“Hakkon, if the enemy approaches from the back, make sure to tell me, ok?” (Ramis)


–”Welcome.” [Yes]

–“If you win, you get another one for free.” [The enemy is here]


“When you say, ‘if you win’, then should I interpret that as the enemy has come, right?” (Ramis)


–”Welcome.” [Yes]


It feels easy to communicate my will with Ramis. Her senses are really sharp, so we don’t need to say anything to understand each other’s intentions… I think?


But, is it true that Ramis is a weak『Hunter』? Now that I’m able to observe her movements, I’ve been paying attention to her fight. She is trying to avoid hitting me with her elbow, and she’s only done it once. Her footwork is not that quick but when she’s dodging attacks she only uses the minimum amount of movement needed, and only needs to move a short distance.


Even though we’re in a really tight space and her movements are limited, she’s never accidently hit me. Even though it’s an amateur’s observation, I can tell that her movements are not simple.


“Ahh, this movement. Yes, this movement! It feels just like those days of being forced to carry rocks by master, those hellish trials.” (Ramis)


Master? Is it possible Ramis actually had harsh training with her master and is well trained but hasn’t been able to utilize it until now? Maybe by carrying me she was reminded of her past training and is able to move like she’s supposed to.


Even if I’m wrong, I’m glad that Ramis isn’t in any danger. But what kind of setting is this, carrying a vending machine and then becoming stronger… If it was normal then she would drop me and suddenly get a power up.


“Oh, you are really good! That destructive power and movement, truly amazing.” (?)


“Iyaa, you are embarrassing me with your praise.” (Ramis)


Don’t get distracted now, concentrate on the battle. I know you’re not used to praise, but we’re in the middle of a battle. Stop looking like an idiot! Focus on the battle, just watching you is making me nervous! Look, the enemy is already nearing us.


–“If you win, you get another one for free.” [The enemy is here]


“Mou, even you Hakkon, don’t praise me so much.” (Ramis)


What the hell was I saying about connecting our will? You already forgot our talk from before… aaah, mou,『Barrier』, activate!


I stopped the approaching『Frog-men』before they reached her body. That was dangerous… so close.


“What is this blue light? It not only stops the enemies attack, it also chooses who is allowed to enter or exit. I’ve never seen or heard about this before… is this your『Divine Gift』?” (?)


So『Divine Gifts』are rare, ha? The perverted leader is wailing at you. Even though you’re in battle you look really carefree. Ah, he slashed the frog that jumped on him. Perverted leader is not someone to be underestimated.


“No, this is Hakkon’s power.” (Ramis)


Ah, Ramis… I wanted to keep it a secret from this person. Haa, there’s no point in telling you know though. Her trust in everyone is part of her pure personality. That smile on the perverted leader. It’s telling me he’s planning something bad. He really might try and steal me at this rate. This guy, I rank him as the most dangerous.


“I should befriend Hakkon more from now on.” (perverted ass)


“Un, un, please get along well with him” (Ramis)


If there weren’t dead『Frog-men』everywhere then it would look like an everyday comedic discussion. Also, who wants to be friends with you, you perverted leader?


“We’re done cleaning up here. You guys cut off their tongues. We are going to submit them to the Guild.” (perverted leader)


“Leader, you do it. They’re too sticky and disgusting.”


“Fuh, I don’t do boring and tiring stuff like this since I’m the leader.” (perverted leader)




“I’m not getting paid enough for this—”


“You guys sure got some guts, ha?!” (perverted leader)


They are unexpectedly acting like they’re at home. It may look like they are fighting but they’re actually flirting with each other. [ED: I’m not completely sure this was translated properly but it’s funny so whatever.] This perverted leader, he might look shady but it seems like he might actually be a pretty good guy.


Iya, maybe he’s one of those people who’s liked by his teammates but an asshole to others. I shouldn’t lower my guard.


“Ramis, what should we do next? Of course, we can also stay here.” (perverted leader)


“Eeto, I want to go help them since they might be in danger, so let’s go! Hakkon, you are also ok with it right?” (Ramis)


I knew Ramis would say that. Of course, I have no objections.


–”Welcome” [Yes]


Since the enemy managed to reach here, it means the frontline must be having a tough time. I don’t have any intentions to stop us from joining them, but I should be prepared to activate『Barrier』anytime.


When we arrived at the frontline, we saw a muddy battle in progress. Perverted leader’s party went and started attacking the frogs. The『Hunters』were being pushed back so when they saw the reinforcements they started cheering.


But, the difference in numbers was still far too much. The information we got said there would be 50 but there are at least 100. And if we count the dead bodies then there were around 200.


“You’ve really helped us Kerioiru-kun. As expected from the Fool’s Eccentric party.” (Guildmaster)


The bear guildmaster is walking towards us. With his nails dyed red in blood, his presence increased even more. I guess he fights without weapons. No,  you could say that his fist’s… his nails’ sharpness could be compared to a katana. But really, what a weird name for a party.


“There were no more jobs for us so we came even though we weren’t needed.” (perverted leader)


“I thank you for your help. There were far too many enemies. Thanks to you we were able to exterminate them. But I wonder if other settlements gathered here. This was far too off the predictions for this to be a single settlement..” (Guildmaster)


“Not only that, but they seemed to be really aggressive. Usually,『Frog-men』will retreat before getting exterminated.” (Guildmaster)


True, when I was attacked by『Frog-men』, they knew their attacks couldn’t get through and gave up. I can say that this organism isn’t so reckless as to fight till death.


“Fumu, then there can only be one thing…”

“It might be that…”

“Maa, it will be that”


3 of them are looking really tense. The way they said it, it seems like it’s something really bad.. They should just go out and say it. I can’t even ask you guys.


“Nee, what is ‘that’?” (Ramis)


Nice Ramis!


“A, sumanu. This is just an assumption but there is a high chance a 『King Frog-man』 appeared.”

[ED: sumanu means sorry.]
Oh, a『King Frog-man』… What’s that? It sounds strong just from the name, it feels like something dangerous is coming.


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