it’s reckless of me but please, somehow…


“Ramis-chan, maybe he broke.”


“No! Hakkon is trying his best to tell us something!”


I feel like crying right now. She has faith in me and is trying to understand me. Even if she can’t understand, I won’t regret anything. She believed in me to this extent, this is enough, it’s more than good enough for me.


“This carbonated drink. Candy. Insert coin. But, that’s different… this drink was the one that blasted. Eeto, just like that time… but what is this candy for? It came out even though I didn’t pay the money, but I should still insert the money? No…


Just little more, a little more. Notice it, please.


“I don’t give a shit about that! Take off the rope you asshole! I won’t ever reflect on my actions!”


That little criminal we tied up with rope. I completely forgot about him.


“Shut up, you’re noisy! Put something in his mouth to make him shut up.”


“Oh, ou. Then I will put this in.”


Ah, he got shouted at by the bearded old man, he forced the candy in his mouth.


“Whafafuack! Peh, you dare push in that paper stick. It’s stuck in my mouth, are? What is this, it’s so gooood! Ah, it’s making me thirsty. Someone, water, give me water!”


Tch, enjoying the taste in a situation like this.


“Daaa, shut up. Just let him drink this!”


That old man threw the cola at him, and then he poured the drink into the little criminal’s mouth.






A splendid water fountain rose out of the little criminal’s mouth. Ramis, who say this- understood everything.


“I see. I should insert the candy and not the money… am I right?”


–“Welcome.” [Yes]
Once she understood what she needed to do, she gave the cola and the Ments to everyone and briefly explained it to them. Now, let’s blow that fat frog! [ED: Wasn’t sure if the author intended this or not, so I just left it.]



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